Little Big Town Brings BIG Smiles to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia!

Little Big Town’s impact was anything but little when they stopped by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Perhaps as much a draw for the parents they were for the patients, the Grammy award-winning band was all smiles and laughs as they swapped stories with a packed Atrium.

From pranks with Carrie Underwood, to Spongebob and Sesame Street impressions, the members of Little Big Town went down memory lane discussing their adventures on the road, the opportunities that their success has brought, and the glue that has held them together for so many years. And how’s this for a class act? They cancelled their own sound check to do some extra special room visits before departing the hospitals. Thanks, Little Big Town, for the little moments and the big day for our kids!

All Time Low Makes Another Visit to Seacrest Studios!

What a better distraction for the patients at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia than some games with All Time Low! The band was a hit at the hospital during their pit stop before their big show, melting the hearts of patients (and some of our interns) with their comradery and playful demeanor.

Diving into a game of “All Time Trivia,” each member was quizzed with “easy” questions about their own band. We quickly witnessed little success and hilarious consequences (just check out what the kids made them wear for wrong answers). When asked about their lengthy journey together, perhaps Alex Gaskarth gave away the best secret of all to their success, “we grew up on the road…stay creative and stay driven.” Keep it up, guys!

Thanks for visiting Seacrest Studios, All Time Low! We can’t wait to have you back.