Toys R Us and Geoffrey The Giraffe Make The Holidays Special At CHOA!

Geoffrey The Giraffe stopped by theChildren’s Healthcare of Atlanta and passed out some amazing Toys”R”Us toys to all the children!

See below for some pictures from this very special holiday suprise. Thank you to Geoffrey and Toys”R”Us for helping make this holiday season so bright!

Toys“R”Us, Geoffrey the Giraffe and Joe Jonas Visit CHOP For The Holidays!

A big thank you to Toys”R”Us, Geoffrey the Giraffe and Joe Jonas for stopping by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia  to hang out with the children. Toys”R”Us donated amazing gifts for the patients this holiday season and Joe and Geoffrey had so much fun passing them out.

Check out some pictures from their visit below and see all the smiles Toys”R”Us, Geoffrey  and Joe brought to the children’s faces!

Cody Simpson Stopped By CHOP This Thanksgiving Weekend!

Cody Simpson stopped by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia this Thanksgiving weekend and was welcomed by a very large and excited crowd of children!   He sat down for an interview with the patients, took pictures, gave autographs and sang “Angel,” which he explained was his favorite song he’s ever written. 

Cody talked a little about his YouTube success.  He remembers the day he posted a cover of a Jason Mraz song and his followers went from 20 to 20 million! He told the children that he never imagined he would have become so popular on YouTube but is so thankful for all the support. He also was very surprised that he has become so popular in the United States.  In fact, his success started in the U.S. and is now moving on to Australia, where he is from.  

Everyone was happy to hear that he is very close with his family.  He has a sister that  is 13 and a brother that is 7.  In fact, his family is so close that they all decided to move with him to the United States to support his career and so they could all stay together. Cody and his siblings are all homeschooled in Los Angeles. 

When the children asked him what three words he would use to best describe himself, he had a hard time coming up with them. But after a little help from the in-studio audience, he came up with “cool,” “easy going,” and “fun.” 

All of the children were very happy to get to spend this time with Cody and he definitely brought a smile to their faces with his visit this holiday weekend!

Gym Class Heroes Hang Out at CHOP!

The Gym Class Heroes recently stopped by The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to hang out with the children and talk about their lives before and after they made it big.

The children were surprised to find out that even though Matt and Travie met about 14 years ago in gym class they didn’t actually name themselves the Gym Class Heroes because of that. In fact, they didn’t even make the connection until after they created the group’s name!

When asked what they would be doing if they were not part of the band they all had very interesting answers.  Disashi told the kids he would most likely be working with computers, while Travie would be involved with the arts (he was an art teacher and a tattoo artist before the Gym Class Heroes).  Matt said he would probably still be working at the deli he worked at growing up and Eric explained that he would love to be a professional angler (he would want to canoe down swamp rivers).

The band, who has a new album coming out on Nov. 15th, talked about life on the road.  Travie always brings art supplies on tour and his dog, an adorable French bull dog, lives on the bus and acts as the Gym Class Heroes mascot.

The kids had a great time getting to know the band and were so happy they were able to stop in. Thanks to the Gym Class Heroes for a fun day!

Happy Birthday to the Ryan Seacrest Foundation!

We are happy to announce that the Ryan Seacrest Foundation is a year old! We launched our first media center, named The Voiceâ„ , one year ago and have received overwhelming support from the hospital community and celebrities like Selena Gomez, Joe Jonas and Cee Lo Green (just to name a few!)

The mission of our organization is to enhance the quality of life for seriously ill and injured children.  We do this by creating unique programs that use radio, television and new media to enlighten, entertain and educate.  The organization also works with local journalism schools and universities to train and educate students interested in broadcast media.

In just one year, the foundation has launched two interactive media centers in children’s hospitals with plans to build more across the county.  Currently The Voiceâ„  is located at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

The Foundation has received an amazing response from the children and families that have visited The Voiceâ„ . These families have shared that the experiences their children have had in these centers are a positive distraction from their every day struggles.  Parents have commented on how much it means to them to see their child smile, whether it’s from meeting a celebrity, watching a live musical performance or getting to play DJ to the whole hospital.

To learn more about our foundation and see pictures from the celebrity visits check out You can also find us on Facebook or Twitter.

Here’s to many more birthdays (and smiles) to come!


Noah Guthrie Makes His First Trip TO CHOA!

Up and coming artist and YouTube sensation, Noah Guthrie, stopped by The Voice at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to sing to all of the kids in studio as well as those watching from their rooms.

Noah sang two original songs as well as a Taylor Swift cover and everyone was very impressed by his soulful voice.

He spoke about how thankful he is to Ellen DeGeneres for posting his video on her website and how happy he is to be managed by Selena Gomez’s manager.  He talked about opening for Selena Gomez’s show in Charlotte, saying it was an incredible experience.

