Riley Clemmons Makes Second and Third Trips to Seacrest Studios!

Talk about feeling inspired!  Patients were very “SMILEY” with RILEY after Christian pop singer, Riley Clemmons recently performed for grateful families in Seacrest Studios at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Levine Children’s Hospital!

Among her favorites, she sang “Better For It’ and “Hold On”.  Everyone was in awe of the 18 year old’s range, level of talent and maturity.  One fan was so excited to meet Riley after telling her she listens to her music every night before she goes to bed.  Another parent couldn’t help but admire how the young singer managed to find just the right words to comfort and encourage everyone in attendance.

Following her fantastic mini-concert in Atlanta, we wrapped up the visit with a fun game of Riley IN or Riley OUT? (with everyone else playing along ultimately!) We learned she’s IN with sushi, rollercoasters, sky diving, reality TV, karaoke with friends and the “floss” and OUT with scary movies, dyeing her hair purple, swimming with sharks and Uber pool.  Thank you Riley Clemmons for such a fun and uplifting visits! We are all “Better For It!”


Riley Clemmons Debuts Self-Titled Album at Seacrest Studios!

Written Recap by Seacrest Studios Program Manager, Mamie Shepherd
Photography by Trent Nicholson
Video by Maddie Herreid

Capitol CMG artist, Riley Clemmons, made pulling an all-nighter look like fun when she stopped by Seacrest Studios in her hometown – Nashville, TN!  On the day her debut, self-titled album dropped, Riley had been up for over 24 hours straight!  Riley started her day in the wee hours by celebrating her album release in New York City! She was so excited that she just stayed awake from Times Square to Nashville where she sang her heart out to adoring fans in Seacrest Studios at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt!  You can go a long time on just a little sleep when you are that excited!  Our patients matched Riley’s enthusiasm and peppered her with tons of questions about her likes, dislikes, and how she keeps going when she gets tired.

Patients were encouraged to learn that Riley actually started writing songs when she was just 13! That gave many who had gathered in the studio, and those watching from upstairs, motivation to start writing down their thoughts and feelings to put to music!  After all, writing is something patients can do from almost anywhere!

It was really exciting to know that Riley has worked with award-winning songwriters and that she is even going on tour in the fall with American Idol star, Danny Gokey!

Clemmons’ songs, “Broken Prayer” and “I’ll Stay” are studio favorites and have been part of the line-up at Seacrest Studios and on Radio Disney.  Because of that, it didn’t take two seconds for patients to pick up on the choruses of Riley’s songs and sing along with her.

After answering questions, playing a game of This Or That, and singing some tracks from her album, Riley left us with hugs and encouraging words to keep our spirits up and our determination high!  It was an engaging, therapeutic visit with a compassionate performer we are sure to hear more big things from!

Thanks, Riley, for the laughter, love, and lyrics.  We were “Better For It” and can’t wait to hear more of your music!

Riley’s self-titled album, Riley Clemmons, is out now!