Why Don’t We Surprises Patients with a Live Performance!

Written recap: Seacrest Studios intern, Victoria Cheng

Photos: Seacrest Studios staffer, Micah Bridges

Video: Footage from Seacrest Studios intern, Victoria Cheng and Seacrest Studios staffer Micah Bridges, edited by Micah Bridges and Chris Coleman
Prep, Host, and Live Production: Seacrest Studios intern, Gavyn Bills and Seacrest Studios staffer Cody Hudson


Jonah Marais, Corbyn Besson, Daniel Seavey, Jack Avery and Zach Herron of the boyband, Why Don’t We, visited the Seacrest Studio at Children’s Hospital Colorado to meet patients and their families. Kids in the studio and hospital rooms were eager to chat with the band and we were even surprised with a live performance!

As Why Don’t We’s number one fan, Maya started the interview with: “Is there a singer you would love to collaborate with in the future?” Ideas immediately started buzzing in the band members’ minds. Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Frank Ocean and John Bellion were some of the names mentioned.

Morgan then asked the hilarious question, “If you were a Disney princess, which would you be…and can you sing like them?”

Jonah immediately decided he would be Belle from Beauty and the Beast, the reason being that he wanted to “be Emma Watson.”

“Can I be cliché and say Cinderella?” Jack asked. “I think she’s the most famous of all of them.” The band laughed at that, noting that Jack just wanted to be the most famous.

Zach jumped in and said, “I would be Elsa from Frozen.” Of course, he sang a bit of “Let It Go” for the Frozen fans in the room. Cheers and applause erupted from the crowd after he finished.

Ashley wondered how long the band had known Logan Paul for. The boys told the story of how they met the actor. During the last show of their first tour, they thought they saw Logan Paul in the crowd, but halfway through, he disappeared. Turns out, he snuck up from backstage and surprised the band.

Of course, Miracle wanted to know how Why Don’t We got their name. The boys all started as solo artists, but also wanted to be part of a band. “We have the same music aspirations, and we’re already bros, so we were like, Why Don’t We?” Jack explained.

“It kinda stuck and it’s just so spontaneous,” Corbyn added. “Our whole philosophy of music is to be spontaneous; we’re always dropping music, we’re always touring, we’re always doing shows. And we can use this name to make an impact and attach it to slogans like ‘Why Don’t We spread positivity?’ and ‘Why Don’t We love one another?’ so hopefully we can use that to make a difference.”

Further questions revealed that Zach is the prankster of the group, Corbyn’s favorite game is League of Legends, and that Daniel once received 50 watermelon from a fan. Jack wanted to be a basketball player as a kid and Jonah likes to read. The band also loves making puns based on their name and their songs.

We took a break from questions for a surprise performance by Why Don’t We. Patients watched in awe as the band sang a mashup of songs from their Something Different EP. As they revealed, “Something Different” is one of their favorite songs to perform on stage.

Afterwards, Why Don’t We played Backwards Forwards in the Studio. They recorded their name and played it backwards. They thought it was hilarious because when their band name is played backwards, it sounds like “Hey, what up?” In the end, the boys nailed their band name in Backwards Forwards, so it looks like the name was a perfect choice.

Before the band jumped right to autographs and photos with the kids, they left patients with some words of advice.

“Always smile,” they said. “Do what you love and don’t let anyone tell you anything else. If you’re working hard for it, and you’re doing what you love, then you’re not working a day in your life. Stay true to yourself.”



Hailee Steinfeld Is Interviewed By Patients At Seacrest Studios Colorado

Written recap by: Miranda McHodgkins, Seacrest Studios Intern
Video by: Chris Coleman (additional footage by Kate Nawoyski and Micah Bridges)
Photos by: Chris Coleman
Additional production by: Cody Hudson and Miranda McHodgkins

Patients and families at Children’s Hospital Colorado were excited to have a visit from singer/actress/model, Hailee Steinfeld in Seacrest Studios. Stopping in Colorado for her first tour, Hailee was excited to sign autographs and take pictures with fans, but first sat down to talk with the kids and answer their questions.

Ian started off by asking what Hailee’s next song will be. Hailee recently released a new song called “Starving,” which she says is the big one to be listening to right now, but is not sure what song will be next. Kaylee wanted to know whether Hailee liked singing or acting better. Hailee said she loved both so much because they are different ways to express herself, but ultimately decided on music because it allows her to tell her own story. This made Alexa curious about which song is Hailee’s favorite out of all the songs she has done. Hailee picked her song “Love Myself” as her favorite due of its message of showing people the importance of loving themselves. Zoe wondered what it was like being in Pitch Perfect 2. “I remember seeing the first Pitch Perfect and thinking if there is ever another movie like this, I’ve got to be a part of it,” said Hailee. When she found out about the second movie years later she auditioned and landed the part!

