RSF Spotlight: Meet Our Awesome Team at Children’s Colorado!


Meet our awesome Seacrest Studios team at Children’s Colorado! Chris Coleman, our Studio Manager who can say “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” backwards from memory! Cody Hudson our Child Life Specialist, who can lip-sync and dance to ANYTHING. And Micah Bridges, our Tech Specialist and former intern who can do a FLAWLESS pirate impression! Together, these three have made the studio a special place for patients to hang out. Learn more about Chris, Cody and Micah in their own words:

How long you have worked at Seacrest Studios? Chris & Cody: Since we opened over three years ago! Micah: Six months as an intern and eight months as an employee!

  • Favorite thing (game/activity, etc.) you do in studio: All of us: when kids have a BLAST in the studio! Chris: Backwards Forwards, Cody: Magical Mystery Shirt of Mystery and Magic (during Bingo), Micah: Closeup Picture Game
  • Most memorable studio guest (and why): All of us: Chris & Micah: Ed Sheeran because SO many people were watching…and his super slow-mo shake-face. Cody: Eric Paslay, because he remembered kids from his first visit during his second visit.
  • Do you have a special hidden talent? Chris can say “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” backwards from memory, Cody can lip-sync and dance to ANYTHING, Micah: FLAWLESS pirate impression


Thank you, Chris, Cody and Micah for making Seacrest Studios at Children’s Colorado such an awesome place to be!

Why Don’t We Surprises Patients with a Live Performance!

Written recap: Seacrest Studios intern, Victoria Cheng

Photos: Seacrest Studios staffer, Micah Bridges

Video: Footage from Seacrest Studios intern, Victoria Cheng and Seacrest Studios staffer Micah Bridges, edited by Micah Bridges and Chris Coleman
Prep, Host, and Live Production: Seacrest Studios intern, Gavyn Bills and Seacrest Studios staffer Cody Hudson


Jonah Marais, Corbyn Besson, Daniel Seavey, Jack Avery and Zach Herron of the boyband, Why Don’t We, visited the Seacrest Studio at Children’s Hospital Colorado to meet patients and their families. Kids in the studio and hospital rooms were eager to chat with the band and we were even surprised with a live performance!

As Why Don’t We’s number one fan, Maya started the interview with: “Is there a singer you would love to collaborate with in the future?” Ideas immediately started buzzing in the band members’ minds. Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Frank Ocean and John Bellion were some of the names mentioned.

Morgan then asked the hilarious question, “If you were a Disney princess, which would you be…and can you sing like them?”

Jonah immediately decided he would be Belle from Beauty and the Beast, the reason being that he wanted to “be Emma Watson.”

“Can I be cliché and say Cinderella?” Jack asked. “I think she’s the most famous of all of them.” The band laughed at that, noting that Jack just wanted to be the most famous.

Zach jumped in and said, “I would be Elsa from Frozen.” Of course, he sang a bit of “Let It Go” for the Frozen fans in the room. Cheers and applause erupted from the crowd after he finished.

Ashley wondered how long the band had known Logan Paul for. The boys told the story of how they met the actor. During the last show of their first tour, they thought they saw Logan Paul in the crowd, but halfway through, he disappeared. Turns out, he snuck up from backstage and surprised the band.

Of course, Miracle wanted to know how Why Don’t We got their name. The boys all started as solo artists, but also wanted to be part of a band. “We have the same music aspirations, and we’re already bros, so we were like, Why Don’t We?” Jack explained.

“It kinda stuck and it’s just so spontaneous,” Corbyn added. “Our whole philosophy of music is to be spontaneous; we’re always dropping music, we’re always touring, we’re always doing shows. And we can use this name to make an impact and attach it to slogans like ‘Why Don’t We spread positivity?’ and ‘Why Don’t We love one another?’ so hopefully we can use that to make a difference.”

Further questions revealed that Zach is the prankster of the group, Corbyn’s favorite game is League of Legends, and that Daniel once received 50 watermelon from a fan. Jack wanted to be a basketball player as a kid and Jonah likes to read. The band also loves making puns based on their name and their songs.

