Khalid spends his first time in Nashville at Seacrest Studios!

19-year-old, five-time Grammy nominee, Khalid, visited Seacrest Studios in Nashville for the River of Hope Radiothon at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. Reminiscing on a tweet from three years ago, Khalid mentioned he has always dreamed of attending the Grammys. However, he never imagined doing so as a nominee. Khalid explained, “Back in 2014 when I had tweeted ‘I want to go to the Grammys’, I just wanted to sit at the Grammys. I just wanted to see the joy in everyone’s face when they were given the award that they deserve.” He then went on to encourage patients to follow their dreams, even if they might not know what that dream is yet. 

As a member of the Musicians On Call organization, Khalid spoke to the power of music in his life. He can’t help but smile during all of his performances as he witnesses the unspoken joy music brings to an audience. He aspires to use his platform to talk to individuals who continuously push for music while combating negativity in the world. 

Following an a cappella performance of his hit song “Location,” Khalid spent time answering questions from patients. We learned random facts about his favorite snacks, which include Swiss rolls and red Starbursts, as well as his dream superpower of teleporting to Paris for dinner. When patient Ryan asked how he sings so well, studio goers learned the inside scoop of Khalid’s mom and how she raised him around music, encouraging his vocal talent. Khalid then shared his reasoning behind joining the Musicians On Call organization: Simply put he loves people and aspires to spread joy and positivity throughout the world. 

Thank you for spreading so much laughter and positivity in Seacrest Studios, Khalid! You are welcome back any time!

Brett Eldredge brings Smiles and Songs to Seacrest Studios in Nashville!

By Savannah Stewart, Lipscomb University

Country star, Brett Eldredge, popped in to Seacrest Studios in Nashville to visit his friends at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt!  He sat down at the microphone next to our friends Jayden and Sophie to hang out and sing some songs.  Eldredge sang us “Long Way” off of his new album.  The music video for the song had just been released days before – and of course we got the scoop on what making a music video is like!  Brett also showed off some of his favorite dance moves – “The Eldredge” is “all in the shoulders!”

A game of “Never Have I Ever” was also necessary.  A few secrets came out from Eldredge along the way! He let us know that he has gone to the Principal’s office multiple times and loves his dog a lot – even enough to have tried a dog treat to see what his dog had been eating!

Brett took pictures with all of his Seacrest Studios fans, sang a couple chorus’ with aspiring young artists, and did a few model poses with patients.  We loved our time with Brett Eldredge and look forward to his next visit!


Noah Cyrus Gives Patients at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital a Look Into Her Life

By Sierra Sparks, Lipscomb University

Teen pop star and actress, Noah Cyrus, made a special visit to Seacrest Studios at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital while visiting her family in Nashville! While touring with Katy Perry, Cyrus spent her off day playing games, creating fashionable hospital gowns, and hanging out with our patients!

Children and their families waited eagerly inside the studio for the chance to meet this spunky star!

During Noah’s visit, she gave patients a look into her life. She told our friends at Children’s Hospital that she loves glitter and rhinestones! If she were to design her own hospital gown, she would immediately add those two signature elements to give her gown the “Noah style”.

Noah also shared with our audience some struggles she faces about being in the music industry. She gave our friends an insight into what it’s like growing up famous, and how she experiences sickness, just like the rest of us. She encouraged our patients to never let a stumble be the end of their journey.

After Noah met with patients and took pictures, she shared with us how much she loved her visit to Children’s Hospital. Noah was gracious enough to invite patients to her show the following night. We loved getting to spend our day with Noah, and can’t wait to have her come for another visit!



The Seacrest Studios Nashville Intern Experience: Summer 2017 Edition

Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt

Recap by: Mamie Shepherd

Video by: Michelle Klein, Elon University

The summer of 2017 provided another incredible internship opportunity for qualified college students at Seacrest Studios Nashville!  Students gained first-hand experience in broadcasting and programming right in the heart of Music City!

Our student teams worked to produce entertaining, creative, and enlightening on-air content for young patients and their families.  Interns learned the technical side of operations by taking turns working the radio board, microphones, and camera equipment.

Seacrest Studios provided unbelievable opportunities for students to develop their on-air skills, widen their broadcasting knowledge, enhance their writing skills, and learn about advertisement and marketing as it relates to studio and hospital events.