As Noah continues to build his career, he uploads a new cover song every week on YouTube. He also continues to play live shows at a local venue called Eddie’s Attic.  Selena Gomez had actually attended one of his performances there the night before her visit to The Voice.

We are so happy to have met Noah and hope he comes back and visits the children at The Voice again soon!

Drake Bell Drops By CHOP!

Drake Bell dropped in at The Voice to hang out with the patients at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The actor, comedian and musician was happy to sit down and talk about the music that inspires him and the direction his career is moving in.

Drake told the children that he is very inspired by The Beatles. Not only does he love all of their music but Paul McCartney is one of his idols and he would love to work with him at some point.  His favorite Beatles song is “Blackbird” and he decided to play it for the children that were in the studio.

He also spoke about the difference between live musical performances and being on TV. He said being on TV was a little easier because if he ever messed up or forgot a line they could shoot the scene over. That is not the case, he explained, when you are performing in a concert. He let the kids in on a little secret: if he ever gets nervous and forgets the words of the song he is singing, he just holds the mic out to the crowd to sing along until he remembers the words again!

Drake is currently doing voiceover work as Peter Parker for the Spider-Man TV series and will be in a new movie called “Ragz: A Hip Hop Fairytale.” He loves doing voiceover work because he can go to work in his pajamas.

Drake and the kids also shared a common love…a love for Disneyland! He tries to go whenever he has the opportunity and his favorite ride is Space Mountain. The kids were so thrilled to hang out with Drake and learn about all the fun things they had in common. We thank Drake for taking the time to visit The Voice!

The Fray Sings at CHOA!

The Fray Visited Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and talked in studio about their music, their favorite things, and their sure-fire way of knowing if a song is going to be a hit!

While visiting The Voice, the The Fray played three songs: “How To Save A Life,” their new song “Heartbeat” and the “Toy Story” classic, “You’ve Got A Friend in Me.” They told the kids that it is very important to them if their children like their songs. In fact, they won’t release a new song or video without running it by Joe’s daughter first! They actually got rid of a music video that they spent a lot of time and money on because his daughter felt it was “too scary!” The kids were very excited to hear just how much their opinions mattered.

While at The Voice the band also passed a guitar to a teen patient and watched him play. The patient was very happy to be able to show off his skills!

It wouldn’t be a complete visit if the band wasn’t asked questions that came directly from the patients. When asked what animals they would want to be, they answered a monkey, gorilla, cheetah and bear. And when they were asked to choose a super power, they choose the ability to fly and be invisible.

Being fathers themselves, the guys were very happy to stop in and visit with all of the Children at CHOA. The kids were thrilled to spend this quality time with The Fray and we are very thankful that they stopped by!

The Plain White T’s Stopped By CHOP!

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia was excited to welcome the Plain White T’s into The Voice. The five band members sat down to give a great interview and took time to sign autographs and meet with all the children in the studio.

While in The Voice, CHOP got the inside scoop on being on tour with The Plain White T’s. The first thing they talked about was traveling in style! When the band first started out, the guys used to travel by van to all of their concerts. They were so excited when they were upgraded to tour buses. A cool insider’s fact: they get to rent a new tour bus in every city they travel to! They also talked about their extensive guitar collections and that they prefer acoustic guitars to electric ones.

After singing their hit song “Hey There Delilah,” Tom Higgenson talked about the inspiration behind the track.  The kids were shocked to find out that he had only met Delilah one time before he wrote the song.  Tom had met Delilah at a party and someone joked that he liked her so much that he had already written a song about her.  He decided to call their bluff, wrote the song and then told everyone it would be his best hit. He ended up taking her as his date to the Grammy’s!

It was a great day at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the children were so happy to have the chance to meet, learn about and listen to the Plain White T’s.

The Script Makes Their First Visit To CHOA!

For the first time…The Script made a trip to the broadcasting studio at THE VOICE at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta!

Danny O’Donoghue, Mark Sheehan, and Glen Power had patients falling to pieces when they sat down for an interview during their tour stop in Atlanta.  With a concert scheduled for later that night, the band still managed to stop long enough to talk about everything from the inspiration for their music to Spongebob. They even attempted their best Southern accents with the children at the studio!

Not only does the band write their own songs, the group has also written songs for other artists, including, American Idol alum, Kris Allen.

The Irish artists say that there is “no real formula” for writing their songs.  “We treat every song like it’s the first we’ve really written” They went on to explain,  “Lyrics are so important to us that we really, really analyze every single thing. We want to mean every single word we’re saying in every song.”

When they were asked what their most memorable performance was, they said that performing with U2 in front of 82,000 people in their hometown of Dublin, was the “most amazing feeling.”

The Script was full of energy at THE VOICE, telling patients that their pre-performance ritual includes an intense handshake that, if broken, has to start all over again.

As a side tip, The Script gave good advice for what to do when you get a song stuck in your head…sing Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting. They guarantee that song is the cure!

It was a very special day at THE VOICE at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and both the band and the patients were moved by the visit.