James TW Sings “Ex” In Seacrest Studios Philadelphia

Written by: Eric Newby

We learned a lot about James TW during his visit to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. He shared fun stories about himself; he prefers to sleep in a tour bus over a tent and on tour he often played ping pong with Shawn Mendes (and skipped the morning work out).

Patients video-called in from their rooms to ask questions, and we learned “Different” from his first EP was his favorite song to record because he performed all the instrumental and vocal parts himself. He started learning the drums, moved to guitar, piano and voice and may take up saxophone some day! To top his visit off, he played his original song called, “Ex” to top it all off! We loved having James with us. Thank you for the great visit!

Olivia Holt Sings ‘Phoenix’ At Seacrest Studios Atlanta

Seacrest Studios at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta was excited to have Olivia Holt visit and sing for patients! The Tennessee native, and former competitive gymnast answered LOTS of questions from excited fans. Things we learned:

– She loves Reese Witherspoon (we think Olivia could easily be cast as Reese’s daughter!)

– She wants to become a better dancer (and if asked, would absolutely entertain the idea of being on Dancing With The Stars)

– She loves going to movies in her spare time.

Speaking of movies, 2017 is gearing up to be a big one for Holt as she has two movies in post-production and one more on the way. And as if that isn’t enough, the multi-talented star is also busy making great music! Patients and families loved Olivia’s live performance of her hit single, “Phoenix” and her new release, “History.” THANK YOU Olivia for hanging with your biggest fans in Atlanta and making it a day we’ll never forget!

Debby Ryan and the cast of ‘Insatiable’ Visit Seacrest Studios Atlanta

Video by: Seacrest Studios Intern, Barbara Rego

Actress Debby Ryan turned her visit into a PARTY when she bopped into Seacrest Studios at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta bearing gifts of bubble wands and bunny ears recently. Patients were eagerly anticipating Debby’s visit, but when she showed up with Alyssa Milano, Kimmy Shields and Sarah Colonna – well, it was just too exciting for words!  Plus, Sarah even added to the cool factor by bringing her talented husband, Seattle Seahawks punter, Jon Ryan (along with his Super Bowl ring!)

The cast mates could barely squeeze in the reason they’re all in Atlanta together because they were too busy fielding questions from patients about their former TV series – clearly fan favorites!  Finally, they let us know they were here filming an exciting, new pilot for a potential new series on the CW called Insatiable. With the proven track record of this awesome bunch, it’s bound to be another HIT!

DigiTour Stars Play ‘Speak Up’ In Seacrest Studios Washington, D.C.

Our favorite stars from Instagram, Musically, Youtube and SnapChat hit the road for DigiTour Winter and made a stop in our nation’s capital! Blake Gray, Weston Koury, Baby Ariel, Mark Thomas, Sophia Kameron, Zach Clayton, and Nathan Triska visited Seacrest Studios at Children’s National and had patients and families smiling the entire time! We kicked off the visit with questions from patients. They all shared what life was like before they were social media stars and how some of their lives changed overnight. Combined they have more than a million followers on social media, but despite their popularity, they all agree that they are typical teenagers. “We like to go the mall, hang out with our friends, be regular teens”, said Baby Ariel.

Patients were eager to watch our new friends play a game of “Speak Up” where Mark and Zach tried to read hilarious and outrageous phrases with a dental spacer in their mouth. The game was such a hit that Mark even asked if he could take the spacer home to play with his friends! They topped off their visit with a friendly challenge of “Dress Up” where they competed to see who could put on a hospital gown, gloves, and mask the fastest. Patients enjoyed learning how much they had in common with the social media stars and we can guarantee that they gained more followers after the awesome visit! Thank you Blake, Weston, Baby Ariel, Mark, Sophia, Zach, and Nathan for taking time out of your tour to visit us at Children’s National!




Ocean Park Standoff Performs In Seacrest Studios Atlanta

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta was excited to welcome Ocean Park Standoff into Seacrest Studios for a special visit with patients.  Samantha Ronson, Ethan Thompson and Pete Nappi warmed the hearts of everyone with beautiful flowers and stickers for every  patient.