We took a break from questions for a surprise performance by Why Don’t We. Patients watched in awe as the band sang a mashup of songs from their Something Different EP. As they revealed, “Something Different” is one of their favorite songs to perform on stage.

Afterwards, Why Don’t We played Backwards Forwards in the Studio. They recorded their name and played it backwards. They thought it was hilarious because when their band name is played backwards, it sounds like “Hey, what up?” In the end, the boys nailed their band name in Backwards Forwards, so it looks like the name was a perfect choice.

Before the band jumped right to autographs and photos with the kids, they left patients with some words of advice.

“Always smile,” they said. “Do what you love and don’t let anyone tell you anything else. If you’re working hard for it, and you’re doing what you love, then you’re not working a day in your life. Stay true to yourself.”



RSF Spotlight: Meet Maya

We’re shining the spotlight on some of the amazing people that help make our Seacrest Studios around the country so special.


(Maya on the right, with her sister Leah on the left)

Maya hosts her own pop culture show called “Latest News To Keep You In The Groove, With Maya!” at Seacrest Studios in Children’s Hospital of Colorado. With her own tenacity and effort, she has set up and completed about 10 celebrity call-in interviews with everyone from YouTube up-and-comers, The Fresh Men, to Madison Hu and Olivia Rodrigo from Disney’s show, Bizaardvark!! She has truly found a calling and it’s incredible to watch. Learn more about Maya in her own words:

  • How old are you? 14
  • Who is your favorite artist and or song? Tie between Jon Klaasen (I got to interview him on my own show) he is so talented, and Selena Gomez!
  • Who was your favorite studio guest? Sabrina Carpenter! She was so nice, and I also got to meet her sister, Sarah!
  • Do you have your own show? I have a show that’s all about pop culture and it’s called “The Latest News To Keep You In The Groove”! Ryan, I’m still waiting for you to call in! 🙂
  • Do you have a special hidden talent? I can learn all the words to songs very quickly.

Thank you, Maya, for helping make Seacrest Studios in Colorado such a fun place to be!


Don’t forget to follow Maya for all the latest updates on her show!

Instagram: @thelatestnewswithmaya

Twitter: @msingerpop

YouTube: Pop Star Extraordinaire Maya

Excited Patients Welcome Sabrina Carpenter Back To Colorado!

Written recap: Seacrest Studios Intern, Victoria Cheng
Interview/Prep: Cody Hudson
Photos: Micah Bridges
Video: Micah Bridges and Chris Coleman, with additional footage from Seacrest Studios Intern, Gavyn Bills

Seacrest Studios was packed for Sabrina Carpenter’s second visit to Children’s Hospital Colorado. Patients and families were extremely excited to ask questions about her music, career, and role as an ambassador for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

The interview was off to a great start with a question from Sam: “If you could mail yourself to any place in the world tonight, where would you want to be delivered?”

Sabrina’s response was instantaneous. “Paris, France. I would get a baguette. All I do is eat apparently, when I go to all these places, but they have the best bread in the world.”

Later, Zoey asked Sabrina what inspired her to become an ambassador for Seacrest Studios.

“Great question!” Sabrina said. “I had the privilege of getting to visit almost every single one of their Studios…and getting to be with you guys, and kids just like you guys, were the best parts of my travels. When [Ryan] asked me to be an ambassador it was the easiest ‘yes’ I could have ever made.”

We also learned that Sabrina draws inspiration for fashion from many sources, but especially great women in film. She also loves to look at fashion blogs but doesn’t have a particular fashion icon, saying that everyone’s style is always changing, and so is hers.

After a few more questions, Sabrina played Backwards Forwards in the studio. During her last visit, she was able to replicate the phrase “Eyes Wide Open” almost perfectly, and this time she tackled “The De-tour.” While she thought the phrase would be easy to say backwards, the actual clip proved her wrong.

