Levine Children’s Fall 2018 Intern Showcase

Katie Simpson
Queens University of Charlotte ’19

Katie Simpson is a communications major and scholarship athlete at Queens University of Charlotte. Katie enjoys working with the patients at Levine Children’s Hospital for Seacrest Studios because she currently manages her own medical condition as a student athlete.She delivers traits she’s learned through athletics like leadership, team work and collaboration with empathy to the patients at Levine. She hopes to work for the Walt Disney World Company in the future in order to keep bringing smiles to children across the world. 

“My favorite memory was delivering a trivia prize to DJ Noah. He constantly watched our shows this semester and was always buzzing the phone down in the studio. As soon as I walked in the room his face lit up. That’s what we are here for, that is our main goal, to make the patients’ stay here at Levine Children’s Hospital just a little bit better.”

Katie Simpson

Alisha Brown
North Carolina A&T State University ’18

Alisha Brown is a graduating senior Journalism and Mass Communications student at North Carolina A&T State University.

“My favorite memory was interviewing Riley Clemmons and doing arts and crafts with the kids”

Alisha Brown

Anna Grace Galloway
The University of South Carolina ’19

Born and raised in Belton, South Carolina, Anna Grace Galloway is a Senior broadcast journalism student at theUniversity of South Carolina. She has a passion for serving others and hopes to one day use that passion as a local television news anchor. While she’s not studying journalism, you can find Anna Grace singing, and that love for music made her time at Seacrest Studios even better. Anna Grace hopes to stay in Columbia, South Carolina after graduation to pursue a career as a multimedia journalist.

“My favorite fall memory is when DJ Ally-Sings came into the studio and immediately said she wanted to sing for us. As someone who already sings most of the time, and whose show is all about music, I was so excited to hear that. She sat down at the mic with headphones on and just sang her heart out. She sang everything from Carrie Underwood to Moana, and she was amazing. I honestly think she has a future in the music business!”

Anna Grace Galloway

Sarah Carlton
Queens University of Charlotte ’19

Sarah Carlton is a senior Communications major at Queens University of Charlotte. Growing up, she found a passion for collaborating with others and working to better the community through volunteering at church. The fellowship and leadership opportunities there lead her to seek internships to not only develop professional skills but to bring joy to those around her. At Seacrest Studios, she has not only had the opportunity to speak with hospital donors, but to also dance, sing and play with kids. She notes, “It’s their smiles and laughter that remind me every day to stay positive and be confident.”

 “My favorite Seacrest Studios memory was meeting DJ Claire Bear. Coming into the studio during my show, she asked if she could sing, talk, and play games with me and the other interns. We spent the whole our hour talking about Disney Channel shows/movies (her explaining all of the Decedents movies to me) and talking about celebrity gossip. She shared her dream of being a star; taking the stage to make people dance and smile and promised us front row seats to her first big show. Her love and ambition were incredibly inspirational, and I loved spending time with her.”

Sarah Carlton

Rodrick Jones
University of South Carolina ’19

Rodrick Jones is a senior Broadcast Journalism major at the University of South Carolina. Alongside Seacrest Studios, Rodrick interned with Sportswire where he covered sports games and hosted a sports podcast named “Beyond the Sport.” He ultimately wants to anchor his own sports debate show. 

“The best moment? Meeting a patient my first day and giving him the Seacrest World Heavyweight Championship Belt.”

Rodrick Jones

Elena Barilla
University of South Carolina ’19

Elena is a broadcast journalism major and political science minor at the University of South Carolina. Growing up outside of New York City, the wide-eyed, young version of herself would dream of becoming a journalist someday. Elena knows journalism can sometimes deliver some sad stories, but her real passion is in positive, human-oriented pieces. There is no better way to help people through broadcast journalism than interning in Seacrest Studios. Here, Elena can help the best people of all – KIDS! 

“One of my favorite memories in Seacrest Studios is the Saltine Cracker Eating Challenge! DJ Ran had Seacrest Studios try to break a new world record each week and the winner would go in the “Seacrest Book of World Records.” This particular week, the studio was filled with families trying to take home the bragging rights! To my surprise, the world record was only 12 saltine crackers eaten in a minute. My record was 2…. it’s harder than it looks!”

