Dierks Bentley Receives First Star on Vanderbilt Children’s “Walk Of Champions”

Seacrest Studios at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt recently welcomed country super star, Dierks Bentley, after he was honored with the first star on the hospital’s brand new Walk of Champions. The multi-platinum artist has raised approximately $4 million for the hospital through his Miles & Music for Kids motorcycle ride and benefit concert, helping to fund the current four floor expansion and increasing the hospital to nearly 400 inpatient beds. He was welcomed into the studio with open arms, pressing patient questions, and friendly faces after receiving this great honor.

Accompanying him on this special visit was his youngest daughter, Jordan, who helped answer questions about their favorite foods, emojis, and her dad’s most awkward moments. Fans learned about the country singers second biggest passion, flying, and Jordan even piped in that if she could go anywhere in that moment she would jet off to Paris, “not Texas”, Bentley jokingly clarified.

On harder days Bentley recommended turning to music. When facing smaller struggles in his own life, patients learned the artist tries to “take things day by day, be as present in the moment as [he] can and move forward from there.” After referencing his country anthem, Riser, Bentley shared it is one of the most meaningful songs he has been apart of to date. The musician loves hearing of it’s impact and seeing how it brings communities together while reminding him to count his own blessings.

Dierks, you are a blessing to us, and each and every patient you have helped through your generosity. Thank you so much for visiting multiple studios, we cannot wait to have you back again!

Grace VanderWaal Talks AGT with Children’s Hospital Colorado!

Written Recap by Seacrest Studios Intern, Ashley Capoot

Seacrest Studios at Children’s Colorado was lucky enough to welcome the talented singer Grace Vanderwaal in February, where she was greeted by an energetic audience packed full of excited patients and families. Grace performed her hit song, “I Don’t Know My Name,” and spent lots of time chatting with her fans.

The kids were anxious to hear about Grace’s experience on the TV show “America’s Got Talent.” She explained that when her mom signed her up for the show’s open calls, they “thought it would be fun, but we didn’t think I would actually make it on the show!” She also shared some of her funniest memories from her time on the show: “We signed up to be in this really long line like you see on TV, and we had a big suitcase with, like, sleeping bags and subway sandwiches. And when we got there, it was like a fifteen-minute line!”

Grace shared the inside scoop about her experience on the show “Treehouse Masters” as well. She said that watching the progress from day to day was really exciting, and that she was very happy with how her treehouse turned out. When asked what her favorite part of the building process was, Grace said that she “got to walk across the bridge before the ropes were on it, which was really scary but really cool!”

Many kids were also curious about when Grace began writing and performing her music. She told the studio that she began performing when she was ten, but that she wrote her first song when she was eleven. She said the writing process for her first song was “frustrating, but fun of course!” The studio audience got inventive with their questions as well, and they picked Grace’s brain about all sorts of topics. Grace revealed that she loves to play basketball, she would win a sushi food eating contest, she was working on a science project about baking powder in cookies, and that she wishes she could be trapped in the TV show “Bob’s Burgers.”

To keep with tradition at BBOY45, Grace closed out her interview with a game of “Backwards Forwards.” As she attempted to say her name backwards, Grace couldn’t help but remark “that is so scary!” She kept the kids laughing, and she seemed to enjoy herself as well. As Grace prepared to take photos with the audience, she encouraged the kids to “be themselves” and thanked them for visiting with her. Grace VanderWaal proved to be a delight to have in the studio, and we are grateful for all the laughs she provided to all of us at Children’s Hospital Colorado!


Elle Winter Sings “Breaking Free” With A Fan at Seacrest Studios in Philadelphia!

Blog written by Seacrest Studios Intern Adriana Giotti

Up and coming singer and actress, Elle Winter, recently visited Philadelphia’s Seacrest Studio to chat about her singing career, supportive family, and even her favorite food, pasta! The star sang a multitude of soulful medley renditions of some of her favorite pop hits. Accompanied by her tag team of musicians, Joel and Jason, Elle had the entire audience bopping and singing along.

Born and raised in New York, the singer talked about her Youtube roots and the hot pink carriage that accompanied her in her cover of One Direction’s Kiss You. She spoke about her most nerve-racking experience to date; singing the national anthem in Indianapolis in 2013. A patient chimed in that they could relate to her nerves, which soon after prompted a High School Musical duet between the singer and fan.

Elle’s visit ended with heartfelt advice for those with big dreams telling her audience to, “Just keep going at it… and know what you want and stay focused on those goals,” before performing her unreleased original song, “Do You,” which follows the positive theme of just being yourself. We hope to see Elle at the studio again soon and wish her the best with her upcoming projects!”



