Michael Ray Brightens Up Seacrest Studios in Boston!


Photos by intern Kate Bell

Video recap by intern Joyce Lee

Written recap by Molly McIntyre

Country singer Michael Ray stopped by Seacrest Studios at Boston Children’s Hospital during his tour! Michael shared stories of his lifelong interest in music, including playing in a band in high school. He also talked about what he’d be doing if he wasn’t a musician, which was following in his family’s footsteps and being a first responder!

Patient Ty asked Michael some fun “Would You Rather” questions, and Michael made the bold claim that he’d rather rake leaves than shovel snow! Afterwards, fellow patient Catherine jumped in with some questions of her own, where we learned that Michael’s favorite movies are the “Rocky” movies!

Michael was kind enough to sing his song “Get To You” for the kids, as well as sign autographs for everyone! He also posed for some amazing pictures with the kids, and even let future doctor Amia check his heartbeat! 

Thank you so much for visiting us, Michael! We hope you come visit us at Seacrest Studios the next time you find yourself in Boston! 


Michael Ray Talks Donuts & Alligator Hunting During Visit to Seacrest Studios

Video by: Chance Harris
Recap by: Paula Cuadrado

Country singer Michael Ray fielded some awesome questions from kids during a visit to Seacrest Studios at Children’s Medical Center Dallas.

“Do you like donuts?” one child inquired.

Michael responded, “Absolutely!” and the two discussed favorite flavors.

Madison, who loves country music, asked about Michael’s favorite vegetable.

Tough question – he couldn’t decide on just one,“Broccoli and asparagus.”

Triston, 13, said he wanted to ask a hard question during the interview. He finally stumped Michael by ending the interview with a personal question, “Who was the first girl that you kissed?”

You’ll have to watch the video to see how Michael responded!

Michael then serenaded the crowd with his song “Run Away with You.”

Thank you, Michael Ray, for visiting Seacrest Studios! We loved meeting you. Come back anytime!