Elena Barilla

Randi Moultrie
Winthrop University ’19 

After a great 6 months at Seacrest Studios, Randi os looking forward to venturing into new opportunities and adventures during her last semester of college. Following graduation she plans to move to Houston, TX to work for a local radio station. Her ultimate goal is to return to Seacrest Studios as a program coordinator for one of the many great locations around the country. 

“My favorite memory would be getting the chance to meet and interview Miss America 2018. Her genuine spirit and kind heart made me beyond comfortable to complete my first celebrity interview. I thank her and Meredith for the opportunity to conduct the interview and be involved with such a great visit to the hospital.”

Randi Moultrie

Lyric Galloway
UNC Charlotte ’18

From Asheville, NC, Lyric is a senior Public Relations student at UNCC. She initially became interested in broadcast media to gain new skills in the world of Communications. Seacrest Studios was instantly the perfect fit! Every day varies, and she appreciated the opportunity to impact so many lives in such a small way. Lyric notes, “Working in Seacrest Studios changed me, and I am grateful.”

“My favorite summer memories were the cooking show and Seacrest Idol!”

Lyric Galloway

Jordin Donahue
Christ the King High School

Jordin Donahue is a Senior at Christ the King High School. Jordin is from Cornelius, NC home of Lake Norman, just north of Charlotte. After volunteering her time to answer phones with a localCharlotte Radio Station who was raising money for the Levine Children’sHospital in the Seacrest Studios, Jordin found a renewed interest in broadcasting and reached out to Meredith Dean to inquire about an internship. Jordin submitted her application and resume’ and was offered an internship and is currently finishing up her second internship at the Seacrest Studios. Her passion for kids came from teaching dance, Jordin introduced, started and teaches an adaptive dance class at her family dance studio.“Working at the Seacrest Studios, being inside the Levine Children’s Hospital has intensified my aspirations to have a career in the medical field.” When Jordin found a place where she is able to put a smile on young kids faces just by telling them the weekly pop culture news she knew there was no place better to be. 

“My favorite memory was bringing Jeff Gordon into the Seacrest Studios as my guest to do my first celebrity interview. Not only has my experience with Seacrest Studios and the Levine Children’s Hospital been an opportunity of a lifetime, but it has changed my life forever, I will treasure my time with every child I have met always.”

Jordin Donahue

Chyna Blackmon
Queens University of Charlotte ’18

Chyna is a journalism and digital media major at Queens University of Charlotte. As a previous intern at SpectrumNews, Motivation Marketing Firm, CharlotteFive, Queens Sports Network and now a returning intern at Seacrest Studios, Chyna hopes to graduate and pursue a career in broadcast news or digital print.

“My favorite memories always come from times when previous patients drop in just to visit Seacrest Studios. For example, when Allie came back to the studio to interview us about our experience at Seacrest Studios for her vlog. This is one of my favorite memories because it was so heartwarming to hear how much Seacrest Studios has meant to her…so much so that she will be a future intern too.”

Chyna Blackmon

Arlette Hawkins
North Carolina A&T State University ’19

Arlette Hawkins is a senior, Journalism & Mass Communication student at North Carolina A&T State University with a concentration in Multimedia Journalism and minor in Spanish. Last semester Arlette studied abroad in Seville, Spain studying Journalism while taking her courses in Spanish. While overseas Arlette hosted a Youtube series called “Arlette Abroad” where she documented each week during her semester overseas. Arlette used her experience and love for learning about others to fuel her Seacrest Studios show, “What in the World?!” Each week, viewers are taken to a new country to learn about their customs, music, food, and more. The goal of this show was to make every patient, regardless of origin, feel welcomed to the hospital; and to expose patients to their (potentially) first “overseas”experience. After graduating in May, Arlette hopes to receive the Fulbright Grant to study media in the United Kingdom or to start working for a media company. 

“My favorite memory was delivering Bingo sheets and seeing that they encouraged patients to come downstairs. A special moment in Seacrest Studios occurred when I realized the importance of my show – Inclusivity and International Adventures.”

Arlette Hawkins

Morgan Lowers
Winthrop University ’19

Anticipating graduation on May 4th, 2019 Morgan is a senior Mass Communications major with a minor in Spanish at Winthrop University. She plays softball for the university and loves how it pushes her to be the best she can be. She wanted to be a news producer after she graduates in May, but Seacrest Studios changed her mind. Morgan’s dream job is to be a program coordinator at a Seacrest Studios location. She loves kids, dancing, singing, Disney and putting smiles on other faces.

