PRETTYMUCH Visits Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia


Written by: Studio Intern, Erica Hawkins

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia welcomed the amazing boy band known as PRETTYMUCH to Seacrest Studios. With their top notch harmonies and amazing good looks, PRETTYMUCH was an instant hit with the patients and families of CHOP. The group sung an acapella arrangement of R&B and Pop songs and showcased just why mogul Simon Cowell chose these guys to create the next big boy band.

Brandon, Edwin, Zion, Nick, and Austin shared how they all live in one house in LA. Even after being whisked away to live together for over a year, the group said they love every minute! The guys said that they are more like brothers and they do PRETTY MUCH everything together.

The guys also played a little game in which each band member received a sticky note with an impersonation. A few impersonations included your best evil laugh and sing a song in a chipmunk voice. The kids loved their rendition of “The Chipmunk Song.”

To end their visit PRETTYMUCH took pictures with patients and their families and signed a few autographs.

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Seacrest Studios thanks PRETTYMUCH for visiting and spreading joy to our patients and families.

Madison Beer Spends The Day At Seacrest Studios!

Written by Studios Intern Amanda Mitchell

Madison Beer, the 18 year old pop singer, drew quite the crowd on Monday, August 2nd in Seacrest Studios at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia! Patients found out about Madison’s inspiring start. She explained that she was discovered by Justin Bieber when she was 13. Her phone rang as she explored a local candy shop, it was one of her friends exclaiming “JUSTIN BIEBER RETWEETED YOUR YOUTUBE VIDEO.” Since that call, Madison’s life has been filled with multiple albums, tours, modeling and her visit to CHOP!

Madison explained that she is in a place where her vision is clear. She knows what she wants and she is determined to achieve it. At a young age, Madison has been intrigued with music, a passion that she sticks with today. Madison’s main message to the children and families at CHOP was, to do what you love.

Madison is an advocate for the things that she is truly passionate about. As a preteen she experienced bullying and wants others to know that she made it though, so you can too. She explained that it is better to talk about what you are experiencing.

There is lots to come for Madison, she has recently become very interested in writing, although not just music! Madison would love to write a book or a television show. She also hopes to start her own clothing line in the coming future. She has discovered that she dresses like many of her fans and would love to bring them her designs.

Madison was asked a few questions by patients and their families that came down to meet her at CHOP. The final question of the afternoon being “What was it like the first time you met Justin Bieber.” Her face lit up when she shared that he was coming backstage, walked by her and winked. She says she nearly passed out! Thank you Madison Beer!

Olivia Holt Sings Her Song “Phoenix” At Seacrest Studios Philadelphia

Disney fans of all ages gathered in Seacrest Studios to get the chance to meet Olivia Holt when she stopped by The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Patients were treated to an incredible live performance of her new single “Phoenix” and then fired off questions about everything from her favorite color to what it was like working as a actress. They were surprised to learn that Holt’s first passion was gymnastics and that she believes it takes just as much of a commitment to train yourself as an artist as it does to be an athlete.

Olivia assured everyone that the magic they see on their TV screens remains just as magical behind the camera too and that she is thrilled to be a part the Disney family. She then ended her special visit by taking photos and meeting with excited patients.

Thank’s for visiting, Olivia!

Jacob Whitesides Talks To Patients About Music & What Inspires Him

Recap Written by Seacrest Studios Intern: Jenna Cominsky

Singer-songwriter Jacob Whitesides visited Seacrest Studios at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) to meet patients, answer their questions, and perform some of his original songs.  At just 18-years-old, Jacob is the CEO of his own record label Double U Records.  Jacob spoke candidly about his rise to fame, saying he’s been working hard to make a name for himself in the music industry for several years but credits all of his success to his fans.

Jacob admits that he was more into sports when he was younger, but it was country breakout star Chris Stapleton’s bluegrass concert that inspired him to get into music and playing guitar.  It was then he began doing live restaurant and patio performances in his home state of Tennessee.  As time went on, Jacob began posting covers of songs on YouTube.  This step in his career was inspired by Justin Bieber, but not for the reasons you might think!

“I was inspired by a little jealousy, actually!” Jacob says.  According to Jacob, his first girlfriend had a serious case of “Bieber Fever” and even had a cardboard cutout of the pop-sensation, which fueled Jacob’s fire to win over his girlfriend’s affections by covering Bieber’s “One Time” and uploading it to YouTube.

Jacob gained national recognition after appearing on The X Factor and even though he didn’t make it far in the show he says the experience was “eye opening to see how the industry works, it was really cool.”

Since then, he’s released two EPs “A Piece of Me” and “Faces on Film” and is looking forward to the release of his debut album later this year.  He says his main focus for his album was to push himself out of his comfort zone musically and try new things. May 18th marked the start of “The Lovesick Tour”, Jacob’s first national tour around the United States and Toronto.

