Matt Nathanson Visits CHOP!

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia welcomed special guest Matt Nathanson to the “The Voice” on Monday.

The talented singer-songwriter was very excited to be in the studio and loved interacting with all of the patients that came down to say hello.  He even let the kids play with his guitar, giving many of them a quick lesson, and played back-up to a young patient who had written a rap song.

After playing his hit song “Faster” and a cover from Prince, Matt sat down for a personal interview.  He started by sharing a story about his adventurous cats, Mr. Beasly and Rufis. He told us that his loveable cats are always running around his neighborhood and get into crazy adventures and bring home random food.

Matt let us know that some of his first musical inspirations were U2 and Kiss, and while he always wanted to be like them, he knew he could never wear all that leather! He also let us in on a little secret…if he weren’t a musician, he would have definitely become an English teacher.

Next he played a game of “would you rather” and gave some very interesting answers.  From this game we found out that he would much rather have zits, than a headache, any day!

CHOP and the Ryan Seacrest Foundation thank Matt Nathanson for stopping by and spending time with all of the amazing kids at the hospital.  His uplifting attitude and engaging personality really helped lift the spirits of the children he visited.

Colbie Caillat Visits Children’s Hospital of Atlanta

The Children’s Hospital of Atlanta (CHOA) played host to the adorable singer and songwriter, Colbie Caillat, who had a blast visiting the children there.

The patients at CHOA were so delighted to see this guitar strumming pop star in person that many showered her with gifts upon her arrival! One young patient gave Colbie a few pages out of her coloring book. Feeling flattered, Colbie thanked her for the gift and refused to set the pictures down throughout her visit! She was seen leaving the hospital with the pictures in hand.

Shortly after her arrival, Colbie sat down for an interview in The Voice media center where she revealed some surprising facts about herself. Although this pretty starlet makes a living performing in front of audiences, she let on that she’s actually extremely shy! Though it is often difficult and a bit nerve wracking to get up on the stage, Colbie knows that she has to face her fear before every performance. Turns out, she’s gotten more used to being in the spotlight since her rise to fame. We’re so glad!  This positive and upbeat singer has had several top hits over the years, including “Unwritten,” “Bubbly,” and “Lucky,” just to name a few.  Most of her songs about life and change share the same message of strength and determination.

Colbie’s words of courage rang true with the children at The Voice. They, too, must deal with frightening situations on a daily basis as they fight their illnesses. Even though they’re facing their fears every single day, the kids left Colbie’s interview feeling inspired, enlightened, and energized to keep on fighting.

Julianne Hough and Kenny Wormald Groove at The Voice!

‘Footloose’ stars Julianne Hough and Kenny Wormald grooved on over to The Voice studio at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia last week. Opening up to the kids in the audience, the two dancers spoke candidly about their childhoods and their rise to fame.

Julianne shared details about her time in London as a child. She practiced dance and attended elementary school in the British city for five years! Kenny started out as a tap dancer before moving on to back-up dancing in music videos and on tours.

While most of us know Julianne as the amazing dancer on ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ she revealed that her first on-screen experience was as an extra in one of the ‘Harry Potter’ movies! She acted as an audience member during an intense Quidditch match. We had no idea!

After their interview, the talented performers taught the kids some super cool dance moves. In the middle of their fun lesson, Philadelphia’s mayor, Michael Nutter, walked in to greet the celebrities and welcome them to his city. He then took a break from his political duties and became DJ for the day by putting on some great music for the kids to dance to. Mayor Nutter also took over as an interviewer, and pressed the visitors for details about their upcoming movie, Footloose, due out in theaters on October 14th.

The kids were absolutely ecstatic to have Julianne and Kenny visit them at The Voice! After the dancers left, the children could not stop talking about how much fun they had and how wonderful it was getting to meet such talented young performers.  Chalk up another exciting day at The Voice!

Joe Jonas Takes Break from ‘Fast Life’ to Visit The Voice!

The patients at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) were buzzing with excitement last week when pop darling Joe Jonas made an appearance at The Voice, the in-hospital multimedia studio for sick and injured children.