“My favorite memory from the semester was when DJ Yuridawg came down to the studio and did my show with me! We were talking about Scooby-Doo and she stole the show once she talked in the mic. Seeing how happy she was made me incredibly happy. I will never forget the impact DJ Yuridawg left on my heart.”

Morgan Lowers

Matt Bumbaca 
University of South Carolina ’19

“I had the most incredible time coming to Seacrest Studios this fall. The best part about this internship for me is that you know you have the ability to make someone’s day. All I ever set out to do was have a good time and impact people in a positive way. This internship has easily been the best experience of my life and I will never forget the memories I’ve made here at Seacrest Studios.”

Matt Bumbaca

Tyler Wise
Queens University of Charlotte ’21

Tyler Wise is a Multimedia Storytelling and Political Science double-major at Queens University of Charlotte. She has a passion for telling stories and hopes to become the next Oprah Winfrey. She has worked with children through summer camps, volunteer opportunities, and from her big family. When she heard about Seacrest Studios, she was amazed that such an opportunity existed. Tyler enjoys interacting with new people and learning their stories. 

“My favorite experience was painting a storage container with DJ M. The very first time I met her we were making pizzas in the studio. She did not understand why anyone would want to place zucchini on their pizza, and it was a shock when a security guard talked her into trying it. While painting the storage bin she began to tell me different stories about her journey. She trusted me and has become a close friend. She, along with many other patients, have left a lasting impact on my life.”

Tyler Wise

Destiny Gettis
University of South Carolina ’19

Destiny is from Hilton Head Island, SC. She found her love for Broadcast when she created her own segment at church called “A Youthful Prospective” at the age of 14. Destiny went to a church where many of the children lived in poverty and through her show she would speak about events in the community, accomplishments of the youth in church, etc. Through her Sunday newscast she was able to uplift children and learned of her passion to share stories and make a difference.

“My favorite memory at Seacrest Studios was when Maryssa came into the studio for about an hour and gave such uplifting life lessons on staying positive (she had me in tears the entire time). She was such an inspiring person and always made me feel that the small challenges I face in life there are always others with bigger problems and I can overcome anything. She taught me about new foods that I’ve never heard of.”

Destiny Gettis

Riley Clemmons Makes Second and Third Trips to Seacrest Studios!

Talk about feeling inspired!  Patients were very “SMILEY” with RILEY after Christian pop singer, Riley Clemmons recently performed for grateful families in Seacrest Studios at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Levine Children’s Hospital!

Among her favorites, she sang “Better For It’ and “Hold On”.  Everyone was in awe of the 18 year old’s range, level of talent and maturity.  One fan was so excited to meet Riley after telling her she listens to her music every night before she goes to bed.  Another parent couldn’t help but admire how the young singer managed to find just the right words to comfort and encourage everyone in attendance.

Following her fantastic mini-concert in Atlanta, we wrapped up the visit with a fun game of Riley IN or Riley OUT? (with everyone else playing along ultimately!) We learned she’s IN with sushi, rollercoasters, sky diving, reality TV, karaoke with friends and the “floss” and OUT with scary movies, dyeing her hair purple, swimming with sharks and Uber pool.  Thank you Riley Clemmons for such a fun and uplifting visits! We are all “Better For It!”


Christmas in…October! Miss USA Put Patients in the Holiday Spirit With Her Latest Visit to Levine Children’s Hospital!

Written Recap by Seacrest Studios Intern, Randi Moultrie

Miss USA 2018, Sarah Rose Summers, took time out of her schedule to stop by Seacrest Studios at Levine Children’s Hospital to visit many patients that were anticipating her arrival. She got to meet some amazing patients and talk about their Halloween plans, their favorite Disney characters and she even gave us some early Christmas spirit by singing “Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer.”

After visiting patients, Sarah Rose came down to the studio to answer a few questions about how she deals with her nerves before a big pageant, what got her interested in becoming a child life specialist and how she felt in that moment of being crowned Miss USA 2018. “It was all vivid, until that moment,” Sarah Rose told us about remembering the moment she was crowned. Now, Sarah Rose is not only Miss USA 2018, but the first Miss Nebraska to gain that title.

Sarah Rose got to participate in one of the studio’s most popular games, “Finish Those Lyrics.” She got to test her music knowledge on-air and see what lyrics she really knew. From pop to country, she knew her musical stuff.

