Our Founder, Ryan Seacrest Returns to His Hometown of Atlanta!

Ryan Seacrest returned to his hometown of Atlanta to visit patients and fans at his very first Seacrest Studio – where his dream of creating an uplifting environment and contributing in some small way to the healing process for patients who could be going through a difficult time – became a reality through his Ryan Seacrest Foundation in 2010. And it was great to have him back!



Patients were eager to tell Ryan all the things they love to do in the studio, from singing and playing games to hanging out with the interns and interviewing celebrities. Excited to take a crack at interviewing one of the best “interviewers” himself, patients took turns with hard-hitting questions.  Ryan especially enjoyed the one asking him which he loved more, “being on radio or being on TV?”  Hmmm, we’ll leave you pondering his answer! Lots of pictures, hugs and autographs followed the Q&A session. Then it was back to New York City and  Live With Kelly & Ryan, where he shared a wonderful video of his visit with us!  Thanks so much Ryan—we love you!



Sabrina Carpenter Performs For Patients At Seacrest Studios Atlanta

We welcomed actor, singer, and Seacrest Studios Ambassador,  Sabrina Carpenter to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta earlier this month! She performed two hit singles “Thumbs” and “Why” for the sweet patients who came down to visit her. As usual, she sounded incredible!

During the interview, Sabrina talked about the best parts of filming TV shows and movies, and how thankful she is that she also gets to record music. She can’t decide which is her favorite because she thinks both are equally fun and exciting!

When we asked her if she still hangs out with casts from previous projects, she said that she still visits with them and even has a group chat with the cast of Disney Channel’s “Adventures in Babysitting.” We told her that her co-star, Jet Jurgensmeyer, visited us just a couple of weeks before and shared that he has attended of few of her shows around the U.S. Sabrina said he’s like a little brother to her, and she loves how supportive he is! We should get Sofia Carson to visit next, and we can have an AIB reunion in Seacrest Studios!

We absolutely loved having Sabrina in the studio, and we can’t wait until she comes back to ATL again soon!

All Smiles With Jet Jurgensmeyer in Seacrest Studios Atlanta!

We were lucky enough to have Jet Jurgensmeyer (star of Disney Channel’s Adventures in Babysitting) join us in Seacrest Studios Atlanta! Having just visited the studio in Nashville, Jet was excited to meet and chat with patients in studio. He shared with us a couple of new projects he’s working on, and talked about how he splits his free time between Tennessee, California, and Michigan. He even told us how close he still is with his Adventures in Babysitting cast members, including RSF ambassador, Sabrina Carpenter!

Like his good friend Sabrina, Jet is a singer, too. He just really started playing guitar a few years ago, but he blew us all away by singing us a cover of his favorite Twenty-One Pilots song. Maybe one day soon, Jet will come back to visit us as a pop star, instead! After leaving the studio, he told us he would be attending a Braves game, so obviously we gave him a tomahawk to help cheer on ATL! We were so excited to have him stop by, and we’re counting the days until he comes back to see us.

DanTDM Visits Seacrest Studios Atlanta & Talks Minecraft!

You Tube Star, DanTDM  hopped across the pond from his British home to visit excited patients at Seacrest Studios in Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta… and it seemed like almost all of his 15 million subscribers were in attendance! Okay, so not all 15 million…but suffice it to say  the majority of the patient population at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta are Minecraft aficionados and were thrilled to meet The Diamond Minecart live and in person!

Dan couldn’t have been nicer! He spent the majority of his time answering patient questions, and taking game/video suggestions willingly. He even made patients part of his daily vlog! Aside from missing his wife, Jemma, and his pugs, DanTDM is happy to be touring the United States and meeting his fans while performing before sold out shows. We’re so grateful he made Seacrest Studios Atlanta one of his stops!

