The All-American Rejects Sing At CHOP!

The All-American Rejects hung out at Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia this past weekend and the patients learned all about “Kids In The Street,” the first new album they have released since 2008.  They told the patients the reason they waited so long to release a new album was because they really wanted to take their time and make each song unique and special.  They wanted to share some of their new music with everyone and played an acoustic version of their song “I For You.”

The guys spoke about how they originally formed the band. Nick and Tyson were friends in highschool and one day when they played a show they met Chris and Mike, who were playing for the band opening for them, and asked them to join the group. They have been extremely close ever since and their friendship continues to grow because of their love for music.  It’s good that they all like each other because since 2008 they have traveled the world twice and toured all around the country.  When talking about touring, they explained “touring is as close as you can get to time travel, because you go to bed in one place and wake up in another!”

When asked what their favorite songs to play were, they said that “Dirty Little Secret” and “It Ends Tonight” are a lot of fun and they really enjoying playing them.  They also talked about what they would be doing if they were not in the band… Nick said he would most likely have a paper route and Tyson said he would want to be a science teacher.  They also let us in on their own dirty little secret, they all love cupcakes!  We are sure they will definitely be eating a lot of those next week when Tyson turns 28!

Everyone at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia were excited to meet, interview and listen to The All-American Rejects and we want to thank them for stopping by!  You can watch the music video to their album-titled single, “Kid In The Street” here.

WWE Superstars Zack Ryder and Alex Riley Visit CHOA!

WWE Superstars Zack Ryder and A-RY (Alex Riley) made a special appearance this week at The Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to participate in a radio show hosted by the patients.

Read a full recap and see a great video about the visit HERE.

A big thank you to WWE for the great video, pictures and recap!

WWE Teams Up With RSF And CHOP!

WWE Superstars R-Truth and Santino Marella made a special appearance today to participate in a radio show hosted by the patients at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Read a full recap and see a great video about the visit HERE.

A big thank you to WWE for the great video, pictures and recap!

Adam Lambert Makes A Special Visit To CHOA!

Adam Lambert stopped by the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to hang out with excited patients and answer their questions in studio.

Adam’s visit drew quite a crowd, with patients and families inside and outside of the studio listening to his interview and posing for pictures with him.  They learned quite a lot about Adam and his passion for music, which started at quite a young age.

Lambert explained that he grew up around music. His father had been a DJ in college and was always playing music around the house. The earliest musical influence he was exposed to was Bob Marley, as well as, a number of classic rock and soul musicians.  He knew he wanted to be a performer when he was 10 years old and was hooked after his first performance on stage of “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.”   He also performed in the musical “The Wiz” when he was younger and says he learned a lot from the music in that production.

When the patients asked him what it was like to be onAmerican Idol,” Adam explained that it was exciting because every week he had the opportunity to explore different genres of music.   Even though the show could be very stressful at times, he loved the pressure and competition.  His favorite moment on American Idol was his “Queen” performance on the finale.

Adam said that he practices his music every day and always tries to get a lot of sleep, drink a lot of water and do vocal warm ups.  He also really likes jogging and believes exercise is extremely important.

When asked what he does when he is not performing or practicing, Adam explained that he loves to go to the movies, listen to music and go out to eat with friends.  He also shared a few fun facts about himself…Adam is right handed, loves the board game “Chutes and Ladders”, loves ice cream and if he wasn’t a musician he thinks he would be a designer.

Adam, who is currently doing a promotional tour for his next album, is very excited about the music he is going to be releasing in the next few months.  He worked with Bruno Mars and Pharell on this album and wrote a lot of the songs on his own.  The first single he is going to release is called “Better Than I Know Myself.”

The patients had such a great time meeting Adam and we are so thankful for his visit to CHOA!

A special thanks to two of our great interns, Carmen Williams and Justy Diaz, for their help with this blog post!

Andy Grammer Performs At CHOA!

