Chloe x Halle Brightens The Day At Seacrest Studios Dallas

Sisters Chloe x Halle brought smiles, hugs and lots of joy to patients at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas during their visit to Seacrest Studios.

The sister duet giggled at cute questions the kids asked and even danced along when 13-year-old Jesus asked if they knew “Juju on that Beat.”

Chloe x Halle wowed the studio crowd when they performed several songs for us – from Christmas carols to their song “Drop.”

Jireh, 16, brought his guitar and performed a Christmas song for the sisters, who effortlessly chimed in to harmonize with their new friend.

After the interview, Chloe x Halle posed for pictures and obliged to all the requests for silly Snapchat selfies. Thank you Chloe x Halle for stopping by to see our friends in Seacrest Studios! They’re still talking about how much fun it was!

Keith Urban Makes New Friends In Seacrest Studios Dallas

Video by Chance Harris

Recap by Paula Cuadrado

Photos by Lori Wilson


Before country super star Keith Urban took the stage for his concert in Dallas, he stopped by the Seacrest Studios at Children’s Medical Center to meet some new friends.

Word of Keith’s visit quickly spread across the hospital, and young fans packed the Seacrest Studios and watched from their tv’s on the Red Balloon Network. The kids got to ask Keith questions and hang out with the country star.

Six-year-old Ariana asked Keith about his favorite food. She likes chicken nuggets, Keith picked chocolate cake. She also drew Keith a picture as a thank you gift for coming.

Prescott, who is 10, watched the live broadcast from his hospital room and called in to talk to Keith. He asked Keith when he started playing guitar, and Keith said he got his first guitar when he was six. And Evan, who is 9, asked what Keith’s other talents are besides music. Check out his funny answer in the video!

After many of the kids asked questions, Keith treated us all to a live performance of his song, “Wasted Time.” It was such a special private concert for our kids in Seacrest Studios and patients watching all across the hospital!

Keith also spent time taking pictures with the kids and their families and signed autographs. It was such a fun afternoon; everyone is still talking about it!

Thank you Keith Urban for coming to Seacrest Studios! We loved meeting you and hearing you sing!!


Olympian Madison Kocian Meets Fans at Seacrest Studios in Dallas

Video by: Chance Harris 
Photos by: Lori Wilson

Recap by: Paula Cuadrado 


Team USA’s Madison Kocian stopped by to visit Seacrest Studios in her hometown of Dallas after the Rio Olympics. Patients at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas were so excited to greet the Olympian in studio!

Madison chatted with many patients during her visit, talking about what she loves about gymnastics, her favorite skill on bars and even what her favorite food is – ice cream!

We asked her what her favorite moment has been since winning two Olympic medals and Madison shared about being honored to throw out the first pitch for the Texas Rangers, which is her favorite team!

Madison brought her gold and silver medals and let the kids hold them and take pictures with them. She signed autographs and encouraged kids to keep pursuing their dreams.

Thanks, Madison, for stopping by the Seacrest Studios! We wish you luck at UCLA!



We The Kings Play A ‘Tiny Playroom Concert’ While Visiting Seacrest Studios Dallas

Videos by: Chance Harris

We The Kings stopped by Children’s Medical Center Dallas and performed a “Tiny Playroom Concert” for patients.

Many thanks to We The Kings for all of the musical memories!

Ludacris Shares Advice & Smiles During Seacrest Studios Visit

Blog by: Paula Cuadrado
Video by: Chance Harris

The Seacrest Studios in Dallas was packed full to welcome rapper and actor Ludacris! The kids and their families were so excited when we told them Ludacris was coming to Children’s Medical Center!

Several kids showed up early to get a good seat, and everyone cheered loudly when Ludacris arrived to the packed studio.

Ludacris was impressed by the crowd and shared a video with his new friends on his Instagram. After that, the kids jumped right in with the interview, asking great questions to get to know him better.

What do you like to eat, asked Allison, who is six. Ludacris said he likes lean protein and lots of vegetables, especially broccoli.

The children asked which Fast and Furious movie was his favorite and when he announced they’ve already started filming the eighth film everyone cheered!

Check out the video to see what else Ludacris and the children talked about.

Thank you, Ludacris, for taking the time to visit with us! We loved meeting you and will take your sincere advice to heart.

Tune in to see what Ludacris did for his Celebrity Challenge. Hint: it involves dancing!

Timbaland & Obs3ssed make funny faces and dance during Seacrest Studios visit

Recap by: Paula Cuadrado
Video by: Chance Harris

The Seacrest Studios was filled with smiles, laughter and dancing when the girls from Obs3ssed stopped by Children’s Medical Center in Dallas.