Jacob has already put in an immense effort into his career for someone so young, and he says the positive feedback he gets from fans and his love for music are the driving forces to keep that going.  Jacob says artists like John Mayer and Jack Johnson have been the inspiration in developing the style of his sound.  He also gave us a little peek into his interests aside from music!  Jacob says his favorite ride at Disney World is the “Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster”, but can only handle so much of that 0-60 miles per hour blast off.  He also said his favorite superhero is Captain America and praised the hero’s newest movie: “Captain America: Civil War”.

After his Q&A session, Jacob performed an acoustic version of his newest single “Lovesick” and “Let’s Be Birds”.  He also took the time to sign autographs and pose for pictures with patients before ending his visit.  All of us here at CHOP wish you the best of luck on your tour and album release, Jacob!  We hope to see you again soon!

DNCE Interviewed By Patients At Seacrest Studios Philadelphia

Written by: Emily Morrison, Seacrest Studios Intern
Video by: Kent Wyckoff

DNCE visited Seacrest Studios at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and was greeted by MANY excited patients!  The band visited with and took pictures with every patient in the studio before sitting down for an interview.  Swapping stories on the mics, they raved about the excitement surrounding their first tour and even shared some of their favorite holiday traditions.

Patients also got a chance to answer some of their own questions and fired away. When Joe Jonas was asked what his favorite sport was, he said football and revealed he was a Giants fan, which was met with some heavy groans from Philadelphia Eagles fans in the room.  The band was also asked what their favorite colors were.  Bass player, Cole Whittle, said his favorite was “every color mixed together.” 

Everyone had a great time with DNCE and we hope they visit again soon!​


Conrad Sewell, 5SOS and Selena Gomez Visit Seacrest Studios In Philadelphia

Co-written by:  
Kent Wyckoff and Mallory Tadley (Seacrest Studios Intern)

 It was a busy day at Seacrest Studios at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia! With many artists in town for Jingle Ball 2015, a few decided to stop by the hospital first and spread a little holiday cheer. The afternoon kicked off with Conrad Sewell, best known for his hit song, “Hold Me Up” sitting behind the studio mic!  Kids were fascinated to learn that perhaps, like Conrad, they should start early and send out songs in addition to their letters to Santa if they want to hit it big.

On the heels of Conrad, 5 Seconds of Summer made a welcomed return visit. Their charisma was infectious as fans eagerly asked questions and joked around with the group, learning about everything from their girlfriends to proper towel color selection. The “She Looks So Perfect” singers encouraged everyone to check out their new film “How Did We End Up Here” while appropriately reminiscing on their whirlwind ride to stardom. As everyone rushes to grab copies of 5SOS’s new album, Sounds Good Feels Good, it’s easy to see how their “motivation starts with the fans.” They were quick to note, however, that they wanted to stick around and do some stargazing of their own at the day’s final visitor, Selena Gomez.


Selena sat down to another packed audience to chat about her own new album, Revival, and her experiences with acting. Clearly excited about her latest work, Selena told everyone she really drew on her emotions over the year it took to write and produce Revival. She said “Kill Them With Kindness” meant so much to her because it was a chance for her to sing a great song with a better meaning. Whether she was singing in studios, closets, or hotel rooms, Selena had a great time recording!  Selena explained to the crowd that she was dramatic as a child and is “still dramatic;” so much so that she potentially sees a future where her vocals take a back seat to an acting career.

Before completing her interview, Selena reminded her fans that they need passion to achieve their goals and revealed a sentiment that seemed to be shared by all of the day’s visitors: “There is a difference between being famous and being successful,” and you have to work hard and never take no for an answer in order to do that.

Many thanks to all of our special guests for their awesome visits in studio!

X Ambassadors Give Patients Inspiring Advice At Seacrest Studios

Recap by: Seacrest Studios Volunteer, Kevin Shirley
Video by: Seacrest Studios Media Programs Specialist, Kent Wyckof

The X Ambassadors (Sam Harris, Casey Harris, Noah Feldshuh, and Adam Levin) paid a visit to Seacrest Studios at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). Interacting with kids who have musical aspirations of their own, the band offered some advice on how to become successful musicians. On playing in a band, Casey said that “if it doesn’t work out in two years, just keep doing it till it does.” Meanwhile, Adam encouraged the kids to explore their options; while the guitar wasn’t a good fit for him, playing the drums turned out to be his true calling.

The band’s roots go as far back as childhood. Noah met Casey in kindergarten, and together with Casey’s brother, Sam, they played music throughout their youth. They brought Adam into the group when they got older. Moving from boyhood musical fun to their current concert tour, the group has shown what can happen when dedicated young artists hold onto their dreams.