Sarah Rose was an exceptional guest in the studio and we cannot thank her enough for coming to hang out with us. Her visit was nothing short of, “Perfection!”


Levine Children’s Hospital – Intern Showcase

Seacrest Studios is filled with endless possibilities. Through the eyes of a child it is a place to escape. A home away from home. A world full of endless color, games, entertainment and hope. It is filled to the brim with people who care. 

But what does the studio mean to an intern? It is a place to grow, learn and prepare you for the professional world. College students are given first-hand experience with state-of-the-art equipment. They develop skills in photography, videography and writing while hosting their own radio shows and spearheading out-of-the-box games with patients in mind. Most importantly? Interns are presented with the unique opportunity to create lifelong relationships. Read below to hear just how impactful these are.


Carly Thomas
Elon University ’19

Carly Thomas is a Broadcast Journalism major at Elon University. She has a passion for entertainment news and aspires to have a career in the industry. She has worked with children since she was a young teen, and when she found an internship that combined her desired career path with children, it seemed like a dream. Carly’s hobbies include: singing and graphic design, two things she was also able to incorporate into her summer internship at Seacrest Studios.

“Being able to go up and meet patients and get them excited for what Seacrest Studios is all about and then later seeing them come down and smile. Some kids were nervous about coming down to the studio but seeing how happy they were once they were down there made this internship one I will never forget!”

Cory Peeler
University of South Carolina ’20

Cory is currently a junior Broadcast Journalism major and Theater Minor at the University of South Carolina. His passion is television and film and he hope to become a producer one day. Cory decided to major in Broadcast Journalism because he loves telling other people’s stories in a beautiful way. An additional passion includes acting, and the art of stepping into someone else’s shoes to tell their truth to the world.

“The Seacrest Studio 5th Birthday Party!!! I absolutely loved having the community come together and celebrate Seacrest Studios. Seeing the patients come down and smile made it all worth it.”

Darbi Horne
University of South Carolina ’19

Darbi is a native of Greenville, South Carolina and will be a senior Broadcast Journalism student this year. Garnet and black runs through her veins and she could not be prouder to be a Gamecock. When her Seacrest Studios supervisor, Meredith Dean, offered her the opportunity to work with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation she snatched it up in a heart beat. As a Broadcast Journalism student, media effects her life every day for the better. As a student she feels incredibly fortunate for the opportunity to combine her passion for media with her love for kids into one internship. She quotes, “This was a chance of a lifetime that I will never forget.”

“My favorite memory was really connecting with a little girl that eventually became stuck to my hip. I looked forward to seeing her every single shift, and my days weren’t complete without her! She eventually worked up the courage to cohost a show with me and it was the most rewarding and fun experience I had all summer.”

Destiny Gettis
University of South Carolina ’19

Destiny is from Hilton Head Island, SC. She found her love for Broadcast when she created her own segment at church called “A Youthful Prospective” at the age of 14. She went to a church where many of the children lived in poverty and through her show she would gather events in the community, accomplishments of the youth in church, etc. Through this weekly newscast she was able to uplift children, and discovered an innate passion for sharing stories and making a difference.

“My favorite memory at Seacrest Studios was when Maryssa came into the studio for about an hour and gave such uplifting life lessons on staying positive (she had me in tears the entire time). She was such an inspiring person and always made me feel that the small challenges I face in life there are always others with bigger problems and I can overcome anything. She taught me about new foods that I’ve never heard of.

Emma Freas
Queens University of Charlotte ’20

Emma is a currently a junior at Queens University of Charlotte double-majoring in Music and English. Several years ago, she started her own business teaching piano to kids in the Charlotte community and instantly found so much joy in it. This summer, Emma was blessed with the opportunity to intern at Seacrest Studios, a position that combined her love for music, kids, and communication!

“One of my favorite memories at Seacrest Studios was when I visited a patient in his room and started talking to him about the studio and myself. I saw his face instantly light up with smiles and giggles. That is what we’re all about at Seacrest Studios – bringing happiness and positivity to kids’ lives!”

Jordan West
Western Carolina University, Winter ’18

Jordan West is a driven young woman who strives to live life with the purpose of inspiring and uplifting others. As a December 2018 graduate from Western Carolina University, she is seeking a full time position in Broadcasting and Public Relations where she aspires to utilize her education and personal experiences. Jordan enjoys interacting with new people and creating lifelong connections. She is thrilled to embark on new adventures and discover what the future holds.