The gracious singer sat down for an interview in front of an audience of many fascinated kids and dished some interesting tidbits about his life! While this JoBro has made quite a name for himself as a singer, songwriter and musician, he admitted to having aspirations of becoming a comedian as a child. We love him as the front man of The Jonas Brothers, but can totally picture him as a hilarious funnyman, too!

Sharing some insights into his eating habits, Joe expressed that he has no qualms about trying unusual foods, but we never thought he’d take it this far! He told the children how he ate cow brain stew made by locals while doing philanthropic work overseas. We’re pretty sure that even the pangs of hunger in our stomachs couldn’t convince us to eat anything with brain in it!

Joe’s new solo album, “Fast Life,” is being released on October 11th and has everyone talking. He spoke about what it was like to play without his brothers. Although he misses having them in the studio with him, he says he’s very excited about the record. We’re excited, too! When asked about what the new disc is like, he said to be prepared to hear ultra personal songs about some of his past relationships. He gave the children at CHOP a sample of what they’ll hear on the CD by singing a bit of his single, “See No More.” Everyone loved it!

One of the patients at CHOP, a 13-year-old girl named Julia, gushed to Joe about how much she and her sister, Francesca, love his music. Intrigued, Joe followed her up to her room at the hospital and found hundreds of pictures of the boy band all over her walls. Julia is also a huge Selena Gomez fan-she accompanied Selena in an impromptu performance of her hit song “Who Says” when Selena was a guest at The Voice at CHOP.

At the end of his visit, Joe signed autographs and took pictures with all the patients there. The whole hospital was beaming as Joe made his way to personally meet each child. His sparkling grin and hilarious stories proved that this Disney dude is truly talented and down-to-earth.

Jay Sean Gets ‘Down’ With Kids at CHOP!

British superstar Jay Sean got ‘Down’ with the kids at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) when he popped in for an interview at The Voice studio last week.

Jay revealed some surprising information about his life “pre-fame.” Apparently, the singer had attended two years of medical school when he decided that music was his real calling and a dream he simply couldn’t ignore. We bet he’s pretty satisfied with his decision to ditch the scrubs and opt for the microphone instead! But this musician still believes strongly in the power of medicine… especially laughter!  He believes that everyone needs a good, hearty laugh everyday. We agree!

Jay Sean also talked about his love of Indian food (he highly recommends it!) as well as his family and upcoming tour. He told us that while he is the only musical one in his family,  his photographer brother can take some pretty artistic shots. One of the patients at the hospital is from Jay’s hometown of London, and the two bonded while talking about their love of the city.

Before he left, Jay Sean and all the kids there sang his hit tune, ‘Down.’ It was so amazing to hear everyone join in on his fun dance beat. He also stopped by the adolescent unit of the hospital and went room-to-room to greet the teens there. They were so excited to see the musical guru in their doorway!

Jay Sean’s visit to The Voice was exceptionally fun for the patients there. Before leaving, he signed autographs and posed for tons of pictures. The kids were sad to see this charismatic artist go, but chatted for hours after about their intimate experience with Jay and the excitement of the day’s events.

Ryan Seacrest Gets Tearful When Talking About His Work For the Voice [VIDEO]

Ryan Seacrest has his days scheduled down to the minute, earning him the title of “The Busiest Man in Showbiz.” Even though this guy is constantly dealing with his numerous television shows, his radio show, and his restaurants, he still finds time to engage in altruistic work and sit down for an interview. Ryan joined Tracy Smith for a CBS Sunday Morning interview to talk about his work with ‘The Voice,’ and his host of other interests.

Ryan got a little teary-eyed when talking about his girlfriend and his work with the hospitals during his chat with Tracy. He admits to being an “emotional guy” when it comes to helping sick and injured children.

He also spoke about his chubby childhood and reassured Tracy that owning restaurants doesn’t tempt him to go back to his old eating habits. He also remembers how his pudgy preteen years were difficult, but ultimately made him the strong and determined man he is today. Mom Connie Seacrest promised that she packed Ryan healthy lunches when he was in school, but he’d always trade his good food for “cupcakes!” You won’t see Ryan eating that now though! Cupcakes have been officially replaced with kale. Yum, Ryan!

Take a look at the interview below! Also, for more information about the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, please ‘Like’ the fan page! Get exclusive updates about hot celebrity visits to ‘The Voice’ plus much more!