Loren, Ashley and McKenzie of Obs3ssed were so excited to meet some new friends in studio. Danica, who is 6, taught the girls some new dance moves when she showed them how to dance to the Gummy Bear Song.

Timbaland called in on Skype to say hi to all the kids in Seacrest Studios and those who were watching from their hospital rooms. Timbaland made funny faces and silly voices during the visit and enjoyed seeing all the kids.

We got to learn more about the girls of Obs3ssed during a game of “Obs3ssed or NOT Obs3ssed” where Loren, Ashley and McKenzie let us know what topics they loved and which ones they didn’t.

Thank you Timbaland and Loren, Ashley and McKenzie of Obs3ssed for coming to see everyone at Seacrest Studios in Dallas and sharing your love and joy! We loved meeting you all!

Wade Bowen Inspires Patients At Seacrest Studios Dallas

Video by: Chance Harris
Blog by: Paula Cuadrado

Each time a celebrity takes time to meet kids at Seacrest Studios it’s special. They are once-in-a-lifetime meet-and-greets in an unlikely place – a children’s hospital. And a recent visit from country singer-songwriter Wade Bowen truly left a mark on us and the sweet patients he met.

While the Seacrest Studios is filled with fun moments, having to stay in a hospital is, of course, filled with hard moments. But Wade helped turn a tough day into a memorable one at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas.

Keon, Haritha, Gage and Izayah all sat right next to Wade to help interview the star. Emma and Alyssa called in from their hospital rooms to join the conversation.

Wade shared about how he started his music career and how he turned his passion into a full-time gig.

Keon, 17, shared about how he enjoys playing his guitar while he’s here in the hospital. He told Wade that the singer-songwriter inspired him to pursue music and practice each day.

Gage, 8, asked Wade how many songs he has written and which one was his first song and which was his favorite.

Wade said the first song he ever wrote was for his college roommate’s girlfriend. And his favorite song was a song he wrote for his two boys, “Before These Walls Were Blue.”

The kids were all ears when Wade pulled out his guitar to sing that song.

Wade took pictures with all the kids and signed autographs. But before he left, he made sure he got an autograph from Keon and wished him good luck in his musical career.

Thank you Wade Bowen for visiting Seacrest Studios!

The Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Stars & Texas Rangers Make Holiday Visits To Seacrest Studios

Video by: Chance Harris

Children’s Medical Center in Dallas had a very busy December, welcoming the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Stars & Texas Rangers into Seacrest Studios! Many thanks to all of the athletes for making it an extra special holiday season for all of the patients. We look forward to having you back in studio soon!

Becky G performs “Shower” at Seacrest Studios in Dallas

Video and pictures by: Chance Harris
Recap by: Paula Cuadrado

Seacrest Studios in Dallas was packed with kids to welcome Becky G back for her second visit!

The singer signed autographs and took lots of selfies with her young fans. She also sang her hit song “Shower” and encouraged the kids to sing along with her.

The children in the studio got to ask questions to Becky G about her favorite things from food to sports and animals.

JaTavion, 11, gave Becky G a red clown nose to wear during the interview. Caleb, who is 15, asked Becky G to follow him on Instagram.

Becky G also got to meet the newest studio employee, Boots. He’s a two-year-old golden retriever therapy dog that helps the children cope with their hospital stay. She said she loves dogs, which is why she chose to wear the animal headphones with the dogs on them.

Thank you Becky G for coming back to Seacrest Studios in Dallas! We loved seeing you again and singing along with you!


NEEDTOBREATHE rocks Seacrest Studios in Dallas

Video by: Chance Harris
Recap by: Paula Cuadrado

The guys from NEEDTOBREATHE made a special impact on the patients and their families at Seacrest Studios inside Children’s Medical Center in Dallas.

Bear, Bo, Seth and Josh performed two of their songs for the kids in the studio and everyone watching from their hospital room on the Red Balloon Network, the in-house tv channel.

Brooklyn, 9, said “Brother” was her favorite song and it was so special to hear the guys play it live in studio. Bear shared about the meaning of the song and how it brought him closer to his brother and bandmate, Bo.

Before the performance, the kids asked the band questions about their music and what they do for fun. We even heard the guys do impressions of their favorite cartoon characters.

Brooklyn and Jaycee, who became friends in studio, asked the guys if they would dance to ‘Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae).’ Seth put on his rock star sunglasses, happily obliged and helped teach his bandmates the dance moves.

Thank you Bo, Bear, Josh and Seth for visiting Seacrest Studios! We loved getting to know you and enjoyed hearing your music!