“My favorite experience was having the pleasure to meet DJ Coco / Colleena. She came into the studio for the first time one Friday afternoon and wanted to sing a song to the patients that were staying on her floor. She had the whole floor turn to channel 99 to watch and hear her sing. Colleen stayed in the studio for over an hour just singing songs back to back and had an audience standing outside of the studio clapping, hollering, and cheering her on. I was over whelmed with happy tears for Colleena, and impressed by her amazing voice. She will forever leave a huge impact in my life.”

Kathleen Cook
University of North Carolina at Charlotte ’19

Kathleen Cook is currently a senior at UNC Charlotte. She has a few passions in her life, but the main two are sports and journalism. With two older brothers and a dad who all love sports, growing up, she had no choice but to attend countless sporting events. Her love was instant. Sophomore year in high school Kathleen joined the school newspaper and fell in love with journalism. She quickly climbed to editor-in-chief her junior and senior years. When she came to college, Kathleen knew she wanted to continue to pursue journalism, and immediately became involved with the campus newspaper. She quickly found a niche and became sports editor of the campus paper sophomore and junior year. Now, in her final year of college, she is the video editor for the campus newspaper as well as a digital media intern for ESPN offices in Charlotte.

“My favorite summer memory has to be DJ M. She came down to our studio one day with her cousin and we jammed out to Moana and then DJ M told me about how she makes bracelets and that she would make me one. A few weeks had gone by and I hadn’t seen my friend in a while. On my last day in the studio, Meredith told me someone had dropped something off for me — DJ M made me (and Meredith) keychains!!! It was honestly the best moment in the internship because, while I knew that DJ M would always be a part of me, it showed me that I had made some sort of impact on my friend.”

Kendel Davy
University of South Carolina ’19

Kendel is a senior Public Relations Major at the University of South Carolina. She is a cheerleader for the university and has been voted most spirited three years in a row. She has a passion for helping children and their families as they go through the experience of being in a hospital. Kendel hopes to combine her high spirited energy and passion for kids to work at a children’s hospital in the future.

“My favorite memory at Seacrest Studios was meeting Xavier. He made every shift so much fun! We would always call down to the studio, he pied me in the face for PT and he painted my face. He made my heart melt so many times but especially watching the accomplishments as his health progressed. When he left the hospital, the amount of people that grew to love him was amazing.”

Randi Moultrie
Winthrop University ’19

Coming to Seacrest Studios from Charleston, SC, Randi is a senior Mass Communication major and Business Administration minor at Winthrop University. After an amazing internship opportunity with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation she has found a new love for radio. In the next year Randi plans to move to Houston, TX where she aspires to build a career in the broadcasting field and pursue her master’s in business. Randi’s aspiration is to one day return the Ryan Seacrest Foundation as a Program Coordinator for one of their many studios across the country.

“My favorite summer memory would have to be meeting DJ Coco, her story and pure happiness always seemed to put a smile on everyone’s face. I got the chance to allow her to do my make-up, because I knew it was something she loved and felt she could not embrace being in the hospital, so I wanted to give her the chance to smile.”

Scotty Gavlin
University of South Carolina ’19

Scotty aka “DJ Scotty G” was born in Pittsburgh and raised in Lexington, SC. He once told his mom that he wanted to be a broadcaster and she said, “you can’t do that Scotty, you mumble.” His reply? “Mom I am 8.” (*Note from Scotty: This is a true story, but seriously she is the greatest person in the world.) His mumble did not bring him down as he pursued a broadcast class in high school. Scotty’s love of broadcast comes from his passion for communicating with others and building impactful relationships. Whatever he does in his life, he wants that to be a part of it; News, sports, ministry, whatever it may be just getting to be with people and hearing stories would be a dream come true.

“We did this thing called iHeart Art on Thursdays and one week a boy named Bren came down. He was super little and kinda shy at first. Then we asked if he wanted a song and he said “Rollie Rollie.” (Not the correct name of the song, but so cute.) I then started dancing and when I did he looked up at me and raised his arms for me to pick him up. For the next 30 minutes, we just danced. Danced a little too much because we were asked to calm down. Still though seeing him happy and all the attention on him made the whole day great.”