Students in Nashville interacted with many important movers and shakers in the music and entertainment industry, along with prominent sports stars, donors, and community partners.

Take a look at the video for a glimpse into a summer spent in Seacrest Studios at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation currently has 10 broadcasting centers across the United States. For more information about interning at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt, or at any of the other studios across the country, take a look at our “Get Involved” tab!

RSF SPOTLIGHT: Meet Our Nashville Studio Manager

We’re shining the spotlight on some of the amazing people that help make our Seacrest Studios around the country so special.


We are so grateful that Mamie, the studio manager at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt, has dedicated so much time and love to Seacrest Studios. Mamie started as an intern at our Seacrest Studios in Atlanta and then helped us open and manage our studio in Charlotte. After a few years in Charlotte, she made the move to Nashville to help open and run our studio there.

Her dedication to our studios is inspiring and we want you to learn more about her in her own words:

  •  How long you have worked at Seacrest Studios: I have worked for Seacrest Studios for 6 (going on 7) years!  My first role was as an intern at our first studio in Atlanta!
  •  Favorite thing (game/activity, etc.) you do in studio: My favorite thing to do in the studio is laugh! Whether that is in an interview, a lip sync battle, or a game – as long as we are laughing, that is my favorite activity!  What better thrill is there than to watch abrave child sing openly and laugh uncontrollably.
  • Most memorable studio guest (and why): The opening of our Nashville studio was a pretty amazing memory with a global superstar guest: Taylor Swift! She surprised everyone!
  • Special hidden talent (if you have one): I am from Texas – I can work wonders with a can of hairspray and a teasing comb! 🙂

Thank you, Mamie, for bringing your positive energy to Seacrest Studios and the patients every day!


Over the coming weeks, we are going to be shining the spotlight on some of the amazing people that help make our Seacrest Studios around the country so special. From our studio managers to our patients, these individuals are the heart of our studios and we are so happy to share their stories!

First up…Meet Amina!

Amina is 8 years old, a patient at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital (in Nashville) and a total Seacrest Studios rockstar!  When she is not in Seacrest Studios playing Bingo (her favorite in-studio activity) you can be sure to catch her singing, dancing, painting or creating art and other crafts (all of her special talents.)

A few more awesome things about Amina in her own words:

  1. What is your favorite song? All the music from “Frozen!” (Anna from “Frozen” is her favorite!)
  2. Who was your favorite studio guest(s)? Miss Tennessee USA, Allee-Sutton Hethcoat because “she was very friendly and we exchanged crowns and secrets. I also like the Weatherman (NewsChannel5’s Henry Rothenberg), because he is funny!”
  3. What is your favorite subject in school? Science
  4. What do you want to be when you grow up? Right now it’s between a Care Partner and a Teacher.

Thank you, Amina, for always brightening our studio with your beautiful smile and endless creativity!


Rascal Flatts Perform LIVE from Nashville!

Recap By Mamie Shepherd
Video Recap by Katie Klochany, Elon University
Pictures by John Russell/Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Friends to Seacrest Studios, and award-winning country music trio, Rascal Flatts, gave a groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind, multi-studio concert from Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt in Nashville.  It was groundbreaking because this appearance allowed patients from Washington, D.C.; Cincinnati, Ohio; Atlanta, GA; Boston, MA; and Nashville, TN to come together by live stream to see and talk to “the most awarded country group of the past decade.” It was important to Rascal Flatts to reach as many sick and injured children as possible with their music.  The Flatts answered questions, signed autographs, and put on a concert that thrilled patients and families.

Rascal Flatts has sold over 22.5 million albums and has had 16 #1 single hits. The crowd that gathered in Nashville, and the fans watching from across the country, were delighted to have access to this incredibly talented group.

While on-air, the legendary Grand Ole Opry members performed some of their greatest hits including Bless the Broken RoadFast Cars and Freedom, and I Like the Sound of That!  Some very young fans of the movie, CARS, even brought their toy cars to be autographed recognizing Rascal Flatts as the performers who sang Life Is A Highway from the hit movie!

Seacrest Studios had started the season off early by playing songs from Rascal Flatts’ latest Christmas CD, The Greatest Gift of All.

It was fun to see The Flatts in person right after they were seen on the CMA Awards, and after their featured appearance on the hit country music video, Forever Country, where a long list of legends and newcomers joined together for one of the most incredible musical collaborations in country music history.

