A “Glee” Filled Visit With Darren Criss!

The end of June brought a big visit to Seacrest Studios at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta!  Darren Criss, most notable as Blaine from Fox’s hit series “Glee”, came to chat with patients, play a fun game, and take pictures and sign autographs.

Darren is actually touring alongside fellow “Glee” cast member Lea Michele – the pair performed at Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center following his visit at Seacrest Studios!

One special patient, Sarah, played Jimmy Fallon’s “Whisper Challenge” with Darren. Hi wore headphones, listening to really loud music, while she mouthed Disney quotes, and he had to guess what she was saying.

Patients at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta loved having Darren in studio, and we hope he returns soon!

LIVE in Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia with Ryan Seacrest and Camila Cabello!

Live with Kelly and Ryan – CHOP Visit Segment

Our visit with Ryan Seacrest and Camila Cabello still feels like a dream!

Posted by Ryan Seacrest Foundation on Monday, July 16, 2018

Blog post written by Seacrest Studios intern Christina Napoli

Friday the 13th has a whole new meaning to the patients and families at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Seacrest Studios.

In July of 2011, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation opened up Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The goal? To create a fun place for patients and families to hang out, get creative, and take their minds off of some of the things they are going through. On July 13th, 2018, Ryan Seacrest returned to the studio at CHOP to see how far it has come over the past seven years. In the words of Ryan, “it [felt] so good to be back!”

It was nothing but high-fives, handshakes and hugs when Ryan walked in- but it didn’t stop there. He surprised everyone in the hospital with a special guest. People gathered all over the Atrium and studio space while some even looked down from their hospital rooms to see Ryan Seacrest stand in the very studio many patients benefit from every day. And running into the studio behind him was his surprise guest, singer-songwriter Camila Cabello!

The duo started their interview with a panel of 5 patients at CHOP who were selected by their Child Life Specialists to sit in. They all brought a unique twist to the table- Lexi loves to read, Liam loves history, Arianna loves to sing, and Jonuel loves to tell jokes that had everybody laughing! The panel did a great job of asking Ryan and Camila questions about a day in their lives. Ryan even admitted that he still gets a little nervous when he runs out in front of a crowd with so many new faces (even though he makes it look so easy!) Our patients asked Camila a lot of questions about her tour, as she is opening for Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour. If you missed the interview, don’t worry! Here are some fun facts about Camila that she shared with all of us:

  • Camila LOVES Disney movies! She was so happy to be in a setting with so many kids who shared the same passion for Disney as she. Her favorites are Tangled and Hercules.
  • Her favorite snacks are Oreos, Kit-Kats, and chocolate (“dark chocolate, of course!”). She even keeps all of these in her dressing room!
  • Her absolute favorite part of being on tour is that she can finally express herself! She can be Camila Cabello on and off stage and staying true to herself is extremely important. She loves being around music all the time. She has liked music ever since she could remember.
  • Did you know that Camila’s song, “Havana” is the most streamed song of all time? And the artist was in our very own Seacrest Studios!
  • Camila was performing in Taylor’s Reputation Stadium Tour that very night in Philadelphia! Many of our patients and families even had tickets. They left their photo-op with Ryan and Camila by saying, “See you later, Camila!” How many people can say they told a pop-star, “see you later!”?

After the interview, Ryan and Camila took pictures and signed autographs for patients and their families. Before we all knew it, it was time for them to go! The phrase “time flies when you’re having fun” could not be truer when it comes to being in Seacrest Studios. Thank you, Ryan and Camila, for such an amazing experience!


Miss USA Celebrates 4th of July with Patients at Children’s National!

According to Miss USA 2018, Sarah Rose Summers, this was the best 4th of July yet! She spent her entire evening at Children’s National, kicking off her visit in Seacrest Studios. Patients came prepared for the interview by asking her an array of questions. We even had a studio wide sing-a-long where we belted out a popular song on-air! Following our special on-air segment, we transitioned from the studio up to our outdoor Healing Garden where the party was just starting! Sarah Rose led a dance party with patients to the Cha Cha Slide, posed for photos with superheroes, took advantage of the face painting station, and created awesome crafts with patients. At the end of the night, we enjoyed the fireworks show where we could see fireworks from Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia! When the party was winding down, one patient said “I don’t want this night to end… I hope Miss USA comes back to visit”. It was a memorable July 4th for everyone at Children’s National!



Can Shazam Beat Carly Pearce in Music Knowledge?

Written blog by Seacrest Studios intern Hannah Slater
Video by Seacrest Studios interns Scotty Gavlin and Carly Thomas

Country music singer Carly Pearce, who recently won a CMT Music Award for Breakthrough Video of the Year, stopped by Seacrest Studios in Charlotte on Friday, June 15! We wanted the patients to get to know Carly a little better, so we started her visit off with some questions to try and learn some fun facts about her. We learned a lot, including the fact that Carly LOVES sweet mint gum, kale, and brussel sprouts!

Next we let Carly answer some questions asked by patients in the hospital. We found out that her favorite Disney character is Belle from Beauty and the Beast (she dressed up as Belle 5 years in a row for Halloween!), and Carly even got up to dance when asked what her favorite dance move was. Those dance moves were impressive!

After playing a game where Carly had to try and guess country songs before Shazam could, we quickly discovered that not even an app could guess country songs before her. She can, however, be stumped by Disney silhouettes when playing, “Guess that Disney Character!”

Carly finished her visit by giving a patient that was discharging a special send-off that ended in a big hug. She’s currently touring with Rascal Flatts and Dan + Shay, but we can’t wait to have Carly back in the studio for more games and trivia!