Hannah Slater
University of South Carolina ’18

For a long time I knew that whatever I did career-wise I wanted to positively impact people, however I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to accomplish that. In high school I began exploring the field of journalism, and it quickly occurred to me that this could be just the avenue I was searching for. Journalism has the opportunity to do such great good in the lives of others, and though that isn’t necessarily always what occurs, I hope to ethically and effectively produce quality journalism to improve the lives of my audience.

“The first time Colleena ever came into the studio was a Friday, which was the day I worked. We knew nothing about her outside of the fact that she was a patient when she came in. Colleena’s mother explained to us that Colleena’s passion was music, so we asked her if she wanted to sing for us. Little did we know the magic that was about to occur. When Colleena began singing, I don’t believe there was a dry eye in that room. Her beautiful voice reflected her beautiful soul, and it was amazing to see such a vibrant light of hope when something so tragic had happened to her family and herself. There are so many moments like this one that occur in Seacrest Studios, and it’s amazing to see the level of strength that such young individuals can have.”


Jake Selvey
Wake Forest University

Seacrest Studios from the perspective of an intern:

Seacrest Studios at Levine Children’s Hospital Turns FIVE!

Blog Post by Seacrest Studios Intern, Jordan West
Video Recap by Seacrest Studios Intern, Carly Thomas

Levine Children’s Hospital knows how to party! Although the studio’s official birthday is July 29th, we celebrated its 5th birthday with patients, staff, volunteers and special performers on Tuesday, July 31st, 2018.

The birthday celebration kicked off with special performer, Ellie Morgan, from Charlotte, NC. Ellie is a singer/songwriter and former Seacrest Studios intern at Levine Children’s Hospital.

Aveanna Healthcare drew the crowd in with corn-hole, games and fantastic goodies, bringing patients into the LCH lobby and Seacrest Studios. Aveanna even brought a special guest, surprising patients with Black Panther to help out with games, prizes and photo-ops.

Walt Disney says, “Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever.” Disney is a crucial part of any celebration, bringing out imagination, timeless memories and immediate recognition. Thank you to all of our Disney characters who showed up and made this birthday celebration the best yet! Special shout out to Rachel Freeman, who designed and custom-made the following costumes: Belle, Ariel, Maleficent, Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Tinker Bell, Ursula, Jasmine, and many more.

The party only continued when Sir Purr, the official mascot of the Carolina Panthers, entered the building. He instantly made it the most PAWsome and PURRtastic event ever – bringing laughter and joy into the day! Homer, the official mascot for the Charlotte Knights, greeted everybody with his dragon fire breath making the day a homerun.

But wait! There’s more!

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! The Ghostbusters, LCH and Seacrest Studios regulars, stopped in and caught all the ghosts trying to crash the party. Seacrest Studios sends a huge thank you for making our party come to life!

Everybody needs a little magic in their life! Haydini performed an amazing magic show leaving everybody in shock! Balloons, patient caricatures and the red-carpet photo booth were a few more activities apart of the parade of fun that helped make the fifth birthday at Seacrest Studios one we will never forget! Our fun-fulfilled day with lots of celebration ended with an incredible Pet Therapy dog show, showcasing over five dogs performing tricks, jumps and cuddling with our patients.

Seacrest Studios could not run without the fabulous and incredible production interns, hospital volunteers and staff, and our Program Coordinator, Meredith Dean, who made this whole day possible! Dressing up as Disney princesses, hosting game stations, and passing out popcorn & cake… this party was a HIT!


Can Shazam Beat Carly Pearce in Music Knowledge?

Written blog by Seacrest Studios intern Hannah Slater
Video by Seacrest Studios interns Scotty Gavlin and Carly Thomas

Country music singer Carly Pearce, who recently won a CMT Music Award for Breakthrough Video of the Year, stopped by Seacrest Studios in Charlotte on Friday, June 15! We wanted the patients to get to know Carly a little better, so we started her visit off with some questions to try and learn some fun facts about her. We learned a lot, including the fact that Carly LOVES sweet mint gum, kale, and brussel sprouts!

Next we let Carly answer some questions asked by patients in the hospital. We found out that her favorite Disney character is Belle from Beauty and the Beast (she dressed up as Belle 5 years in a row for Halloween!), and Carly even got up to dance when asked what her favorite dance move was. Those dance moves were impressive!

