Lizzy Greene Hosts Games For Kids In Seacrest Studios

Nickelodeon’s Lizzy Greene came back to Seacrest Studios in Dallas to see her friends and play some games!

Lizzy is from the Dallas area and loves to visit the Seacrest Studios at Children’s Medical Center when she has time off at home. For her recent visit, we put her to work! Lizzy hosted our Bingo game for the day, entertaining the kids in studio and calling numbers for the kids who were watching and playing along from their hospital room.

The kids were excited to talk to Lizzy and get their picture together. Lizzy even delivered some of the Bingo prizes to the winners.

Lizzy also shared about how much fun she’s having on the set of Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn. Be on the lookout for some fun, new episodes! Thanks Lizzy for coming back to the Seacrest Studios! We’ll see you next time!

‘Gifted’ star Mckenna Grace brings joy to Seacrest Studios

Photos by: Lori Wilson
Recap by Paula Cuadrado

Mckenna Grace, star of the new movie “Gifted,” stopped by Seacrest Studios at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas for a fun visit!

Mckenna helped guest host “Good Morning Children’s,” a tv show hosted and broadcast from the Seacrest Studios to all the patient rooms at the hospital’s Dallas and Plano campuses. Six-year-old Kailyn was able to skype in from her hospital room during the show to ask Mckenna a few questions, like what she likes to eat.

We talked about Mckenna’s movie “Gifted” and what it’s like being an actor at a young age. Mckenna wore an adorable headband with cat ears for her visit, so the co-hosts of Good Morning Children’s pulled out matching pairs of cat ears, too!

After the show, Mckenna had fun visiting with Boots the therapy dog and chatting with 13-year-old Loryn who came down from her room to hang out. Mckenna was intrigued by the studio’s prop collection and challenged studio staffer Paula to see how many hats they could each wear at one time!

Mckenna brought special handmade bracelets with thoughtful messages to give out to her new friends, as well as posters from her movie to help the kids decorate their hospital rooms.

Thank you Mckenna for visiting Seacrest Studios! We had so much fun being silly and hanging out with you!

U.S. Women’s National Team Visits Patients at Seacrest Studios

Written By: Paula Cuadrado
Video By: Chance Harris

Members of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team stopped by Seacrest Studios to hang out and inspire some young patients at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas.

The team was in town for a match and made time in between training to give back and visit a packed studio of fans.

Natalie, 10, told the team soccer is her favorite sport. When she said she also liked to dance, the team asked if she could show them some moves. Natalie bounced out of her chair, the DJ cued up “Juju On That Beat,” and Natalie showed Team USA how it’s done!

It was an extra special day for Kailyn, who is six, to be able to leave her hospital room for a little while to meet the players and take some pictures with them.

The team shared about training and dealing with injuries as well as how young they were when they started playing soccer and the honor of being part of Team USA.

Thank you Women’s National Team for visiting Seacrest Studios!


Kelsea Ballerini Sings For New Friends In Seacrest Studios

Video by: Chance Harris
Recap by: Paula Cuadrado

We loved having Kelsea Ballerini in Seacrest Studios at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas!

The country star met new friends in studio who helped interview her on the Red Balloon Network – the TV channel that broadcasts live from the Seacrest Studios. Kelsea shared that her favorite food is chicken tenders (with honey mustard) and her favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz.

Before the interview, Kelsea’s new friend Taylor sang along to one of her songs. Then, Kelsea performed three of her hits in studio. It was like a mini concert!

Thank you for visiting Kelsea. We loved meeting you and hearing your songs! Come back anytime.


Lizzy Greene Laughs With Patients In Seacrest Studios

Video: Chance Harris
Recap by: Paula Cuadrado

Lizzy Greene, star of Nickelodeon’s Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, visited the Seacrest Studios at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas.

Lizzy is from the Dallas area and shared with the kids about how acting in a local play led to her role on the Nickelodeon show.

Brandi, 11, loves watching NRDD and asked Lizzy about her character and how the episodes are made. Lizzy told us how much fun she and her co-stars have behind the scenes.

We asked Lizzy about her hidden talent and we all laughed when she belted out her chicken noise!

Thank you Lizzy for vising Seacrest Studios. We loved meeting you!

County singer Josh Abbott makes new friends in Seacrest Studios Dallas

Video By: Chance Harris
Written Recap By: Paula Cuadrado

Country singer Josh Abbott (from Josh Abbott Band) shared lots of smiles and high-fives when he visited Seacrest Studios at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas.

Children filled the Studio for a chance to meet the singer and help interview him to get to know more about him.

Josh and the kids talked about favorite colors, favorite food and playing video games.

Josh then performed a few of his songs about Texas. He asked the kids to raise their hands if they had been to a specific location or city when he mentioned it in his song – so fun!

Thank you, Josh, for visiting Seacrest Studios! We loved hanging out with you and hearing you sing. Come back anytime! Coming soon – see what Josh did during his Celebrity Challenge!