The band will be busy with their VHS tour for some time; their next break doesn’t come until Christmas. But, the group’s members wouldn’t have it any other way, with Casey noting that a long period of time without playing music would not be very fun for him.

CHOP would like to thank the members of X Ambassadors for taking time out of their busy touring schedule to visit Seacrest Studios and hopes to see them again soon!​


Flo Rida Makes His 3rd Visit To Seacrest Studios in Philadelphia!

Video by: Kent Wyckoff
Written Recap by: Isabelle DZwonczyk, Seacrest Studios Intern

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) was excited to welcome back one of its most frequent visitors, Flo Rida! A large crowd of patients wasted no time asking the singer about a range of topics from early childhood influences to favorite foods.

Having grown up in a house of musicians, Flo Rida was heavily influenced by his family to pursue a musical career, following in the footsteps of some of his own idols, LL Cool J and Michael Jackson. Patients, however, were surprised to learn that Flo Rida not only once considered becoming a basketball player, but he even received a degree from Las Vegas University in business!

These days Flo Rida has had some incredible traveling opportunities including a recent trip to New Orleans, where he got to enjoy some seafood gumbo and some of his personal favorite dishes, shrimp alfredo and vanilla ice cream! The ideal destination though will always stay Miami, Florida, where Flo Rida’s family still resides. And what better way to pass all that traveling time than with a favorite film like Eddie Murphy’s Coming to America, new release Straight Outta Compton, and of course the classic Disney movie, The Lion King.

Always staying busy, Flo Rida plans to continuing to develop FloFit, his new fitness program, and signing new artists to his very own record label. With no limit to future ambitions, there may even be an acting career down the line. Taking cues from his favorite actor, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, we may even see the beginnings of the next action star. We can’t wait to hear about it during his next visit to CHOP! Good luck with your new music, Flo Rida and be sure to keep working on those selfie stick skills!​

Charlie Puth Interviewed By Patients At Seacrest Studios

Patients at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia were treated to an exciting visit from Charlie Puth! After the global success of ‘See You Again’, featured at the end of Furious 7, Puth launched himself into stardom and gave fans today a personal look into the making of his most recent hit, ‘Marvin Gaye.’

We had so much fun asking Charlie questions at Seacrest Studios and hope he visits again real soon!

Nicki Minaj Spends Time With Patients At Seacrest Studios

Recap by: Lauren Dawson, Seacrest Studios Intern
Video by: Kent Wyckoff

Nicki Minaj stopped by Seacrest Studios at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to hang out with some patients and answer questions about many topics like performing, her childhood, and food! Nicki is currently on her world tour, “The Pinkprint Tour” and when asked if she still gets nervous before performing she says that while she doesn’t get nervous before her own concerts with her fans, she will sometimes get so nervous before award show performances that she can’t eat or sleep! She offered great uplifting advice to future artist hopefuls to not let anyone hold them back in following their dreams but to make education as much a part of the plan as the pursuit of their craft.  One aspiring young singer in the audience was brave enough to sing a part of her favorite choir song for Nicki which nearly brought everyone to tears.

When she was younger she said she didn’t play many sports, only softball for about a year. But if she were to follow an athletic dream, she said “I wish I could be the most amazing swimmer because I can’t swim…like a synchronized swimmer. I’d be a like a little ballerina in the water.” She grew up in Trinidad and loved climbing trees and fences. Although she never got hurt climbing things, she did tell about a scary experience she had when she was younger involving a dog. Her grandma had a big dog at her house and it was so huge that she thought she could ride it like a horse.  It seems the dog didn’t like that too well.  Although she isn’t afraid of dogs now, she joked that she doesn’t like them near her.

Nicki’s most popular answer of the day was when she was asked about her favorite place to eat out. “I know we’re in Philly so you guys will understand my answer being Wawa. I love eating here in Philly they make the best sandwiches!” She also loves pizza and gave some advice to everyone in studio about their future pizza topping choices, “A lot of people don’t like pineapples on their pizza but I do, so next time you get pizza, get pineapples on top.”  And the must have snack…pickles.  Absolutely not the sweet kind. They’ve got to be dill!

Nicki loves shopping in boutique stores and crafting her own style and the look of her concert tour. She says her favorite hair color is pink but, in her downtime, she likes to be almost the complete opposite of what she portrays on stage. “I don’t like getting made up or dressed up. I hate wearing heels so when I’m off stage I just like sweatpants and t-shirts.”

To wrap up the visit Nicki signed autographs and took pictures with all of the patients who attended. Patients and families were so grateful for the visit and we hope Nicki visits again soon!