After playing a game where Carly had to try and guess country songs before Shazam could, we quickly discovered that not even an app could guess country songs before her. She can, however, be stumped by Disney silhouettes when playing, “Guess that Disney Character!”

Carly finished her visit by giving a patient that was discharging a special send-off that ended in a big hug. She’s currently touring with Rascal Flatts and Dan + Shay, but we can’t wait to have Carly back in the studio for more games and trivia!


Levine Children’s Hospital Welcomes Kane Brown to Seacrest Studios

Recap by Studio Coordinator, Meredith Dean

Video by Intern, Ryan Sandlin

We loved welcoming country artist Kane Brown to the Queen City! One of the most touching moments from this country star’s visit was when 5-year-old, McKenna, a patient’s sister, brought a homemade poster for Kane that he read aloud: PRAY FOR MY BROTHER KADE. PLEASE KANE, LOVE MCKENNA. Kade had been waiting on a heart transplant for several months in the hospital. She even had the opportunity to compete against Kane one-on-one where she had to get 4 ping pong balls in Kane’s Panthers cup. As a Panthers fan, he was right at home with our patients in Charlotte, NC at Levine Children’s Hospital. This Southern 24-year-old also is a HUGE University of Georgia fan and loved cheering on the Dawgs in a video with our Studio Coordinator & UGA alumna, Meredith.

Another LCH patient, Derek, even came with his own list of questions to ask Kane. He had been thrilled with the news of him coming and was prepared to interview his favorite singer! He also made sure he knew Kane’s birthday (October 21, 1993). As we passed around the Seacrest Studios Fishbowl of questions to our patients of all ages, we found out that Kane:

Used to be able to play Guitar Hero with his feet
His favorite food is chicken
Went to Young Life for summer camp in high school
His favorite song is “Location” by Khalid
Mickey Mouse is his favorite Disney character
His favorite Panthers player is his close friend, Ed Dickson

In the past, Kane has opened up about his tough childhood, so we asked him how he got through those difficult times — as a lot of our patients and families brave through several trials & tribulations in their journeys. He explained to our patients, “Y’all are going through more difficult things than anyone else has to go through. It’ll mature you faster than other kids”. Additionally, since it was International Women’s Day, he talked about the most influential females in his life: His fiancée, his mother, and his Nana. They are all very supportive of him and his mother and nana taught him to never give up.

After the interview, Kane was excited to play March Madness especially since he said his favorite X Box games are sports-related (2K & Madden). He flew through the game with all the right answers — guessing which zoomed in logo represented which college team. The only team logo he missed was for our local college team, the UNCC 49ers, but one of our nurses helped him out! We then played “Guess That Country Song” where Kane successfully guessed the artists and song titles of well-known country hits!

One of our favorite moments from the visit was when Kane performed his hit song “What Ifs”. To accompany him in his performance, he brought his piano player, Ken, and lead guitarist, Alex! He asked the crowd to sing along with him (especially the parts featuring Lauren Alaina) to which everyone happily obliged! Kane met countless patients and their families, taking photos and signing autographs. He truly made their day at Seacrest Studios!


Olivia Holt Visits Levine Children’s Hospital!

Recap & video by studio intern: Jacqueline Malone

While on tour with the Backstreet Boys, Olivia Holt visited Charlotte’s Levine Children’s Hospital! She was greeted by a full house at Seacrest Studios and started out her visit by answering fun patient questions from the famous fish bowl.  When asked what cartoon character she identified with, Olivia answered, “This is gonna sound very odd but Hello kitty. I love Hello, I have seen almost every single episode of Hello Kitty.  And I think that she just likes going on adventures, and I think that’s like my life, and my journey.”  When asked what Disney character she would be, Olivia said, “I would play Rapunzel in Tangled for sure. If they were making a live action I would be Rapunzel.”  When asked why Olivia said, “One, she has a great sense of humor and down for anything, sassy but fun and has these weird quirks about her that is relatable, and she’s just cool.”   Olivia was also “dared” to do a choregraphed model walk down the pretend Seacrest Studios runway and worked the catwalk posing with one of our patients!

Olivia and her fans began playing “Finish the Christmas Lyrics.”  Each patient had the opportunity to finish singing the lyrics that was missing from the song.  From Jingle Bell Rock to Rocking Around the Christmas Tree, Olivia and the patients sang their hearts out, bringing in holiday cheer.