“First of all, that sounds nothing like ‘The De-tour’,” she said, getting a laugh from the crowd. In the end, she recorded something close to “The De-tour” and the patients clapped enthusiastically for her efforts.

We continued with a question from Tatum, who asked, “What helps you get through the hard stuff?”

Sabrina shared how music helps her through difficult times. Listening to artists that she loves, and songs that make her want to dance, turns a negative situation into a positive one. Patients nodded their agreement when she said that creating music can often be a sort of therapy for her.

Then, Gabby wanted to know what animal Sabrina would like to have as a pet. Much to Gabby’s delight, she and Sabrina discovered that they both would love to have a dolphin as a pet! As for the name, patients suggested Clementine, Flipper, and Sabina.

Before patients got to take photographs with Sabrina, she left them with some words of encouragement. “I always say that if you are shooting for something that’s even larger than life, then you always have something that you’re working towards. It’s always really good to have something that you’re working towards. And be in love with what you do.”

Finally, she thanked everyone for spending time with her and asking fun questions. Thank you, Sabrina for coming down to Children’s Hospital Colorado and hanging out with us here at the studio again!

All Time Low Interviewed By Patients At Seacrest Studios Colorado

Written recap: Seacrest Studios intern, Victoria Cheng
Video: Footage from Seacrest Studios intern, Leticia Zulian and Seacrest Studios staffer Micah Bridges, edited by Chris Coleman
Prep and Live Production: Seacrest Studios intern, Gavyn Bills and Seacrest Studios staffer Cody Hudson

All Time Low‘s Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat, Zack Merrick, and Rian Dawson stopped by the Seacrest Studio at Children’s Hospital Colorado to meet patients and their families. Kids in the studio (and in the hospital rooms) were extremely excited to get to talk to these rock stars.

Isaac kicked off the interview with: “What is your favorite app to use on your phone?” Alex said he was really into all social media platforms, but he recently discovered a new hiking app that maps out every trail in the States. Jack mentioned that he plays Mario twenty times a day, and both Rian and Zack joked that he also has an app to turn up the game volume louder than it should be.

After that, All Time Low continued to answer questions from Madi and Bree, who asked, “How does it feel to know that your music has such a big impact on people and what is the most rewarding part of making music?” The band mentioned how wonderful their fans are and that it is an incredible feeling to have made a difference.

“To have people tell us how the music has gotten them through a hard time or anything like that…it’s the most incredible piece of what we get to do, because it’s bigger than us,” said Alex.

Rian added to that statement, saying, “To us, we just feel like the same four guys that were practicing in our parents’ basement, so to know that we have an impact on anyone’s life, no matter how big or how small, it’s something we never imagined.”

This got a good laugh from the crowd, as it was followed up by a question asking if they ever got kicked out of the basement they practiced in.

“If it ever got too loud in the basement,” Rian continued. “My mom would flip the lights on and off, and that would mean silence right away.” The other band members agreed not to mess with Mom, much to every parent’s delight.

Later, Abri asked All Time Low, “If you could have 1000 of anything orange, what would it be?” Jack immediately said he wanted 1000 orange Skittles, while Rian went big with 1000 orange Lamborghinis. Alex decided on 1000 oranges because he’s “big on freshly-squeezed juice.”

Of course, according to tradition, the band was asked to play Backwards Forwards. Together, the band recorded their name, “All Time Low”, then laughed at how difficult the backwards version was. However, they did a great job recording the phrase backwards forwards and ended up with a new name, “All Slime Low”.

The interview ended with a quick round of “Most Likely To…”, revealing that the band members have a big “No Pranks” rule and Alex is the most likely to call his mom when he is sick.

The band left the kids with some encouraging words and advice, saying, “Keep smiling. Smiles and a positive attitude are really contagious. You don’t know what other people are going through so just shooting someone a random smile can really help.”

Autographs and photographs rounded out the visit. Patients and families brought magazines and personalized jackets for the band to sign, providing a wonderful opportunity to get to see the band face to face. Many thanks to All Time Low for visiting Children’s Hospital Colorado!