Michael Ray Talks Donuts & Alligator Hunting During Visit to Seacrest Studios

Video by: Chance Harris
Recap by: Paula Cuadrado

Country singer Michael Ray fielded some awesome questions from kids during a visit to Seacrest Studios at Children’s Medical Center Dallas.

“Do you like donuts?” one child inquired.

Michael responded, “Absolutely!” and the two discussed favorite flavors.

Madison, who loves country music, asked about Michael’s favorite vegetable.

Tough question – he couldn’t decide on just one,“Broccoli and asparagus.”

Triston, 13, said he wanted to ask a hard question during the interview. He finally stumped Michael by ending the interview with a personal question, “Who was the first girl that you kissed?”

You’ll have to watch the video to see how Michael responded!

Michael then serenaded the crowd with his song “Run Away with You.”

Thank you, Michael Ray, for visiting Seacrest Studios! We loved meeting you. Come back anytime!

Nick Jonas Gets Proposed To By A Patient At Seacrest Studios

Video Created By Chance Harris

The Seacrest Studios at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas was packed with fans anxiously awaiting the arrival of Nick Jonas.

The teens played it cool and resisted the urge to squeal when they first met Nick.  Several of the young ladies got to help interview him, but before Ellie asked her question she asked to take a selfie with the star.

Nick talked about his influences and inspiration behind his new music and solo career. He also shared about being diagnosed with diabetes as a teen and had an encouraging message to the patients dealing with illnesses.

“Take it day by day,” he said. “One step at a time and rely on your family and your friends – the people that really love and care about you.”

And, all in good fun, the interview ended with a marriage proposal from Taylor. Nick, who may or may not have been blushing, politely declined the adoring invitation. Taylor settled for a selfie and Nick’s autograph on her guitar.

Thank you Nick Jonas for visiting Seacrest Studios! You made our patients smile!

R5 gets Louder at Seacrest Studios in Dallas

Four of the fab five from R5 visited Seacrest Studios at Children’s Medical Center while kicking off their tour in Dallas. The pop rock band is made up of four siblings – Rydel, Rocky, Riker, and Ross Lynch – and their best friend, Ellington Ratliff. They released their debut album, Louder, in September and opened up about working with family and life in the spotlight.

The band is comprised of unique personalities and talents, including Ross who stars in the hit Disney show Austin & Ally. Rydel is the sole girl in the band, and just when you think it would be tough touring with brothers, think again. “It makes it better,” she said.  Rocky said his family is extremely close.  “Some families don’t get along that well, but we are a family that is always doing things together since we were born. So, that is just how it has always been,” he said. The group did admit to some normal sibling disagreements – like where they should eat and what movies they should see.

Ratliff may not have been born into the Lynch family; however, he is far from an outcast.  R5 needed a drummer and added Ratliff as their final member. “It feels great,” he said. “I have known these guys for years and years, so I pretty much feel like family.”

As R5 begins their tour to promote Louder, a patient in the studio audience asked what the journey will be like. “Touring is my favorite thing in the whole world. I have the most fun ever on tour,” Riker said.  Ratliff agreed. “You pretty much get to hang out with your friends all over the world and play shows for people that are cool, and that’s pretty cool,” he said.

R5 wrapped up their visit by signing autographs, taking pictures, and hanging out with some of their biggest fans. Thanks for a Loud and memorable visit.

Fall Out Boy Sings Happy Birthday to Patients in Dallas!

Grammy-nominated, pop-punk band Fall Out Boy stopped by Seacrest Studios at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas. The band is out with a new album and back on tour after taking a break for a few years – exciting fans across the nation. While visiting the studio, Fall Out Boy answered questions from enthusiastic patients and even sang Happy Birthday to two girls.

Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Joe Trohman, and Andy Hurley began playing together more than a decade ago; however, they said their music careers began long before Fall Out Boy was formed. “A lot of our parents raised us around music, and we also played instruments growing up,” Trohman said. “Also, we grew up watching MTV when they played lots of music videos, and we were like ‘I want to do what they are doing.’”
Fall Out Boy rose to fame with songs like “Sugar, We’re Goin Down”, “Thnks fr th Mmrs”, and “Dance, Dance”.  When asked about his favorite song, Stump said “Dance, Dance” stands out from the rest. Not to mention – he wrote it while crammed in the back of a van. “I think Dance, Dance was probably the most exciting song to write for me because it just kind of happened,” Stump said.
After years of success, Fall Out Boy took a break and focused on individual projects. They released Save Rock and Roll this year and are back with a fresh perspective. Wentz now has a 5-year-old son and has ditched the eyeliner. Stump told the audience that he has a few hobbies besides music, including, learning new languages like Japanese.
The band wrapped up their visit by taking pictures with patients and signing autographs. Thanks, Fall Out Boy, for stopping by the hospital and making it a very special birthday for two of our guests.