Afterwards, each patient and Oliva had a total of 30 seconds to draw their best holiday character on a candy cane or gingerbread.  Each person showed their artistic talents and had loads of giggles when they saw each other’s art.

Using the green screen, everyone had to grab their dancing shoes and did a special version of our Friday program, Seacrest Idol!  Olivia and her fellow dancers got loose and copied all the moves to the song “That Power” by Justin Bieber & on Just Dance.  At one point Olivia said, “I might just do my own!”, free styling with her own great moves! With huge smiles on the faces and the green screen in the background, everyone in the hospital was able to see their dancing performance live on their digital stage!

While wrapping up her visit, Olivia took pictures and autographs with her fans.  She learned about a special patient that wasn’t able to come down to the studio for her visit.  To accommodate her fan, Olivia went upstairs and personally visited sweet Jesslie in her room!  Jesslie has become well known and loved in this hospital. She said that all she wanted was “to see her hero that was downstairs”. It was truly a Christmas miracle for this sweet girl.

Olivia’s visit kicked off the holidays right at LCH and brought such joy to our precious patients. We were so thankful to have such a bright, friendly, and loving person in our studio!




Old Dominion Makes a Special Visit to Levine’s Children’s Hospital


Video by Program Coordinator, Meredith Dean & Intern, Justin Lape

Blog Post by Intern, Danielle Miller

While visiting Charlotte, North Carolina, country music group Old Dominion stopped by Seacrest Studios at Levine Children’s Hospital to answer questions, talk with patients, and play some games. This was the group’s second time visiting the kids at LCH.

The visit was Halloween themed and started off with the band members putting on Batman and Frankenstein masks and doing their best impersonations of the characters. When asked about what they would be dressing up as for the upcoming holiday, the group said that they were still thinking about their costumes, but they are leaning towards being superheroes such as Iron Man or Superman.

With roots in Virginia, we decided to quiz the band on their Virginia state knowledge. They were able to guess the state’s nickname, which is where they got their band name, Old Dominion. Matthew Ramsey knew the most out of the members, and was able to name the state capital and state bird as well. Another game we played was “Guess that country lyric” that the group did excellent at! Whit Sellers showed off his incredible Luke Bryan impression/accent during the game, and we even got everyone to sing a couple of country lyrics.

The patients asked the group a variety of silly questions. The group revealed that they all love to sing in the shower. They get hug attacks from fans sometimes at concerts or when they’re out and about. Brad, Matthew, and Trevor all admitted to snoring loudly in the middle of the night and proceeded to show us their snores.

Towards the end of the visit, the group gave patients their advice when they’re having a bad day. Brad said he loves to call his mom, dad, or friends when he’s having a tough day. Trevor said that getting hugs from anyone and everyone always makes him feel better and makes the rest of his day go better. Matthew concluded by saying when he’s feeling down, he goes to his music and likes to write things down or listen to his favorite songs.

The visit ended with patients taking pictures with Old Dominion. Even the Levine Children’s Hospital security guards and nursing staff got in on the action. We had so much fun with this energetic group and hope they come back soon to Seacrest Studios in Charlotte soon!


RSF SPOTLIGHT: Meet Our Charlotte Studio Manager

We’re shining the spotlight on some of the amazing people that help make our Seacrest Studios around the country so special.



Meredith, the studio manager of Seacrest Studios at Levine Children’s Hospital takes having fun, seriously! Always smiling and ready to play, Meredith exudes positivity and has made being in studio such a special and exciting experience. Learn more about her in her own words:

  • How long you have worked at Seacrest Studios? About a year and a half! Since March 2016.
  • Favorite thing (game/activity, etc.) you do in studio: I dress up as Anna from Frozen every Wednesday to play Bingo and deliver prizes to all of our patients at Levine Children’s Hospital.
  • Most memorable studio guest (and why}: Our patients that host their own unique hour-long shows! Celebrity-wise, I would pick Madisyn Shipman from Nickelodeon’s Gameshakers. She was so touched from her studio visit that she created a once-in-a-lifetime “prom” experience for Joe, a cystic fibrosis patient, on her own time with the help of Levine Children’s Hospital.
  • Do you have a special hidden talent? I can make towel animals, speak French, N64 Master, human jukebox/identify any song faster than Shazam.

Thank you, Meredith, we are grateful for the time you have spent making Seacrest Studios such an awesome place to be.