Rachel Platten Makes A Memorable Visit To Seacrest Studios In Dallas

Video by: Chance Harris
Recap by: Paula Cuadrado

Every day magic happens inside the Seacrest Studios at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. Like when a child who, for a moment, gets a break from being in a hospital room to sing a song, play a game or dance on the Red Balloon Network, the in-house tv channel.

It’s always so special for the kids to meet celebrities, but a recent visit from singer-songwriter Rachel Platten held an even deeper meaning for many of the families. Rachel’s hit “Fight Song” strikes a chord with so many people, especially our brave youngsters and their families who are together fighting their own unique battles. Many of our patients starred in a video singing and dancing to “Fight Song.”

When Rachel arrived, her beaming smile warmed the room and she was welcomed with cheers and hugs. The kids asked her all about her music career and how she got started. Jude, 10, couldn’t make it down but was able to video chat with Rachel during the interview. He asked her about the meaning of her song, “Fight Song,” to which Rachel shared about her ups and downs, hard work and how affirmations, like many in her song, kept her positive and focused.

After all the sweet questions were answered, Rachel decided to play two songs for the kids. One was “Better Place,” a song she dedicated to her new young friends and their families who support them.

Rachel then invited everyone to join her in singing her hit song “Fight Song.” The patients sing along to this song almost daily in the Seacrest Studios, but this day they got to sing it as loud as they could with the singer who wrote it. Seven-year-old Xander belted out the lyrics with his sweet voice, while the rest of the kids joined in on the chorus. You could see in the misty eyes of the parents just how much this song has meant and helped them stay strong in tough times and how special this experience was to them.

Rachel met with each of the children in the studio and gave out autographs. There were lots of selfies, smiles, hugs and even kisses. Rachel listened intently as moms, dads and patients shared personal stories about how “Fight Song” has touched them and helped them through their own fight.

Thank you, Rachel, for coming to the Seacrest Studios in Dallas and sharing your love for our kids and their families! You’ve left an impression on our hearts!


County singer Josh Abbott makes new friends in Seacrest Studios Dallas

Video By: Chance Harris
Written Recap By: Paula Cuadrado

Country singer Josh Abbott (from Josh Abbott Band) shared lots of smiles and high-fives when he visited Seacrest Studios at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas.

Children filled the Studio for a chance to meet the singer and help interview him to get to know more about him.

Josh and the kids talked about favorite colors, favorite food and playing video games.

Josh then performed a few of his songs about Texas. He asked the kids to raise their hands if they had been to a specific location or city when he mentioned it in his song – so fun!

Thank you, Josh, for visiting Seacrest Studios! We loved hanging out with you and hearing you sing. Come back anytime! Coming soon – see what Josh did during his Celebrity Challenge!

A Thousand Horses Serenade Young Fans In Seacrset Studios

Video by: Chance Harris
Recap by: Pauala Cuadrado

The guys from A Thousand Horses stopped by the Seacrest Studios at Children’s Medical Center Dallas to meet some new friends.

Before their concert in Dallas, Michael, Bill, Graham and Zach made time to visit with patients and families.

Gabby, 8, shared a high-five with lead-singer Michael when they realized they both had the same favorite color – blue.

Steven complimented Michael’s hat and asked the guys who was the best guitar player.

After all the laughs and smiles, the band pulled out their guitars to play a song. Gabby is a big fan and asked them to play their hit song “Smoke.” She smiled through the whole performance and sang along.

Thank you, A Thousand Horses, for hanging out in Seacrest Studios in Dallas! We loved meeting you!

Stay tuned to see what the band did for their Celebrity Challenge (it involved kazoos and dancing)!

Andy Grammer Meets One Of His Biggest Fans In Seacrest Studios

Video by: Chance Harris
Recap by: Paula Cuadrado

Welcome back, Andy Grammer! We were happy to welcome back singer, songwriter Andy Grammer to Seacrest Studios at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas.

Jireh, 15, didn’t stop smiling once he met Andy! He got to sit right next to Andy, who is one of his favorite singers. Jireh told Andy his favorite song is “Pocket,” which was one of the songs Andy played in studio.

Andy taught Omya, 9, and the rest of the crowd in studio how to beat box and which sounds to try out.  Then we were all singing along as Andy played two of his hit songs live in studio.

After the interview and performance, patients and families got to meet Andy. Even one of the hospital’s therapy dogs, Van, wanted to come in to get a hug!

Thank you, Andy, for coming back to see us here in Dallas! We love your bright smile and positive attitude!


Sam Hunt Makes New Friends During Seacrest Studios Visit In Dallas

Recap By: Paula Cuadrado
Video BY: Chance Harris

Seacrest Studios was rocking when singer-songwriter Sam Hunt dropped by to meet some kids and sing one of his hit songs at Children’s Medical Center Dallas.

Armed with his guitar, he jammed out to his hit song “Leave the Night On” for a live studio audience and everyone watching in their rooms.

We learned a lot about Sam when several patients got the opportunity to interview him. Sam told Timmy he first started playing music in college when he would play guitar and sing for his roommates. Micah asked about Sam’s football career at UAB (University of Alabama at Birmingham). And Bailey and Sam bonded over a shared love for Chick-fil-A. We also learned Sam has two pets – a cat, Dandelion, and a new kitten named Sebastian.

Before Sam left he encouraged all of the children to stay strong. “I really admire you for being strong and for smiling so much,” Sam said. “And I’m really happy and excited to be with you guys today. Hopefully in the future I’ll get a chance to come by and say hello again.”