Isabela Moner Surprises Families at Seacrest Studios in Atlanta!

The multi-talented Isabela Moner (actress, singer, songwriter, dancer, & Ukulele player), surprised patients and families at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta when she popped into Seacrest Studios on her way to the nearby neighborhood set where she is currently filming the dramedy, Instant Family.

She may be best known for her lead role on the Nickelodeon television series, 100 Things To Do Before High School or as Izabella inin the 2017 film, Transformers: The Last Knight, but soon she’ll be known for her role in Instant Family – a relevant film that shows the importance of adopting foster children. Patients wanted to know what type of film she’d like to do next and were surprised when she said “an alien blaster/Atomic Blonde type movie where I can train and get really jacked for a role!” Her dream co-star? Natalie Portman. Favorite cheat treat? Girl Scout cookies! Once the filming for Instant Family wraps, the 16 year old hopes to get her driver’s license.

Before heading to the set, Isabela inspired us with her words to live by – “Today is the most important day of your life. You’ve got to look at every day like the most important otherwise you’re just existing, you’re not living.” Thank you Isabela! Your visit was definitely the highlight of our day!

Actress & Singer, Seanna Pereira Makes a Special Visit to Seacrest Studios in Atlanta

Patients and families at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta enjoyed a special treat this week when actress & singer, Seanna Pereira stopped by Seacrest Studios to chat about and preview her upcoming movie, An Enchanted Ruby. Seanna stars as Ruby Strangelove in a story that features love, family, magic and music. Speaking of music, the 13 year old recorded ten songs for the film and happily accommodated a patient’s request to sing something live.

We were so entertained by her stories and adventures, like when she had to film in Bulgaria for six months and got so sick production was almost haltedI But the teenager has such a strong work ethic she powered through! (See if you can detect her terrible cold in a few scenes!) What a trooper! Seanna also told us how she was able to learn and perfect a very difficult Arabic accent in just ONE day while filming the hit 24: The Legacy. She is amazing, inspiring and was very encouraging to young fans who expressed a desire to act one day. She has a lot on the horizon but promised to return and share more movies and adventures with us. In the meantime, check out An Enchanted Ruby …a very sweet film with an anti­ bullying message and lots of singing by Seanna !


Levine Children’s Hospital Welcomes Kane Brown to Seacrest Studios

Recap by Studio Coordinator, Meredith Dean

Video by Intern, Ryan Sandlin

We loved welcoming country artist Kane Brown to the Queen City! One of the most touching moments from this country star’s visit was when 5-year-old, McKenna, a patient’s sister, brought a homemade poster for Kane that he read aloud: PRAY FOR MY BROTHER KADE. PLEASE KANE, LOVE MCKENNA. Kade had been waiting on a heart transplant for several months in the hospital. She even had the opportunity to compete against Kane one-on-one where she had to get 4 ping pong balls in Kane’s Panthers cup. As a Panthers fan, he was right at home with our patients in Charlotte, NC at Levine Children’s Hospital. This Southern 24-year-old also is a HUGE University of Georgia fan and loved cheering on the Dawgs in a video with our Studio Coordinator & UGA alumna, Meredith.

Another LCH patient, Derek, even came with his own list of questions to ask Kane. He had been thrilled with the news of him coming and was prepared to interview his favorite singer! He also made sure he knew Kane’s birthday (October 21, 1993). As we passed around the Seacrest Studios Fishbowl of questions to our patients of all ages, we found out that Kane:

Used to be able to play Guitar Hero with his feet
His favorite food is chicken
Went to Young Life for summer camp in high school
His favorite song is “Location” by Khalid
Mickey Mouse is his favorite Disney character
His favorite Panthers player is his close friend, Ed Dickson

In the past, Kane has opened up about his tough childhood, so we asked him how he got through those difficult times — as a lot of our patients and families brave through several trials & tribulations in their journeys. He explained to our patients, “Y’all are going through more difficult things than anyone else has to go through. It’ll mature you faster than other kids”. Additionally, since it was International Women’s Day, he talked about the most influential females in his life: His fiancée, his mother, and his Nana. They are all very supportive of him and his mother and nana taught him to never give up.

After the interview, Kane was excited to play March Madness especially since he said his favorite X Box games are sports-related (2K & Madden). He flew through the game with all the right answers — guessing which zoomed in logo represented which college team. The only team logo he missed was for our local college team, the UNCC 49ers, but one of our nurses helped him out! We then played “Guess That Country Song” where Kane successfully guessed the artists and song titles of well-known country hits!