Wesley Stromberg & Spencer Sutherland Visit Patients in Atlanta

Patients and families at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta received an early holiday treat when singers Wesley Stromberg (of Emblem3) and Spencer Sutherland popped into Seacrest Studios. In town for a show, the guys talked about the ups and downs of their current tour and how much fun they’re having together. Having met each other when Spencer co-wrote the song “Forever Together” on Emblem3’s EP several years ago, the guys admit they’re now best friends.  Spencer impressed patients and a group of Atlanta debutantes with his vocal range with his new single, “I Like You.”  The fun and games continued with pictures and autographs before Spencer and Wesley headed out to prep for their show. Thanks for the visit – we had a blast!


T.I. Brings Joy To Patients in Atlanta

Mr. Clifford Harris, better known as T.I, is a three time Grammy recipient, and has chartered more than 20 times on the Billboard Hot 100. He stopped by Seacrest Studios at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and shared with us why he believes philanthropy is so important. He says, “It’s a personal belief of mine that it becomes an obligation for you to give back”. He generously donated more than 40 toys to the kids at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. It’s safe to say, he brought an abundance of holiday joy to so many of our patients! We look forward to having him back!


Shawn Mendes Spends The Holidays at Seacrest Studios in Atlanta!

Christmas came early at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta with the presents er, presence of singer, Shawn Mendes at Seacrest Studios! In Atlanta as part of a national PaperMate promotion, Shawn Mendes arrived to a packed studio full of excited patients. PaperMate doled out t-shirts to everyone while Shawn fielded patient questions – even discovering a mutual love of all things Harry Potter with one young fan (who admitted to doing some research on Shawn before his visit!) After pictures, selfies, video messages and autographs, Shawn was on his way… but not before exclaiming (just like Frosty the Snowman), “I’ll be back again someday!” We hope so!!


Team USA Olympic Swimmers Had Eventful Day at Seacrest Studios in Atlanta!

Proof that Olympic swimmers have nerves of steel, 4-time medalist Maya DiRado and teammates Melanie Margalis and Molly Hannis didn’t let a little ‘ol TORNADO and studio evacuation affect their visit with patients at Seacrest Studios at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta last Wednesday! While huddled in an interior room, the elite athletes shared exciting stories about their experiences as an Olympian – everything from the pure elation of realizing they’d made the US Olympic Team, the pride they felt when collecting all the TEAM USA gear, to the surreal moments of standing on the podium accepting a medal from the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics!

When asked by one patient “If you could be an Olympic level athlete at a sport other than swimming, what would it be?” Maya answered tennis, Melanie said running and Molly chose soccer. Finally, when the tornado passed, the  “All Clear” sounded and we could return to the studio for autographs and pictures holding Maya’s gold medal (it’s very heavy!) For Maya – it’s retirement from the sport but for Melanie and Molly – it’s back to the pool where they’ll be swimming in a meet at Georgia Tech and then it’s off to Canada for the World Championships! It was a crazy weather day in Atlanta, and one we’ll never forget. Thank you, Maya DiRado, Melanie Margalis and Molly Hannis for inspiring all of us. Your hearts are as big as your accomplishments!


Carly Rae Jepsen Performs Her Hits In Seacrest Studios Atlanta

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta patients really, really, really likes Carly Rae Jepsen!  In Atlanta to promote her new single, “I Really Like You”, Carly Rae Jepsen made a trip to Seacrest Studios to visit her fans.

The outgoing singer dished about performing with The Roots on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and how much fun she had filming her new video with Tom Hanks and Justin Bieber.  After fielding questions from patients, Jepsen capped off the visit by performing a music montage of several of her hits. She even made an inspirational personal video for a patient!

Thank you Carly for your visit. We always love having you at Seacrest Studios!


Hozier Sings ‘Take Me To Church’ At Seacrest Studios in Atlanta

Hozier stopped by Seacrest Studios at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to give a beautiful performance of ‘Take Me To Church’ and to sit down for a patient/intern led interview. It was so great having Hozier in our studio…and we hope he visits again soon!