Genesis asked “If you were only allowed to eat one food for the rest of the month what would it be?” Hailee quickly replied with cheese or peperoni pizza as her answer. Maria wanted to know what Hailee would be doing if she wasn’t singing, acting or modeling. Hailee said she’d love to do something involving hair, makeup and clothes. Alecia was curious if Hailee had a hidden secret talent. Hailee thought about it, jokingly asked her own mom for input, then excitedly exclaimed that she makes some awesome chocolate chip cookies. Then she answered the question of the day: what’s the grossest thing you could put in a milkshake? She replied with “avocado” because even though she likes them she wouldn’t want it in a milkshake. She also thought cheese wouldn’t be very good in a shake. Hailee also fielded a question about superhero powers, noting that she would like to “fly, be invisible, and read people’s minds!”

No visit to Seacrest Studios Colorado is complete without playing the game Backwards Forwards. Hailee attempted to say her first and last name backwards. She did a great job and was shocked as the result sounded almost exact and got a round of applause from everyone. Before singing autographs and taking selfies, Hailee wanted to give the kids some advice that has helped her. “Number one is to not take things too seriously and have fun, be kind to people, work hard and if you’re passionate about something then you can make anything happen for yourself.” Hailey finished up her visit by meeting patients in the studio while signing autographs…even signing a pretty pink cast!

A huge Thank You to Hailee Steinfeld for visiting us at Children’s Hospital Colorado!






Sabrina Carpenter Visits Seacrest Studios Colorado & Sings For Patients

Recap written by: Seacrest Studios Intern, Elana Charles
Video by: Chris Coleman
Photos by: Chris Coleman
Additional production by: Cody Hudson and Seacrest Studios Interns, Miranda McHodgkins and Elana Charles

Sabrina Carpenter paid a special visit to Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital Colorado. She sang her hit song, “We’ll Be the Stars,” and dished about what it’s like to be part of the 100th Disney Channel Original Movie, Adventures in Babysitting. Fun fact: we found out that Sabrina has never actually babysat in real life! Sabrina is best known for her role as Maya on the Disney Channel show, Girl Meets World, saying she feels a strong connection to this character having played her now for over three years.

Being so accomplished at such a young age, a lot of kids wanted to know how she became an actress. Sabrina had great advice for any aspiring actors or actresses saying that it is important to remember that “as an actor you get told no a lot before you get told yes,” so always make sure you work hard and are determined, and “know who you are and what you’re capable of no matter what anyone says.”

In addition to acting and singing, Sabrina has been dancing since the age of two, admitting that she gets it from her mom and older sister. Superfan, Leah, asked Sabrina who her dream duet partner would be. Having trouble picking just one, at first she said Ed Sheeran after hearing he stopped by Seacrest Studios Colorado last summer, but then Sabrina also said Adele, saying she was “one of my first inspirations in music.”

Before she sang her song, “We’ll Be the Stars,” Abby asked her what her favorite song was to jam out to, explaining that she loves “Classic” by MKTO. Sabrina agreed that “Classic” is a fun song and shared that she’s also been dancing to Calvin Harris and Rihanna’s song, “This Is What You Came For.”


Sabrina sang her hit song with her sister, Sarah, while sisters and mega fans, Maya and Leah, sang and danced along. Sabrina then played a favorite game of Seacrest Studios Colorado called Backwards Forwards, where she was challenged with saying the phrase “Eyes Wide Open” into the mic, trying to replicate the phrase backwards. Getting VERY close to saying the backwards phrase perfectly, Sabrina can now add this game to another one of her many talents.

Before taking pictures and signing autographs with everyone who came out to see her, Sabrina had one last piece of advice saying, “I know you all have dreams and aspirations and it means the world to me…that I can be a person in your life that hopefully can bring you some happiness…I love you guys all so much!”

We love you too, Sabrina! Thank you so much for stopping by and chatting with us, we had a blast!