One of our favorite moments from the visit was when Kane performed his hit song “What Ifs”. To accompany him in his performance, he brought his piano player, Ken, and lead guitarist, Alex! He asked the crowd to sing along with him (especially the parts featuring Lauren Alaina) to which everyone happily obliged! Kane met countless patients and their families, taking photos and signing autographs. He truly made their day at Seacrest Studios!


All Time Low Visits Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Seacrest Studio Intern, Yusuf Rowser

Hit punk-rock band All Time Low kicked things off by visiting Seacrest Studios here at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. All four members; Rian, Alex, Jack and Zack sat down to talk to the viewers and in-studio guests.

Lead vocalist Alex Gaskarth began things by speaking on how the band has been able to stay such good friends despite the increased fame and recognition. “We’re all just very lucky that we all became very good friends at an early age… It feels more like brothers than friends at this point.”

Studio staff member, Whitney Osborne, asked the band how their individual tastes in music have evolved since the band’s conception in 2003. “When we first started, I was sort of ashamed to listen to anything other than ‘punk music’ or ‘rock music,” drummer Rian Dawson stated. “But as you learn more about songwriting… A good song at its core can take so many avenues. We’ve all become a lot more broad in what we listen to, I feel.”

Whitney then shook the table by asking a staple question here at the Cincinnati Seacrest Studio – “What is each band members favorite Disney/Pixar film?” Alex and Jack both chose Toy Story. “[Toy Story] was one of the first Pixar movies, and we were probably around 7 or 8 years old” stated Jack.

To finish off their time in the studio, the band played “All Time Low or High”. A game where everyone guesses if the price of a product is higher or lower than the listed price. The band was shocked at the cost of a moon-bounce being close to $1000! All Time Low’s visit ended with the group having a meet and greet with the patients and signing autographs.

It was a great Friday afternoon that brought a vibrant energy to both the patients and the studio as a collective. Thank you All Time Low for taking time to come in and bring joy to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital!

Country Singer, Sarahbeth Taite Visits Seacrest Studios!

Sarahbeth Taite, country singer and friend of Seacrest Studios stopped by her third Seacrest Studio location – in Atlanta recently! The talented, young artist shared that when she was just 14 she begged her parents to take her to Nashville, which resulted in her first publishing deal! Then, at 17, after graduating early from high school, Sarahbeth made the bold move from Colorado to Tennessee.

When asked what’s been the hardest and scariest part of her journey thus far, she revealed it was toughest finding a new group of close friends. At least that phase certainly inspired some great songwriting…and we were lucky enough to hear her perform several songs. The patients loved getting to know Sarahbeth and we look forward to hosting her again!


Drake Bell Meets Super-Fan at Seacrest Studios!


Written by Kevin Altimier


It was an exciting day in Seacrest Studios at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center as Drake Bell, singer and star of Drake & Josh, stopped by to visit with patients and families.

Things were off to a great start when Drake Bell super-fan, Emmalee, got to meet and sit next to Drake during the interview portion.  The phone lines were packed with callers all hoping to get one question in. Serenity, a patient on the phone, asked Drake the one celebrity that he would freak out about meeting to which Drake said: “Probably Paul McCartney, if he walked into the room right now I would probably die.”

When asked if his hit show, Drake & Josh, was all ad-libbed or scripted by Noah on Skype, Drake answered that most of the time there was very little scene direction and him and Josh were improvising the whole time.  Things got interesting when Courtney asked how many tattoos he actually had, which Drake had to really think about, but eventually settled on 22.

After the interview was over, Drake performed the theme song from Drake & Josh “Found A Way” as well as signing autographs and meeting with the patients and families that came down for the visit.

Thanks, Drake, for visiting Cincinnati Children’s Seacrest Studio.  We appreciate you taking time out of your schedule for our patients and families and we look forward to your next visit!


Seacrest Studios Presents 5 Seconds of Summer at The Zone at Scottish Rite

By Gabbi Markle and Brittany Wade
Due to a massive water main breakage affecting a large portion of Atlanta, Seacrest Studios at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta had to make an eleventh hour diversion to the Scottish Rite campus to host the band 5 Seconds of Summer.
Instead of the traditional studio visit, the event turned into an intimate campfire-style Q&A with the patients. The Zone was filled with some of the band’s biggest fans who were so excited to ask the band some of their most burning questions. Drummer Ashton Irwin asked if there were any writers in the room and encouraged patients to always express themselves through the creative arts. He wanted them to know that anything can happen–just look at his band’s success!
After the patient-led interview, the band took photos with patients and parents alike, even pausing to sign shirts, socks, and anything else the kids wanted.
The patients at Scottish Rite loved getting to meet 5SOS, and we can’t wait until the next time they visit Atlanta!