When one particular patient recognized Ethan from American Idol (but couldn’t believe it was really him!), he serenaded her on the spot with a song from the show, making her feel like the most special girl in the room. That performance, along with “Good News” and  their next release, filled our hearts with joy! A big thank you to the band for spending time with us in studio.


Jon Bellion Performs at Seacrest Studios in Atlanta!

Showing up at Seacrest Studios at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta sporting an impressive resume, singer-songwriter, record producer and rapper JON BELLION and his best friends/bandmates wowed patients with an incredible live performance of his hit song, “All Time Low.” During the interview, we learned one of his pre-show rituals is a final check with each member of his band (which includes a creative, custom handshake unique to each guy), which then included an actual demonstration!

Following that, Jon delighted patients by creating a special hand shake with each of his new friends (and even remembered each one when put to the test!) But the big hearted New Yorker didn’t stop there…he gave one lucky patient an impromptu “golden ticket invitation” to their sound check and pre-doors experience including a stretch limo to the venue, her own dressing room with her name on the door, time on stage to test out each instrument, a session with the lighting guy to set the stage, her pick of tour merchandise and even some time with a masseuse for her mom! Jon, you are a supremely talented and generous guy and to quote one grateful father, “You have no idea what these visits do for us!” Thank you so much.


Alessia Cara Makes A Special Visit to Seacrest Studios in Atlanta!

Singer-songwriter Alessia Cara is creeping up the charts of the “Most Seacrest Studios Visited” with her most recent stop at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (which she thinks  brings her to 5!)  Excited patients prepared for her visit with homemade posters and interview questions. In return,  the “Scars To Your Beautiful” singer charmed her fans with stories from her own childhood experiences, many of which were relatable and inspirational to the crowd. Following a fun “Alessia Here” or “Alessia There” segment, she signed autographs and snapped pictures with everyone. Thank you for visiting, Alessia! You’re topping the charts in more ways than one!

Lady Antebellum Sings With Patients At Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta!


Video and recap by Brittany Wade


Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta welcomed Lady Antebellum to Seacrest Studios! They were in Atlanta for a Country Fair, and they told us how excited they were to see some of their favorite artists perform. They talked about how much they love touring with their young kids and joked that they are going to dress them up as Baby Antebellum for Halloween. They also mentioned that they have been writing in the studio lately, and we can expect a new album next year! The group performed a medley of their songs “I Run To You,” “Need You Now,” and “Compass” for the patients. A patient requested them to sing “Compass,” and Hillary invited her to sing the whole song on the mic with them! We loved having Lady Antebellum with us!

Seacrest Studios Atlanta Welcomes Spider-Man!

Our Spidey sense told us something great was about to happen and it did! Actor Tom Holland and his co-star in the new Spider-Man movie, Jacob Batalon, visited Seacrest Studios at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Tom delighted patients by arriving for his visit in his official Spider-Man costume. We learned that Tom actually has about 20 of these costumes which he switches off using for filming. We also found out that his background as a dancer really helped him with a lot of the stunts for the movie (and that he actually does a lot of his own stunts!) After a quick lesson on the famous Spidey hands, both actors posed for photos, selfies and snapchats with excited patients.

Thank you for your visit Tom and Jacob…we can’t wait to see the new Spider-Man movie coming out next year.

Robby Hayes Talks About ‘The Bachelorette’ During A Visit To Seacrest Studios Atlanta

The Bachelorette runner-up, Robby Hayes, stopped by Seacrest Studios at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to spread some love with patients and staff. The Georgia native kept us guessing about his future as the next Bachelor but did talk about his experience on the show.

Things we learned: He has no regrets about doing the show, he will stay in touch with all but one of the contestants, everyone is portrayed pretty accurately and host Chris Harrison has the best job in the world.  Things we know: Robby Hayes gets our vote as the next Bachelor! Robby, will you accept this rose (and our thanks!)?