Thanks for stopping by Seacrest Studios in Dallas, Sam! It was so special for our patients to meet you and to get an exclusive live performance! Come back any time!

The Piano Guys Challenge A Patient To A Dance-Off During Seacrest Studios Visit

Recap Written By: Paual Cuadrado
Video By: Chance Harris

The Piano Guys, known for their unique take on popular music on classical instruments, entertained patients at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas with a musical performance and a dance-off.

Several patients helped interview the members of The Piano Guys in Seacrest Studios where we learned how the group got started and some of their favorite moments from their viral videos.

Jon and Steve then treated the patients to a unique performance. They played their version of “Let it Go” from Frozen and then did something unexpected. Jon turned around and played the piano upside-down! Then, while Steve played a percussion beat on his cello, Jon showed off some pretty wild dance moves. He then tapped Joseph, 15, to jump in and start dancing. Joseph, who told The Piano Guys he was a dancer, wowed the crowd with spins, jumps and acrobatics. What an amazing improvised performance with The Piano Guys and one of our talented patients!

Thank you to The Piano Guys for vising Seacrest Studios and wowing us with your music and epic dance moves!

NBC’s Sunday Night Football Stars Meet Aspiring Broadcasters At Seacrest Studios

Video Recap by Chance Harris
Blog Written by Paula Cuadrado

Young football fans filled Seacrest Studios at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas when the crew from NBC’s Sunday Night Football visited before the Saints-Cowboys game.
A group of excited kids greeted Cris Collinsworth and Michele Tafoya with cheers and signs when they entered Seacrest Studios. While Cris and Michele are used to interviewing coaches and athletes, this day it was the children who were prepared with questions for the NBC team about their career and working in television.
One child, Kristopher, acted as a sports reporter giving the Cowboys some advice on his favorite play, the Zig Zag. On a dry erase board in his hospital room, Kristopher mapped out the play with Xs and Os.

“I thought Kristopher showed tremendous presence and charisma on camera,” Michele said.

 Collinsworth commented that Kristopher was a lot like former commentator John Madden as he broke down the play.

The NBC team even gave a shout-out to the kids they met in Seacrest Studios during the live broadcast of Sunday Night Football.
Thank you to Cris and Michele and the whole team at NBC’s Sunday Night Football. We enjoyed meeting you!

Patients Share Jokes And Snacks With Stars Of Red Band Society

Video Recap by Chance Harris

Three actors from FOX’s upcoming show Red Band Society shared jokes and snacks with kids at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas.

Zoe Levin, Charlie Rowe and Nolan Sotillo spoke about their new hospital-themed show during an interview in Seacrest Studios. The group got to know some of the patients by talking about food and telling jokes. The food-inspired conversation was sparked after Charlie tried some popcorn made by the volunteers at Children’s.

Jesus called in from his room and stumped Zoe, Charlie and Nolan with a funny joke about bears (see video clip). Charlie then told his own joke about a bear.

Charlie explained how he masks his British accent while playing an American teen on tv and which words are still tricky for him to pronounce. He also complimented Ashlyn on her Texas accent.

The actors handed out t-shirts and invited kids to join the Red Band Society by wearing matching red bracelets. Zoe, Charlie and Nolan encouraged the kids at Children’s Medical Center to follow their dreams.

Thank you Zoe, Charlie and Nolan for making us laugh! We enjoyed getting to know you!

B.o.B Talks Tetris and Enchiladas At Seacrest Studios

B.o.B brought his magic to a packed Seacrest Studios at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas.  Special patient co-hosts, Julius, Morris & Adrian, were on hand to help reveal the man behind the music.

The conversation went from culinary preferences to car choices. B.o.B considers his mom’s enchiladas and his Jeep to be his current favorites.

On top of being a skilled rapper, B.o.B was once a first-chair trumpet player and also knows how to play the piano. The kids discovered that he enjoys a good game of Tetris and that his favorite shoes are Timberlands…which he propped up on the desk for all to see!

B.o.B encouraged the patients to stay inspired and keep asking important questions.

A big thanks to B.o.B for taking the time to visit the kids at Children’s Medical Center’s Seacrest Studios.

A Great Big World talks music and hairstyles during a visit to Children’s Medical Center

Patients at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas got right to the tough questions when A Great Big World stopped by the Seacrest Studios. The kids kicked off the interview asking about the pair’s hair styles and crazy socks, which brought instant smiles and laughter.

When asked about his signature curls Ian said, “You just don’t do it. You just wake up in the morning and it’s like that.”

Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino also shared stories of how they met at NYU and how their friendship was slow to start but then turned into a successful music duo.

“Ian forced me to hear him play because he had no friends,” Chad joked.

“I made him listen to the songs I was writing,” Ian responded. “And then he wanted to be my friend after he heard me play the piano.”

Both Ian and Chad explained to the kids how important it is to stay positive and how they incorporate that sentiment in their lyrics and music. One of their songs, “Rockstar,” has a message to kids to always dream big.

“When you’re a kid anything is possible,” said Ian. “Somehow for me I stopped believing in myself. The dream was so far buried in me and together we brought it back to life. And I felt like I was reconnecting with the kid inside of me who still exists today. I feel like that is so important that when you grow up to always keep that kid inside of you, that kid who wants to have fun and who can dream and who can do anything.”

A Great Big World jumped into the spotlight with their break-out hit “Say Something.” Ian told the crowd he and Chad actually wrote the song using a ukulele, but it was made famous by the version on the piano. Children at the Seacrest Studio were then treated to a moving live performance when Ian sang “Say Something” while playing the ukulele.

Thank you to Ian and Chad of A Great Big World for brightening our day with your smiles and talents!