We’re shining the spotlight on some of the amazing people that help make our Seacrest Studios around the country so special. 


Judson, a patient at Children’s Hospital Colorado since birth, has helped make Seacrest Studios such a special place to be! Here is his story:

Some more about Judson, in his own words:

  • What is your favorite Artist/Song? Alicia Keys “We are Here” and “Fallin”
  • What is your favorite thing to do in studio? Spend time with Cody & Chris and making kids laugh
  • Do you have a favorite studio guest? Carlos Gonzales from the Colorado Rockies. He was so nice, he answered my frog joke (but got it wrong).
  • Do you have a favorite in studio show? I have my own show called “Judson’s Club.”
  • What is your hidden talent? Dancing in my wheelchair with my mom!

Thank you Judson for always helping to fill Seacrest Studios with happiness and laughter!


LoCash Sings ‘I Know Somebody’ At Seacrest Studios Colorado

Written recap by Cody Hudson
Photos by Chris Coleman
Video by Chris Coleman with additional footage from Amanda Thiel

Chris Lucas and Preston Brust from LoCash hung out with patients in Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital Colorado. The patients and kids were eager to find out all about LoCash and asked great questions. We learned that if Preston could have any animal he would get a bear and name it Bubba (and it would protect his house!)…and Chris explained that he didn’t like history when he was in school even though he loves it now. Between the two, Preston was more likely to eat food off the ground and play goofy games, while Chris has the bigger collection of Disney movies and is the video game expert of the two.

The guys of LoCash explained the origin of their name as it was adapted from a group that Preston and some high school buddies had called the “LoCash Money Boys,” a nickname they gave themselves when they were able to find fun stuff to do that didn’t cost much money. Chris explained that, “it’s really mentality for life, the best things in life are free, like hanging out with friends and family” and that’s why they call their group LoCash.

Both Preston and Chris played along in our studio’s favorite game, Backwards Forwards and did quite well. Preston even figured his name out before we played it backwards, and got every syllable right with the name of their latest single, “A Ring on Every Finger.” Preston and everyone in the studio were impressed with his backwards forwards abilities and Preston said with a smile, “Why am I so good at this? I found a subject I’m good at, I could do this all day guys, this is fun!” Then the duo sang their number one hit, “I Know Somebody” as the studio crowd clapped along.

Children’s Hospital Colorado also learned that LoCash loves coffee and movies and hopes to one day play at Red Rocks or Madison Square Garden. Before taking pictures and signing autographs, LoCash offered these words of encouragement, “Sometimes we are gonna have rough days and sometimes there are brighter days, look forward to the brighter days. Try to put a smile on someone else’s face. Stay strong, you got this.” Thanks to LoCash for putting smiles on our faces here in Colorado. Come back and talk backwards with us anytime!



Daya Creates A New Word With Patients At Children’s Hospital Colorado!

Written recap by: Cody Hudson
Photos by: Chris Coleman
Video by: Chris Coleman with footage from Seacrest Studios Interns, Micah Bridges and Bayli Gibson

Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital Colorado was so excited to welcome Grammy Award winning artist, Daya! The studio was packed and everyone had great questions for Daya. When asked about her experience on School of Rock, Daya told us that “it was so fun but kind of hard at first. It was so cool to see the behind the scenes of show because I’ve never done that before.”

Korirae asked Daya what inspired her to write songs that empower girls. Daya encouraged the studio with this response, “I grew up with 4 sisters and parents that were super supportive of whatever we wanted to do in life. My parents told us that girls can do anything that guys can and guys can do anything that girls can, so I want to keep spreading that message with my songs.” Daya kept spreading her positive attitude and energy when she was asked if she created a new word what would it be and what would it mean. “Daya-dreamer, it means someone who fights for what they believe in and doesn’t hold back.”

