Walker Hayes Dances His Way Into Our Hearts at Seacrest Studios, Nashville!

The next stop on Walker Hayes tour has landed him right here in #SeacrestStudios! We’re coming to you live with songwriting tips, a LIVE performance, dance moves and more!

Posted by Ryan Seacrest Foundation on Thursday, September 27, 2018

Written Recap by Program Manager, Mamie Shepherd

We found Dancing With The Stars’ next big contestant right here in Seacrest Studios – country star, Walker Hayes!  The musician showed off his impressive dance moves, even his own version of the “Shiggy” during a recent visit to Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN.

Walker answered patient questions, including a question about how his song, “Craig” came about.  He told the audience in the studio that “Craig” was written about a man who was very kind to Walker and his family.  He encouraged all patients watching to be Craigs.

After vowing to write a song about Ryan Seacrest, Walker sang his hit song, “You Broke Up With Me.”    He even wowed the crowd with a snippet of Frozen’s “Let It Go”….in Spanish!

To top off the appearance, Walker acknowledged his good friend, Bobby Bones, who is currently a contestant on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars. We just couldn’t “Let It Go” without seeing some of the hitmaker’s own dance moves! The studio erupted in laughter and clapping when Walker backed away from the microphone and gave us his own rendition of the Floss, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, the Texas Two-Step, and even a Dab! The score – 10s all around the room!

Patients left encouraged after Walker spoke of the importance of knowing it is okay to feel sad on days that are hard, but to remember that tomorrow is always a new day.

We can’t wait for Walker to visit us again!  We promise to have more dance moves ready!


Noah Cyrus Makes a Tour Stop in Her Hometown!

Live with Noah Cyrus in Seacrest Studios

Posted by Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt on Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Written Recap by Program Manager, Mamie Shepherd

Pop star, Noah Cyrus, visited Seacrest Studios at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt during a tour stop in her hometown of Nashville, TN!

Currently on the Good Cry tour, Noah brought opening act, Maty Noyes (they met on Instagram!) with her to Seacrest Studios. The girls told patients about being on the road together and how they have become fast friends!  They talked about everything from fashion trends to social media to their favorite food – which we learned is chicken nuggets!

Noah and Maty helped lead a sing-along of the ABC’s – see the video above – in the studio before taking pictures and signing autographs with patients and their families.

We loved having these two friends visit us in Seacrest Studios, and we look forward to the next time they come to Music City!


Brandon Lay Takes a Trip Around the Sun to Seacrest Studios!

Recap by Program Manager, Mamie Shepherd

Before taking the stage with Kenny Chesney at Nashville’s massive Nissan Stadium for the Trip Around the Sun Tour, country star, Brandon Lay, made a special visit to Seacrest Studios at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt!

Brandon told the audience gathered in the studio all about life on the road (he loves being on tour) and life on a tour bus!  His bus carries 9-12 people at any given time and the group loves to watch Friends and The Office together while traveling. Sometimes, the musicians just like to pull out their guitars and jam in between cities.  When talking about preparing to go on tour, Brandon walked us through his packing list for the road.  He said, “I always make sure I have some swimming trunks.”  One of his last days off from the tour led to floating down the river with his band!

When he gets back to Nashville, the first thing Brandon likes to do is jump on his motorcycle.  He also likes to spend time with his Pomeranian, Rusty T (find his pup on Instagram @rustytfromtn)!

Brandon talked about how he has stayed positive while navigating his way through the music industry – a lesson our patients applied to learning how to stay positive while in the hospital.   “It’s hard if you stand and try to watch a tree grow.  Just keep trying.  You might look back and 6 weeks has gone by and the difference is just astronomical.  That has always inspired me.  You’re not going to see an instant change, but if you just keep showing up and just keep trying – and even if you fail, just keep getting out of bed and trying – you’ll look back maybe it’s 2 weeks or 2 months, but you’re going to notice a change and people will see it around you.  When you look back and see the difference, that’s what will motivate you to keep on and even kick it up a notch.  That has been my philosophy.  Keep grinding and just show up.”

To the delight of the audience in Seacrest Studios, Brandon sang his hit song, “Speakers, Bleachers and Preachers.”

Check out the funny video below of Brandon and his guitar player, JP, playing a paper plate drawing game!

Huge thanks to Brandon Lay for making a tour stop at Seacrest Studios Nashville!  We hope to see you again soon!



Over the coming weeks, we are going to be shining the spotlight on some of the amazing people that help make our Seacrest Studios around the country so special. From our studio managers to our patients, these individuals are the heart of our studios and we are so happy to share their stories!

First up…Meet Amina!

Amina is 8 years old, a patient at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital (in Nashville) and a total Seacrest Studios rockstar!  When she is not in Seacrest Studios playing Bingo (her favorite in-studio activity) you can be sure to catch her singing, dancing, painting or creating art and other crafts (all of her special talents.)

A few more awesome things about Amina in her own words:

  1. What is your favorite song? All the music from “Frozen!” (Anna from “Frozen” is her favorite!)
  2. Who was your favorite studio guest(s)? Miss Tennessee USA, Allee-Sutton Hethcoat because “she was very friendly and we exchanged crowns and secrets. I also like the Weatherman (NewsChannel5’s Henry Rothenberg), because he is funny!”
  3. What is your favorite subject in school? Science
  4. What do you want to be when you grow up? Right now it’s between a Care Partner and a Teacher.

Thank you, Amina, for always brightening our studio with your beautiful smile and endless creativity!


