LoCash Sings ‘I Know Somebody’ At Seacrest Studios Colorado

Written recap by Cody Hudson
Photos by Chris Coleman
Video by Chris Coleman with additional footage from Amanda Thiel

Chris Lucas and Preston Brust from LoCash hung out with patients in Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital Colorado. The patients and kids were eager to find out all about LoCash and asked great questions. We learned that if Preston could have any animal he would get a bear and name it Bubba (and it would protect his house!)…and Chris explained that he didn’t like history when he was in school even though he loves it now. Between the two, Preston was more likely to eat food off the ground and play goofy games, while Chris has the bigger collection of Disney movies and is the video game expert of the two.

The guys of LoCash explained the origin of their name as it was adapted from a group that Preston and some high school buddies had called the “LoCash Money Boys,” a nickname they gave themselves when they were able to find fun stuff to do that didn’t cost much money. Chris explained that, “it’s really mentality for life, the best things in life are free, like hanging out with friends and family” and that’s why they call their group LoCash.

Both Preston and Chris played along in our studio’s favorite game, Backwards Forwards and did quite well. Preston even figured his name out before we played it backwards, and got every syllable right with the name of their latest single, “A Ring on Every Finger.” Preston and everyone in the studio were impressed with his backwards forwards abilities and Preston said with a smile, “Why am I so good at this? I found a subject I’m good at, I could do this all day guys, this is fun!” Then the duo sang their number one hit, “I Know Somebody” as the studio crowd clapped along.

Children’s Hospital Colorado also learned that LoCash loves coffee and movies and hopes to one day play at Red Rocks or Madison Square Garden. Before taking pictures and signing autographs, LoCash offered these words of encouragement, “Sometimes we are gonna have rough days and sometimes there are brighter days, look forward to the brighter days. Try to put a smile on someone else’s face. Stay strong, you got this.” Thanks to LoCash for putting smiles on our faces here in Colorado. Come back and talk backwards with us anytime!



LoCash Performs “I Love This Life” For Patients In Seacrest Studios

Patients at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta welcomed LoCash to Seacrest Studios and got to see a performance of their hit song, “I Love This Life.”

Songwriters Chris Lucas and Preston Brust admitted they came very close to throwing in the towel after putting in so much hard work without a payoff. But a phone call from Keith Urban changed their lives when the country music icon requested to record “You Gonna Fly” (a song they wrote.) Momentum continued to build when Tim McGraw released another one of their co-writes, “Truck Yeah.” LoCash is now singing their own songs, creating hits and truly loving life! It’s nice to see these gracious guys tasting success!

Thanks to LoCash for a wonderful visit.

LOCASH Channels ‘Star Wars’ At Seacrest Studios Charlotte

Recap by: Emily Lane, Seacrest Studios Intern

Country Music duo, LOCASH visited Seacrest Studios at Levine Children’s Hospital during their tour stop in Charlotte.  Chris Lucas and Preston Brust, kicked their visit off with laughter as they entered the studio with Chris sporting a hot pick feather boa given to him by a patient.

The duo shared a common love for ‘Star Wars’ with patient, Matthew. Chris even showed off his second talent, Chewbacca impersonations, and encouraged the patients in the studio and up in their rooms to try out their best Chewy! Laughter erupted later when Chris revealed that he also dabbles in Batman impressions.

LOCASH signed an autograph for every patient in the hospital and incorporated a special symbol that can be used as a backstage pass at any one of their concerts!

Preston shared that the duo was scheduled to perform the National Anthem Thanksgiving Day at the Green Bay Packers game and vowed to tug on his ear to let the patients of Levine Children’s Hospital know that he was thinking of them!

Preston and Chris advised patients on how to work on their music from inside the hospital and performed their latest hit, “I Love This Life,” with some audience participation.

Thank you, LOCASH, for sharing your love of life with the patients of Levine Children’s Hospital! We can’t wait to share our improved Chewbacca Impersonations with you next time.