Missy Franklin Makes A Special Holiday Visit To Seacrest Studios

Video by Chris Coleman
Photos by Kay Beaton and Chris Coleman
Writen Recap by Cody Hudson and Chris Coleman

Missy Franklin stopped bySeacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital Colorado to wrap up 2014 with a special holiday visit. Even though it was a cold snowy day, she was greeted by a studio of warm smiles, cheers, and applause! Missy’s positive attitude beamed through the studio right away as she thanked the kids for allowing her to visit and alerting everyone that she has “never been in a studio this cool with kids this cool.” The Olympic gold medalist explained that she began swimming because her mom was terrified of the water and didn’t want her to have that same experience. With a huge smile, Franklin explained that she started swimming at 6 months old and “once they put me in the water, they couldn’t get me out.”

The kids in the studio were eager to take over the interview and Gabe started off the questions by asking if she ever expected to be world famous. Graciously, Franklin instantly answered “No” and went on to explain that she was “swimming because I loved it! I loved practicing with my friends. The whole time I was just having so much fun, I think that’s why I kept getting faster.” And when asked about the secret to her success, Missy responded that it is to “always smile. Even though some things are challenging, having a smile always makes everything easier.”

Shelby, an avid swimmer who had even dressed as Missy Franklin for Halloween, was curious about which stroke was her favorite. Missy answered quickly, “the backstroke, because I can breathe whenever I want to,” she studio laughed at the witty reply. Samantha asked what one thing Missy would like to do that she hasn’t done before. “Skiing is something I can’t do right now because of my focus on swimming, but as soon as I retire (which isn’t soon!), I look forward to getting back on the slopes.”

Patients who were watching from their rooms had a wide variety of questions, too. In answering those questions, Missy shared that her favorite character from the movie Shrek is Puss and Boots, of course she has seen Frozen, her favorite gummy bear is yellow, she has never made a disappearing cake (but the cakes she makes disappear pretty quickly!), she saw a magic show at a friend’s birthday party years ago, and she has never seen a shooting star but she will have a really great wish ready for when she sees her first shooting star.

By request, Missy continued to share some of her favorites…food: mac and cheese, movie: Sound of Music, sport to play besides swimming: volleyball, sport to watch: football, music: country, especially Taylor Swift; although Missy explained people would likely be surprised to know that she has classical music on her iPod that she listens to when she is studying.

As has become tradition at BBOY45, Missy willingly played a favorite studio game, Backwards Forwards, attempting the phrases, “Missy Franklin” and “Olympic Gold Medal.” The sounds of these phrases backwards—and her attempts to replicate them—brought laughs and smiles to the studio and of course to Missy herself. Missy finished off her visit in the studio by signing autographs, taking pictures, sharing her gold medal, and even snuggling with three-month-old patient, Matthew. Thanks to Missy for her smile and all the smiles she brought to Children’s Hospital Colorado!




Andy Grammer Leads A Sing-Along At Seacrest Studios

Video created by: Chris Coleman
Photos taken by: Lizzie Costello and Chris Coleman
Recap written by: Lizzie Costello and Chris Coleman

“An-DY! Gram-MER! An-DY! Gram-MER!” Patients cheered on a Wednesday night as they welcomed pop music singer-songwriter Andy Grammer to Seacrest Studio at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

Andy is best known for his radio hits “Keep Your Head Up” and “Fine By Me,” both of which patients frequently request and listen to on BBOY45 in Seacrest Studios.

Although his flight to Denver had been delayed, and the airline lost his guitar, Andy showed up cheerful and ready to play for the kids and parents who had patiently waited for him. Mix 100.3 radio DJ Bo Jaxon was on site to play games and chit-chat with the kids as they waited. Jaxon also co-led the interview with Seacrest Studio manager, Chris Coleman.

Andy Grammer sang an acoustic version of “Keep Your Head Up,” with patients joining in on the chorus. He even had studio audience member, Nick, duet with him for a few bars!

During his interview, Andy talked about the upcoming release of his new album, “Magazines or Novels;” he was in Denver promoting the new album at a record store.

Some of the other kids at the microphones asked Andy questions like, “Where did you first sing?” and “What big ideas do you have now that you hope come true in the future?” Nick asked him how he became famous. Andy said, “It’s best just to stay humble and try to be a cool guy. Why did people get interested in my music? Because I did it a ton! I street performed for three years.”

Andy played Backwards Forwards, a Seacrest Studio celebrity visit tradition, saying “Magazines or Novels” first forward, then repeated it backwards. Everyone in the studio laughed at the backwards version of his album name, but perhaps no one was more entertained than Andy himself.

After the interview, Andy took photos with patients and signed autographs, and even (gently) bear-hugged one girl who had just had surgery.

Thanks for stopping by, Andy! Our patients love your music and inspiring attitude!