Loren Gray, Harvey Cantrell & Tyler Brown Stars Visit Seacrest Studios Charlotte

Video Recap by Katie Anger
Blog Post by Samantha Green

Digitour stars Loren Gray, Harvey Cantwell, and Tyler Brown visited patients in Seacrest Studios at Levine Children’s Hospital and even got their own DJ names (DJ Lo, DJ H-Dawg, and DJ Ty-Nizzle). The online superstars made time for a visit before their DIGITOUR performance. Loren told our patients to “always keep a smile on your face, to take everything day by day, and to try and make the best out of every situation”. She said meeting her fans is always an, “eye opening experience and when you’re on the internet you don’t know the impact that you have until you see it in person.”

They brought their personalities and performances to life and shared their best Seacrest Studios DJ voice. They played numerous games with the patients including Finish Those Lyrics as the patients got to hear a preview of their incredible voices. Harvey told our patients to, “listen to music, that’s what gets me through my day.” Harvey mentions that when meeting his fans, “you don’t know if you’re going to meet their expectations.” Tyler encouraged our patients that, “everything gets better and to just keep moving forward.” Additionally, Tyler shared a story of his favorite childhood memory, when he went to sea-world and was splashed by the whales.  Loren said if she could travel anywhere in the world she would go to Paris, her favorite movie is Star Wars, and if she could be any Disney character it would be Tinker Bell. She joked that she has a habit of repeating the word “awesome” on stage because she thinks everything is awesome. Since he is from England, Harvey was quizzed on his British knowledge, successfully naming all the members of the Spice Girls! His favorite holiday is Christmas and he loves giving people presents. Harvey spent some time asking one of LCH’s patients about Cat in the Hat.

LCH Charlotte enjoyed a fun filled day with these three and hope they visit again soon!

DigiTour Stars Play ‘Speak Up’ In Seacrest Studios Washington, D.C.

Our favorite stars from Instagram, Musically, Youtube and SnapChat hit the road for DigiTour Winter and made a stop in our nation’s capital! Blake Gray, Weston Koury, Baby Ariel, Mark Thomas, Sophia Kameron, Zach Clayton, and Nathan Triska visited Seacrest Studios at Children’s National and had patients and families smiling the entire time! We kicked off the visit with questions from patients. They all shared what life was like before they were social media stars and how some of their lives changed overnight. Combined they have more than a million followers on social media, but despite their popularity, they all agree that they are typical teenagers. “We like to go the mall, hang out with our friends, be regular teens”, said Baby Ariel.

Patients were eager to watch our new friends play a game of “Speak Up” where Mark and Zach tried to read hilarious and outrageous phrases with a dental spacer in their mouth. The game was such a hit that Mark even asked if he could take the spacer home to play with his friends! They topped off their visit with a friendly challenge of “Dress Up” where they competed to see who could put on a hospital gown, gloves, and mask the fastest. Patients enjoyed learning how much they had in common with the social media stars and we can guarantee that they gained more followers after the awesome visit! Thank you Blake, Weston, Baby Ariel, Mark, Sophia, Zach, and Nathan for taking time out of your tour to visit us at Children’s National!




Rebecca Black And Dylan Dauzat Visit Seacrest Studios During DigiTour Stop

DigiTour stars Rebecca Black and Dylan Dauzat popped in to visit fans at Seacrest Studios at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) while in town for DigiTour’s SlayBells Ice. Both Rebecca and Dylan spoke about having over a million followers on You Tube and Vine….as well as the fun they have creating videos and meeting their fans. Dylan even offered tickets and backstage passes to 3 lucky girls he met in Seacrest Studios. It was a very exciting day at CHOA and we hope to see Rebecca and Dylan again soon!


Hayes Grier and Alec Bailey visit Seacrest Studios Charlotte with DigiTour

DigiTour 2015 is sweeping the nation, the internet, and…Seacrest Studios!  Billed as the “World’s 1st social media tour and music festival,” DigiTour 2015 has been playing to packed houses, and screaming fans, across the country.

Seacrest Studios was lucky enough to host two of DigiTour 2015’s biggest stars in Charlotte, NC!  Vine stars, Hayes Grier and Alec Bailey – both North Carolina boys – were welcomed back to their home state by Levine Children’s Hospital and some very enthusiastic fans! With topics ranging from favorite movies to if they have dogs – (they do!) – Hayes and Alec answered all of our patients’ questions.

Both from the same area of North Carolina, these two social media mavericks met years before the DigiTour. Alec played football with Hayes’ brother.  In fact, Hayes’ brother, Nash, is another Vine sensation and friend to Seacrest Studios!

The internet heartthrobs talked about school on the DigiTour.  They still have to do homework and both say lunch and recess are their favorite subjects!

When asked if they get nervous before a show, Hayes said, “The first one I was pretty nervous for, but the second one, I got a little more relaxed.”  Alec said, “I just walk around with my guitar – I get pretty nervous.”  Both boys said, to calm their nerves, they have to stay positive and have their friends around. Good advice whether you are on the DigiTour or going in for a medical procedure!

After a funny game of “DigiWhisperer,” Alec Bailey sang a cover song – One Direction’s “Night Changes.”  Hayes said that it is his favorite cover that Alec sings.

Thanks to the DigiTour stars for including Levine Children’s Hospital on their concert tour stop! We hope for many more visits in the future! You never know – the next big social media star could come right from Seacrest Studios!