Iyaz Tells All During Visit to The Voice at CHOP!

Hip hop singer Iyaz caused quite a stir when he dropped into The Voice studio at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia! The music guru made an appearance last year on Hannah Montana and did a duet with the Disney singer. Naturally, the patients at CHOP were super curious about his experience with Miley Cyrus. Iyaz spoke candidly about working with the teen actress and told the children how fun it was to be part of a Disney show.
Originally from the British Virgin Islands, Iyaz talked about moving to the US to pursue music. Turns out, he made a great decision when he relocated to America. His first hit, "Replay," resonated well with music listeners everywhere and hit #2 on the charts. Since then, he's had two other hits, "Solo" and "Pretty Girls." The patients at CHOP gushed about how much they love his songs.
Recognizing a prime opportunity to showcase her talents to a top notch musician, an aspiring singer named Alexis rapped an original song for Iyaz. He liked it so much that he provided some beat boxing background music for her to keep in time with! What a great opportunity! Be sure to check out Iyaz's photos from his visit to CHOP below!

All Star Weekend Rocks On Over to The Voice Studio at CHOP!

The Voice studio at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) was rockin’ last Friday when pop boy band All Star Weekend surprised the patients with an appearance.  The multi-media center was buzzing with activity as the girls swooned over the musically inclined band and asked them tons of questions during their impromptu Q & A session.  One inquisitive fan gave the band a laugh when she asked the boys what they were most afraid of. Zach admitted to a phobia of rats, while another one of the members confided that he was terrified of cheese! CHEESE?!

The boys also dished about their career and music, and snickered when asked their age, claiming that many people assume they’re much younger than they actually are because they have such baby faces. That’s nothing to complain about! These charming boys brought an amazing energy to The Voice, and finished up their stay at CHOP by performing two of their most popular songs, “Not Your Birthday” and “Mr. Wonderful.” Take a look at the photos of All Star Weekend and the patients at CHOP!  It’s obvious a good time was had by all.

CHOP’S ‘The Voice’ Plays Host to Their First Pop Rock Visitors, Hot Chelle Rae!

The Voice studio at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) played host to it’s first pop-rock band last Thursday! The up and coming Nashville group Hot Chelle Rae made an appearance at the studio where they participated in an interview that was broadcast throughout the hospital. The guys talked about the history of the band and how they worked hard to become the much talked about rock group they are today. Brothers RK and Jamie also told us how fun it is to go on tour with a sibling. We definitely think it’d be more fun to go on tour if our brothers and/or sisters could come with us!

The patients at CHOP got another lucky treat when Hot Chelle Rae performed two very popular songs. First, they played a live version of their hit single “Tonight Tonight” followed by a fantastic rendition of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.” Before leaving, the modest and down-to-earth band members made sure to sign each and every autograph and take pictures with all the kids there. Hot Chelle Rae was a pleasure to have at The Voice-they definitely brightened up the day for the children staying at CHOP!

Selena Gomez Makes Second Trip to The Voice — This Time at CHOA!

One of Hollywood’s biggest stars flew to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) on Tuesday to give the patients at the hospital a fun surprise. Selena Gomez dropped in to The Voice media center within the hospital where she participated in an interview, took questions from the patients, and graciously posed for pictures afterward, much to the excitement of the fans who crowded the studio and the surrounding lobby.

During her interview, Selena touched on a variety  of subjects ranging from her five beloved dogs, to her new fragrance, to attending college. Although Selena’s datebook is packed for the coming year, she hopes to attend college at some point in the not too distant future. This girl is both talented and ambitious, there’s no doubt! One young patient asked Selena which song was her favorite to perform live to which she replied, “Who Says.” This inspirational tune  about embracing who you are is one of the pop star’s top songs right now and is so fitting for the patients at CHOA. Her lyrics of encouragement were well received by the patients at the hospital. When it came time to wrap up her visit, Gomez made sure to take the time to let each patient know how important they are as she signed autographs for everyone who wanted one. She even gave one of the patients a beaded bracelet straight off of her wrist. So sweet. This down to earth performer sure made an impact on the patients at CHOA and her visit to The Voice is one the patients will remember forever. Check out these photos of Selena and her fans at The Voice!