In town on his first headlining tour, Andy Grammer stopped by The Voice at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to perform for patients and spread some sweet cheer.  After greeting each person with a big hug, and an even bigger smile, Grammer sat down for an in studio interview.

Andy told CHOA patients about his humble beginnings as a street singer in Santa Monica.  He described his self-titled debut album as full of  “beats, smiles, and depth.”

Grammer gave patients encouraging words by saying, “Just like singing, healing starts mentally with a thought and determination.”  Those wise words inspired patients to “Keep Their Head Up” just as a once discouraged Grammer did, early in his career, after an unsuccessful day peddling his music on the streets of California.

Patients were excited to hear Grammer play his guitar and sing and many recognized him from a recent appearance on the Disney Channel show, “So Random!” Coming from a musical background, Andy Grammer gives credit to his parents and their happy nature for his upbeat, joyful personality.  It definitely rubbed off on the patients and staff at CHOA!

This multitalented artist also showed off his signature “roll” dance moves, his impression of a voice trumpet (which is impressive!) and even some of that beatboxing he notably incorporates into his music.

After performing a few songs from his record, Grammer encouraged one of the CHOA patients to sing a song that she had written!  Her short performance left the singer, and the audience, visibly moved.

Andy graciously stayed after the interview to sign autographs, take pictures, and speak with some of his fans.

The patients and staff at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta cannot wait to see what’s next for this up-and-coming artist. Grammer is a star on the rise and we all look forward to his return to The Voice!

– – – – – – –
A big thank you to Mamie Shepherd, one of our amazing interns at The Voice at CHOA, for this great blog post!

Cody Simpson Creates Smiles At CHOA!

Cody Simpson stopped by the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta yesterday and was greeted by a huge crowd of smiling patients. Cody was excited to take a little break from his tour to stop in to the hospital and get interviewed at The Voice.

Cody talked to all of the patients about his family life.  He is very close to his family and it was very important for them to all stay together so his entire family moved with him to Los Angeles and now everyone travels with Cody on tour.  But even though they are on the road, education is really important to his parents, so they never forget to bring a tutor along.

Cody believes that music really can bring people together.  This was something he learned from his dad, who used to play guitar and sing for family and friends at parties back in Australia.

He also learned the importance of  a strong work ethic from his mom and dad.  Both of his parents were swimmers and Cody started swimming at a very young age.  He credits a lot of his success to the lessons he learned about dedication and the importance of commitment from swimming.  And he shared a fun fact…his favorite swimming stroke is the Butterfly!

The hospital and patients were ecstatic to have Cody join them for the afternoon and we want to thank him for his visit!

Jacob Latimore Hangs Out At CHOP!

Jacob Latimore recently hung out with the patients at The Voice at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia during his stop in Philadelphia for the Scream Tour.

Jacob revealed a lot about himself and his musical career while being interviewed in studio. The patients learned that Jacob currently lives in Atlanta but is originally from Milwaukee, where he started his professional career at 9 years old.  His first song, “Best Friend”, was debuted on Radio Disney and his goal is to one day play at Madison Square Garden!

The patients were very interested in Jacob’s great dance skills.  He let them know that his dance moves are influenced by the Temptations but he tries to take the moves and make them his own. The one tip he wanted to share about dancing was that you always need to “practice, practice, practice!”

Jacob is also showing off his acting chops! Not only has he held voice over roles and starred in Nerf commercials, he will soon be starring in a BET sitcom called “Young Man” and will be a guest star on a new Fox show “The Finder.” Even though he loves all styles of acting, he definitely feels most comfortable in comedic roles.

During his interview, Jacob talked a lot about the importance of family.  He is very close to his family and his mom and dad travel with him on tour (as well as relocated with him to Atlanta).  He loves being around his family, not only because they keep him grounded (and doing his homework!), but because they have a lot of experience in the music industry.  His dad and uncles were all part of the group “Latimore Brothers.”