Surprise Celebrity Appearances at Children’s Hospital of Orange County Prom

Prom | A rite of passage in every child’s life. A moment in time to wear a glamorous dress, slide into the perfect tuxedo, and saunter off to meet your closest friends. A night that will never be forgotten.

On the first official weekend of summer, patients at Children’s Hospital of Orange County zipped up their dresses, tied their new Ryan Seacrest Distinction bowties, and freshened up with Polished for Men before heading “Around the World in One Night” for their annual Oncology Prom.

An unexpected visit from celebrities, Selena Gomez and Jack Black, left patients gushing and cell phones overflowing with hundreds of selfies. Fans even received the perfect advice from self-declared dance coach for the evening, Jack Black: “I just wanted to make sure you guys had the latest dance moves. I wanted to teach you a couple because that is the most important thing at a prom, is that you have the latest.”

And then @selenagomez shows up at your prom …. #chocprom2018 #chocprom

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Other stars in attendance included Grey’s Anatomy cast members Sarah DrewJames Pickens Jr., Caterina Scorsone and Kevin McKidd.

The annual prom supports teenagers and young adults going through cancer treatment, as well as many survivors, post-treatment.

Thank you to each and every guest and supporter who made this evening so special! We cannot wait for next year!

David Blaine Wows Seacrest Studios with Magic Show

It is such a unique experience when patients and families get to meet a celebrity they see on tv, but our minds were really blown when master magician David Blaine stopped by Seacrest Studios in Dallas!

We’ve watched David Blaine on tv for years wow us with his card tricks and huge endurance stunts, but it was even more incredible to witness his magic first hand with our own eyes! David did card tricks for each kid who came by to meet him. There were lots of gasps with each amazing trick!

One cool kid, Nathan, even showed David Blaine some of his own card tricks! Our Seacrest Studios panel asked David some great questions and we learned a lot about how he got into magic.

Thank you David Blaine for stopping by the Seacrest Studios! We loved meeting you and your magic really entertained us! Our minds are still blown!

Brett Eldredge Wraps at Vanderbilt Children’s!

Brett Eldredge is known for tugging at the hearts of many, but most recently, his special visit to Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital tugged at the heart of all our patients and families! The heart throb artist is on tour with Blake Shelton right now and had four hours in Nashville before he was on to the next city—and lucky for us, he wanted to spend that time at Vanderbilt!

While visiting, patients enjoyed asking Brett silly questions that lead him to sharing many fun facts about himself, Edgar, his BFF/dog, and his tour! He told us if he could appear on any TV Game show, he’d without a doubt, chose The Price Is Right! He also mentioned that he isn’t much of reader; he prefers to see the movie of books rather than reading them! Traveling across the U.S. would be hard for any set of best friends, so rather than leaving Edgar behind, Brett takes him on tour! Edgar is so special to Brett, that he even makes a debut in his set. He does exciting tricks for the audience, then ends his performance with a BFF dance session that gets the crowd pumped!

It wouldn’t be a Seacrest Studios visit without a game!! Before we let Brett meet all the friends at his visit, we put him to the ultimate gift wrapping challenge! He was given two minutes to wrap three oddly shaped objects and not to our surprise, he knocked it out the park! Even though Brett said he prefers to give gifts in bags, we knew he’d be great at the game! He even did so well that we, at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital, invited him back to help us wrap presents for all our future celebrations!

Brett, it’s always a fun time having you in the Studios! We wish you the best of luck on your tour and hope to see you and Edgar soon again!




The Aladdin Cast Visits Seacrest Studios at Cincinnati Children’s!

Clinton Greenspan, Michael James Scott and Isabelle McCall who perform as Aladdin, Genie and Jasmine in the National Broadway tour of Aladdin stopped by Seacrest Studios in Cincinnati on Tuesday and it was MAGICAL! They tried to guess which character said quotes from the show without any context and found it was much harder than they anticipated!

Seacrest was filled with light and laughter during the visit. We concluded by pretending we had Genie’s magic lamp in front of us to all make our own wishes! The Disney Magic was definitely felt around!

The Unlikely Candidates Perform in Seacrest Studios at Children’s National!

The Unlikely Candidates made their first Seacrest Studios visit to patients and families atChildren’s National in Washington D.C.

DJ $ara, our Seacrest Studios patient correspondent, took over the mics and asked the band some awesome questions! We learned that when they’re on tour, they like to bring a blanket and pillow from home because it brings them comfort when they travel. Patients also joined the band for a fun round of Would you Rather! During the game, we asked would they rather perform a duet with Elton John or have a dance battle with Beyoncé. Their answers were split—half of the band wanting to join Elton John on stage and the other half wanting to dance it out with Beyoncé!

At the end of their visit, The Unlikely Candidates performed their song “Trampoline” live for patients and families. The energy was so strong and so positive in the studio that the guitarist actually broke his guitar strings in the middle of the song!

Thank you for an awesome visit! We hope to see you soon! 

Blake Cooper Stops by Seacrest Studios at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta!

Actor, Blake Cooper returned to Seacrest Studios at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta recently and shared a special advanced screening of his new movie, Measure of A Man. Blake stars as a bullied teen who experiences a turning-point summer in which he learns to stand up for himself.  The Atlanta native revealed what it was like to share screen time with the great Donald Sutherland and other fun facts about shooting the film in Rhode Island. Blake admitted he’s his own worst critic when it comes to watching himself in theaters, but his young fans in the studio gave him TWO THUMBS UP for his latest performance!  In preparation for his next role where he landed the lead character in the family movie drama, Chance, Blake had to endure many hours in a hair salon going from brunette to blonde! He’s headed to Cincinnati to begin filming but we can’t wait to have this talented and kind-hearted star back home and in the studio again to share more of his adventures with us!