These generous singers acknowledged all that they have accomplished and all that they hope to do to help others.

Our holidays got a jump-start with Rascal Flatts and, because of their music and kindness, we will never be the same!

Seacrest Studios Goes Country With Kellie Pickler!


Recap by Mamie Shepherd


Seacrest Studios at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville, TN was featured on an episode of Kellie Pickler’s CMT reality show, “I Love Kellie Pickler.”  What an amazing experience this was for patients and families to not only get to meet country music’s sweetheart, but also participate in a real television show!

The episode brought Kellie and her singer/songwriter husband, Kyle Jacobs, to the studio and the laughs they generate cannot be contained!  Kellie charmed her way into the hearts of everyone at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital!  During her visit, she brought friends Ken Johnson, and Andi Zack-Johnson, along with her. This husband-wife duo, also known as Huck & Lilly, may be recognized by children for their work on the album, There’s A Tree Growing in my Room!  Ken and Andi brought contagious joy, wonderful music, and a fun sense of humor to the happy experience we all had at Seacrest Studios.

Patients and families were entertained by all of the fun during a Q&A session with Kellie.  Her answers were hilarious, and the giggles were non-stop!  We also learned how to Whip/Nae Nae and we enjoyed a funny version of Hospital Relay Challenge played by Kellie and her friends!

Kellie did pause from the laughs long enough to speak with patients about the importance of keeping good company – something we most certainly did when she came to the studio!

Our thanks to Kellie, Kyle, Andi, and Ken for a fun afternoon – one we will re-live this season on “I Love Kellie Pickler“!

The Band Perry Celebrates Release of ‘Comeback Kid’ at Seacrest Studios Nashville

Video and blog by Seacrest Studios Intern, Katie Klochany

Country music fans flocked to Seacrest Studios at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt to meet Kimberly, Reid, and Neil from The Band Perry.

The Band Perry’s visit was filled with excitement as they celebrated the release of their first new song in a year, “Comeback Kid.” Written to inspire friends and fans walking through a challenging time, the musicians hope to encourage those who come out on the other side landing on their feet. The band revealed the immense difficulty in keeping the release of the song a secret, and Kimberly confessed in most situations, she would be the first one to spill a secret.

With questions in hand, curious patients asked about the early stages of the family band, discovering that youngest brother, Neil, was well liked by older sister, Kimberly, because he smelled like pizza when he was born.. After an exciting game of “Song-Moji”, Kimberly shared she has a “No No” list of words she will never put in songs, including any word related to the weather. However, we were happy to hear “Seacrest” is not on this list, and may appear in their next single. We will have to stay tuned.

Thanks so much for an incredible visit, we cannot wait to have you back in Seacrest Studios!

Jordan Fisher Answers Patient Questions In Seacrest Studios Nashville

Video and blog by Seacrest Studios Intern, Katie Klochany

It was an exciting Friday night when patients welcomed “Teen Beach Movie” and “Grease Live” star, Jordan Fisher, to Seacrest Studios at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt.

Cheers and applause erupted as the actor/singer appeared through the glass doors of Seacrest Studios as patients exclaimed, “Teen Beach Movie is my favorite!” Immediately, patients started interviewing the star asking questions like “What is your favorite movie?” which Fisher embarrassingly answered From Justin to Kelly and “What will you name your future pet?” a question Fisher pondered before replying “Carly,” after one of the patients in the room. Fisher also revealed his start in the acting industry began in 5th grade, all because of a girl! When she asked if he was going to the Drama Club meeting he quickly responded yes, and has been an actor and singer ever since.

Fisher also revealed to patients that he procrastinates getting out of bed in the morning, even though he feels the most productive when starting the day early. We learned that with a busy day on set or a long day in a hospital, Fisher recommends always finding things that bring you joy. Hang out with family, find a hobby, watch shows or movies, read books, or listen to music to distract you from all the waiting.

Finally, after a fast paced round of the “Hum Along Game” Fisher ended his visit with a skeptical patient asking if he really starred in Teen Beach Movie. To prove himself Fisher was able to remember and perform part of the “Surf’s Up” dance from the finale of the film.

Thank you so much for all the smiles, laughs, and dance moves you brought to the studio Jordan! Come back to visit us anytime!