Jordan Fisher Answers Patient Questions In Seacrest Studios Nashville

Video and blog by Seacrest Studios Intern, Katie Klochany

It was an exciting Friday night when patients welcomed “Teen Beach Movie” and “Grease Live” star, Jordan Fisher, to Seacrest Studios at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt.

Cheers and applause erupted as the actor/singer appeared through the glass doors of Seacrest Studios as patients exclaimed, “Teen Beach Movie is my favorite!” Immediately, patients started interviewing the star asking questions like “What is your favorite movie?” which Fisher embarrassingly answered From Justin to Kelly and “What will you name your future pet?” a question Fisher pondered before replying “Carly,” after one of the patients in the room. Fisher also revealed his start in the acting industry began in 5th grade, all because of a girl! When she asked if he was going to the Drama Club meeting he quickly responded yes, and has been an actor and singer ever since.

Fisher also revealed to patients that he procrastinates getting out of bed in the morning, even though he feels the most productive when starting the day early. We learned that with a busy day on set or a long day in a hospital, Fisher recommends always finding things that bring you joy. Hang out with family, find a hobby, watch shows or movies, read books, or listen to music to distract you from all the waiting.

Finally, after a fast paced round of the “Hum Along Game” Fisher ended his visit with a skeptical patient asking if he really starred in Teen Beach Movie. To prove himself Fisher was able to remember and perform part of the “Surf’s Up” dance from the finale of the film.

Thank you so much for all the smiles, laughs, and dance moves you brought to the studio Jordan! Come back to visit us anytime!

Martina McBride Interviewed By Patients At Seacrest Studios Nashville

Martina McBride Visits Seacrest Studios Nashville!

Written By: Lexi Miller, Seacrest Studios Intern
Video by: Katie Klochany, Seacrest Studios Intern

Country superstar Martina McBride made a special visit to Seacrest Studios at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital. The four-time CMA Artist of the year debuted her 13th studio album, Reckless, in April of this year and gave us some insider information about what this tour has been like. One of her most treasured rituals while on tour is her after-show food parties on her tour bus after each show! She also shared some details about her best road companion… her Maltese/Poodle mix, Mae! Martina’s tour sounds like a blast!

Patients grilled Martina with some of their questions and we found out several intriguing facts. We discovered that if Martina were to become president, her first order of business would be to send everyone to Disney World! Martina for President! A patient inquired about Martina’s eating habits and although the superstar loves to cook, she revealed she still visits McDonald’s every now and again. Another interesting detail we found out is what’s currently on Martina’s iPod, and it wasn’t who we expected. Martina shared with us that Ariana Grande is playing a lot in her household upon request by her 10 year old daughter. Family is undoubtedly very important to Martina, and she came grew up in a family that also loved music. Born on a farm in Kansas, she was surrounded by music with her father who played in a band for fun! Martina said she knew she wanted to be a singer at the early age of six years old, and boy, aren’t we glad she fulfilled that dream!

Finishing up her visit, Martina shared the encouraging thought of the day which included lyrics from her song, “Just Around The Corner” which is a piece of her newest album, Reckless. She gave hope to our friends in the hospital by telling them “not everything will last forever,” and that better days are “just around the corner.” Martina ended her visit by playing a quick game with patients followed by a meet and greet.

Thank you for visiting us in Seacrest Studios in Nashville, Martina! We hope you’ll come back soon!

American Authors Play ‘Hum Along’ in Seacrest Studios Nashville

Recap By Seacrest Studios Intern, Lexi Miller
Videos By Seacrest Studios Intern, Katie Klochany.

American Authors visited Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt and discussed their upcoming album, “What We Live For.” The band agreed that their first album “Oh, What a Life” was written about previous life experiences whereas this next album is focused more about their goals and dreams for the future. The band is open about their very intimate songwriting approach stating, “music is a bit of a diary because those are your experiences.”

The band seems to have many hidden talents along with their obvious musical gift. Bandmate Matt Sanchez has been working on a novel which includes a loose history of what the band has been through thus far. The book allegedly contains characters based on each of the other band members. In their free time, the band enjoys outdoor activities like snowboarding, rock climbing, and hiking. They try to stay active on their days off!

We learned where the band came up with the name “American Authors” originally. The bandmates are from all across the United States and each have unalike backgrounds and upbringings. As for the second part of the name they said, “we feel like we are authors because we have stories to tell.”

After the interview, the band played a game of “Hum Along” where one person hums a song and the other guesses. Their humming skills were very impressive!

We loved having American Authors in the studio and we can’t wait to see them again!

David Cook Plays Games With Patients In Seacrest Studios Nashville

Recap by Seacrest Studios Intern, Lexi Miller, Clemson University
Videos by Seacrest Studios Intern, Katie Klochany

American Idol’s Season 7 winner, David Cook, made a memorable visit to Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. David told friends in the studio about growing up in a musical household, his unconventional audition for American Idol, and details about his newest album, Digital Vein. Typically, David likes to name his records first, then form the songs based on that name. We learned that Digital Vein was originally going to be named Mirror, Mirror but was changed at the very last minute.

During the interview, David shared some details about growing up in a family that loved music. The first instrument he ever played was a violin, then three years later he learned to play guitar. Today, David owns 30 guitars! He told us the white guitar he played during his time on American Idol has now been retired to a special place on the wall in his home. Although David’s first musical breakthrough was in a school Christmas pageant as a child, the rest of his childhood he spent more focused on sports. It wasn’t until college that David started concentrating on his band and music career.

After the interview, David finished up the visit with a meet and greet with new friends in the studio. Thank you so much for making our day here at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt, David!