RSF Spotlight: Meet Coben

We’re shining the spotlight on some of the amazing people that help make our Seacrest Studios around the country so special.


Coben is Children’s Hospital Of Orange County’s biggest Star Wars fan! He can often be found hanging out in studio calling the Bingo Balls and doing impressions of Yoda! Get to know more about Coben in his own words:

  • How old are you? 9
  • What is your favorite artist or song? Star Wars theme song
  • What is your favorite thing to do in the studio? Call the Bingo Balls
  • Who was your favorite studio guest? Mark Hammil because I LOVE Star Wars and he came to see me in my room, and he was really nice.
  • Do you have a special hidden talent? I can do an impression of Yoda.

Thank you, Coben, for bringing The Force to Seacrest Studios!


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Twitter: @TeamCoben

Instagram: @TeamCoben


New District Sings for Patients at Children’s Hospital of Orange County

The boys of New District stopped by Children’s Hospital of Orange County to brighten the day by singing their hit song Closer as well as answering some questions from patients and siblings in studio.

Dylan, Julian, Devin, Jaden and Sean talked about the formation of the band and how over the past year the guys have gotten close and enjoyed performing together.  Becoming friends before they became a band was an important part of making the chemistry of the overall group work.

Their musical inspirations span from Drake to N’sync to Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake.  Their passion for music is what drove them to become a band and they love goofing around and just being friends.

Thanks to Dylan, Julian, Devin, Jaden and Sean from New District for visiting the patients at CHOC and making the patients smile and laugh.

E! News Visits Seacrest Studios In Orange County

Written Recap by: Seacrest Studios Intern Michael Ragazzo
Video Recap by: Seacrest Studios Intern Roma Daravi

Terrence J, and Catt Sadler from E! News visited Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital of Orange County and lit up the room.  The second they walked out of the elevators, both Terrence and Catt had huge smiles on their face. Excited to meet the kids and join our family for the day, they got a behind the scenes look at how we control the studio (Terrence has experience in a radio station and wanted to learn all the latest equipment.)

After the two sat down for an interview, they answered patient questions and provided advice about following your passion! They then signed  autographs, took pictures and spent time with the patients one-on-one.

We were so happy to have the E! News team at our studio and we hope they come back and visit us again soon!


Michael Harney Visits Seacrest Studios At CHOC

Recap written by Seacrest Studios Intern, Hannah Brown

Michael Harney, known for his roles on hit television shows such as NYPD Blue, Deadwood, Orange is the New Black, and his most recent series True Detective on HBO, came to visit patients and families at Seacrest Studios at CHOC Children’s.

Michael spoke about how he began acting by performing live theater shows and loved the craft so much he eventually opened his own theater workshop.  His love for acting was discovered in college when he decided to take a class for fun.  When asked about his favorite part of acting, Michael said that it was being able to become someone else for a while.

Michael did not specify on which type of acting he was most fond of, stating that they were all very different from one another, but that he has the most experience working on television shows. He has been in over 60 shows and 80 plays along with a number of movies; some in just one episode and others as recurring rolls.

Thank you to Michael Harney for brightening the days of our patients and families here at Seacrest Studios at CHOC Children’s!