Maya congratulated Daya on her nominations again this year for the Radio Disney Music Awards and asked what the coolest thing was about performing at the RDMA’s last year. Daya said, “My favorite part of last year was performing with Kelsea Ballerini. We clicked so well, we really meshed and it was so fun. Kelsea has such great energy.” Daya also reported that her favorite song to perform on tour is “Sit Still, Look Pretty.” And, she loves it when the fans sing the lyrics back to her, because it is a really meaningful song to her.

Patients and families always have goofy questions and like to have fun with all the celebrity visitors and Daya’s visit was no exception. Jahren wanted to know what Daya would fill a swimming pool with if she didn’t use water. Without hesitation, Daya said, “Mashed potatoes. I live and breathe mashed potatoes.” Daya even told us that she likes them topped with anything even gummy bears, Reese’s, or chocolate chips – but we think she was kidding about those toppings.

Daya willingly played Backwards Forwards, a fun game that is a studio regular here in Colorado and was the first studio guest to sing her Backwards Forwards attempt. She sang, “Sit Still, Look Pretty”, and on the backwards version she hit all the right notes, but ending up saying, “Sit Still, Look Stizzy.” Lyric asked Daya if she has a pet parrot what she would teach it to say, and with a smile and a laugh she said, “Sit Still, Look Stizzy.”

Before signing tons of autographs and taking bunches of pictures with patients and families. Daya gave these words of encouragement, “Stay beautiful and keep dreaming. Be confident in your dreams and never for once think that you are not good enough.” Thanks for the encouragement Daya, here in Seacrest Studios, we will strive to always be Daya-dreamers!

Miss America Visits Seacrest Studios Colorado

Miss America 2017, Savvy Shields, stopped by the Seacrest Studio at Children’s Hospital Colorado during her whirlwind country-wide tour during her year as Miss America. She told us all about what it takes to be Miss America and what she’s learned in the process, saying she learned that “my insecurities don’t have to be my limitations.” Savvy also told us about her partnership with IHOP to help raise money for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals all over the country by fundraising during their National Pancake Day on March 7.

We found out that Savvy has a pet “schnoodle” (cross between a schnauzer and a poodle) named Daisy, her favorite band is One Direction, and she learned a little Spanish from one of our patients, too! A huge “Thank You” to Savvy Shields for visiting us at Children’s Hospital Colorado!

Alessia Cara Visits Children’s Hospital Colorado!


Photos and Video by Chris Coleman, with footage from Seacrest Studios Interns, Morgan Carter and Micah Bridges


Singer Alessia Cara stopped by Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital Colorado before playing a show in a popular Denver venue. She fielded expertly-crafted questions from the Seacrest Studio audience comprised of patients, families, and their visitors. Alessia enjoyed the interview so much she said, “you guys ask better questions than real interviewers… which makes you guys the real interviewers!”

During her time in the studio, we found out Alessia loves all things photography…taking photos, editing them on her phone, and she’s a HUGE Snapchat fan (she loves any filters that make faces look funny). She also told us how she drew her own Beanie Girl logo, prompting one patient to excitedly exclaim, “Wow, you’re a great artist!” When asked about her favorite dessert, Alessia answered “chocolate cake,” but one patient thought she heard Alessia say “taco cake,” which started a funny conversation on the potential merits of cake made from tacos (Alessia mentioned, “maybe that might actually be good…you never know until you try!”)

In addition to answering many more questions, playing our favorite game Backwards Forwards (which Alessia said sounds like she was “speaking Martian!”), and giving a shoutout to all the kids who couldn’t come down to the studio, Alessia gave some excellent advice. “We think we need to change for the world, I just think that all my weird qualities, or my strange qualities, are what makes me ‘not good enough’ or ‘not cool,’ but I think, in fact, they’re what make you awesome! So, if there’s anything that may seem different about you, or not the traditional ‘thing,’ I think you should embrace that because those are the things that make you so amazing and so great. You are all so inspiring to me!”

On top of the great advice, later that night, Alessia gave a shoutout to all the kids of Children’s Hospital Colorado at her show! Thank you for the laughs, hugs, and wise words Alessia!