Old Dominion Makes a Special Visit to Levine’s Children’s Hospital


Video by Program Coordinator, Meredith Dean & Intern, Justin Lape

Blog Post by Intern, Danielle Miller

While visiting Charlotte, North Carolina, country music group Old Dominion stopped by Seacrest Studios at Levine Children’s Hospital to answer questions, talk with patients, and play some games. This was the group’s second time visiting the kids at LCH.

The visit was Halloween themed and started off with the band members putting on Batman and Frankenstein masks and doing their best impersonations of the characters. When asked about what they would be dressing up as for the upcoming holiday, the group said that they were still thinking about their costumes, but they are leaning towards being superheroes such as Iron Man or Superman.

With roots in Virginia, we decided to quiz the band on their Virginia state knowledge. They were able to guess the state’s nickname, which is where they got their band name, Old Dominion. Matthew Ramsey knew the most out of the members, and was able to name the state capital and state bird as well. Another game we played was “Guess that country lyric” that the group did excellent at! Whit Sellers showed off his incredible Luke Bryan impression/accent during the game, and we even got everyone to sing a couple of country lyrics.

The patients asked the group a variety of silly questions. The group revealed that they all love to sing in the shower. They get hug attacks from fans sometimes at concerts or when they’re out and about. Brad, Matthew, and Trevor all admitted to snoring loudly in the middle of the night and proceeded to show us their snores.

Towards the end of the visit, the group gave patients their advice when they’re having a bad day. Brad said he loves to call his mom, dad, or friends when he’s having a tough day. Trevor said that getting hugs from anyone and everyone always makes him feel better and makes the rest of his day go better. Matthew concluded by saying when he’s feeling down, he goes to his music and likes to write things down or listen to his favorite songs.

The visit ended with patients taking pictures with Old Dominion. Even the Levine Children’s Hospital security guards and nursing staff got in on the action. We had so much fun with this energetic group and hope they come back soon to Seacrest Studios in Charlotte soon!


Old Dominion Plays ‘Hum Along’ in Seacrest Studios

Country/Rock group, Old Dominion, made an early morning stop by Seacrest Studios in Charlotte, NC, prior to their concert in the Queen City.

Band members, Geoff Sprung, Brad Tursi, Matthew Ramsey, Trevor Rosen, and Whit Sellers told the crowd gathered at Levine Children’s Hospital about being on tour with Kenny Chesney – they are currently on The Big Revival Tour 2015 – saying “it makes for a good weekend for us.”  Traveling the country with nine people on board the tour bus, they confessed a lot of Rocky movie marathons happen!

The band answered patient questions like “do you keep a diary?” and “what TV game show would you like to appear on?”  The group also told patients one new fad they are into trying is the Periscope app.

When asked their advice for a patient in the Seacrest Studios audience about to graduate from high school, singer Matthew Ramsey said, “That’s your time.  Figure out what’s in your heart and go for it! Be open to change and roll with it.”

Matthew Ramsey and Trevor Rosen talked to patients about the songwriting process (both are accomplished songwriters).  They said that sometimes lyrics can come in an hour and sometimes it takes months.  They also told the Seacrest Studios audience that often songs are built around a title.

After a comical round of “Hum Along” (see video), they performed their hit song, “Break Up With Him,” for patients and families.

Our thanks to Old Dominion for the great advice, performance, and for spending time with us at Levine Children’s Hospital! We hope to see them back in Seacrest Studios soon!