When the patients asked him what he would be doing if he wasn’t a performer, he told them he would most likely want to be an engineer or a pharmacist.

A big thank you to Jacob for spending time at The Voice, the children had a blast!

Andy Grammer Visits Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia!

Andy Grammer recently stopped by The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and talked about everything from his love of music and dogs to his hatred of snakes!

Andy spoke to the patients about his musical journey so far. He started playing the trumpet in 4th grade and then began writing songs when he was 15 years old. He learned how to play guitar and became a street performer so people could hear his music and then recorded his first CD in his own house.  Creativity is definitely something that runs in his family.  Andy’s father, Red Grammer, is a Grammy nominated songwriter.

It is really important to Andy that he creates music that people can connect to. His song “Keep Your Head  Up” is about his music career so  far.  The song reminds him that he always needs to keep a positive attitude and work hard for everything he wants in life.

Andy, who is currently touring the United States, says he loves his tour bus and always chooses the middle bunk!  After his tour, he is planning on taking a trip to France and getting a lot of sleep (one of his favorite things to do).

Andy left the children with his favorite philosophy “Life is a burger and music makes it taste better…because music is the condiment of life!”

A big thank you to Andy for taking time to make a special visit to CHOP!

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Welcomed British pop sensation The Wanted to The Voice!

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia recently welcomed a visit to The Voice from British pop sensation The Wanted!

After spending time in the studio and singing an acoustic version of their hit “Glad You Came,” the guys (Tom, Max, Siva, Jay and Nathan) opened up about the band, touring and their experience in the United States so far.

The patients at CHOP learned that the band got their name after Nathan made “Wanted” signs with all of their faces to advertise for a “Wild West” type of song.  The group actually came together from a universal competition with a very long audition process.  After the band was formed (they had just met)  they were all asked to move in together. Even though they all grew up in different cities and have very unique personalities and senses of style, they quickly became as close as brothers!

As the band travels around the United States they become more and more fascinated with all of the different weather across the country (they went from a warm Miami day to a wet and cold one in New England). They explained that this is much different from the weather in the UK and takes getting used to.

After learning about them, the children at CHOP taught The Wanted about Philadelphia…first up, how to properly order a Philly Cheesesteak! They had to make an exception for Jay, who is a vegetarian, explaining he would have to order a “whiz and onions without the steak.” The band also let the children know that while in Philadelphia they planned on reenacting a scene from “Rocky” by running up the Art Museum’s steps!

The children loved spending time with The Wanted and we would like to thank them for their visit!

James Durbin Helps Make The Holidays Special With A Visit To CHOA!

The patients at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta recently welcomed American Idol’s James Durbin and his band members, Jeff Fabb, Blake Bunzel, Tyler Molinero, and Dylan Rosenberg to “The VoiceSM.” The band played a few songs for the crowd from James’ debut album, “Memories of a Beautiful Disaster.”

An inspiring and talented musician, James Durbin has overcome mountains of adversity, which makes him a fantastic role model for the kids at Children’s. Durbin’s visit would not have been complete without talking about American Idol and the road he took to get there.  James shared that he had been laid off from Domino’s Pizza when he auditioned for Idol.  He talked about the song writing process (he co-wrote 5 of the songs on his new album) and showed off his goofy side by telling everyone about his victory dance moves and impersonating some of the characters from Lord of the Rings.

This talented artist overwhelmed CHOA with his compassion.  Durbin, and his band, hung out after the interview to sign autographs and take pictures with adoring fans.  Quietly, the band slipped upstairs to visit some of the more critical patients.  It was a very moving scene.

James’ perseverance, courage, and love for people make his talent and appeal even more incredible.

After appearing on American Idol, touring with the AI stars this summer, debuting a brand new album in November, and getting married on New Year’s Eve, 2011 will definitely be considered a good year for James Durbin! The patients, and fans, at CHOA cannot wait to see what this humble young singer has planned for 2012!