Riley Clemmons Makes Second and Third Trips to Seacrest Studios!

Talk about feeling inspired!  Patients were very “SMILEY” with RILEY after Christian pop singer, Riley Clemmons recently performed for grateful families in Seacrest Studios at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Levine Children’s Hospital!

Among her favorites, she sang “Better For It’ and “Hold On”.  Everyone was in awe of the 18 year old’s range, level of talent and maturity.  One fan was so excited to meet Riley after telling her she listens to her music every night before she goes to bed.  Another parent couldn’t help but admire how the young singer managed to find just the right words to comfort and encourage everyone in attendance.

Following her fantastic mini-concert in Atlanta, we wrapped up the visit with a fun game of Riley IN or Riley OUT? (with everyone else playing along ultimately!) We learned she’s IN with sushi, rollercoasters, sky diving, reality TV, karaoke with friends and the “floss” and OUT with scary movies, dyeing her hair purple, swimming with sharks and Uber pool.  Thank you Riley Clemmons for such a fun and uplifting visits! We are all “Better For It!”


Christmas in…October! Miss USA Put Patients in the Holiday Spirit With Her Latest Visit to Levine Children’s Hospital!

Written Recap by Seacrest Studios Intern, Randi Moultrie

Miss USA 2018, Sarah Rose Summers, took time out of her schedule to stop by Seacrest Studios at Levine Children’s Hospital to visit many patients that were anticipating her arrival. She got to meet some amazing patients and talk about their Halloween plans, their favorite Disney characters and she even gave us some early Christmas spirit by singing “Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer.”

After visiting patients, Sarah Rose came down to the studio to answer a few questions about how she deals with her nerves before a big pageant, what got her interested in becoming a child life specialist and how she felt in that moment of being crowned Miss USA 2018. “It was all vivid, until that moment,” Sarah Rose told us about remembering the moment she was crowned. Now, Sarah Rose is not only Miss USA 2018, but the first Miss Nebraska to gain that title.

Sarah Rose got to participate in one of the studio’s most popular games, “Finish Those Lyrics.” She got to test her music knowledge on-air and see what lyrics she really knew. From pop to country, she knew her musical stuff.

Sarah Rose was an exceptional guest in the studio and we cannot thank her enough for coming to hang out with us. Her visit was nothing short of, “Perfection!”


Cole Swindell Welcomed Back to Seacrest Studios, Dallas

After his first visit to Seacrest Studios in Dallas Cole Swindell said, “I’ll see ya later,” and the country singer made good on that promise and came back to visit his friends at Children’s Health!

Many young fans packed the studio to welcome Cole back to Seacrest Studios. Cole shared what he’s been up to since the last time he visited and why it’s so good to be back in Texas. He also got to know some new friends, who gave him some restaurant recommendations for his time in Texas.

Cole was excited to perform for the crowd and even let the kids request the songs. Jacob wanted to hear “Flatliner” so Cole and his buddies jammed to that one! Kevin asked to hear “Middle of a Memory,” so Cole played that one, too! We also sang along to “Let Me See Ya Girl.” It was a mini concert exclusively for the kids in Seacrest Studios and those watching on tv from their rooms. What an experience!

Thank you, Cole and friends, for coming back to Seacrest Studios! We’re cheering you on and can’t wait to see you again soon!

lovelytheband Visits Not One, but TWO Seacrest Studios in a Week!

Cincinnati Written Recap by Seacrest Studios Intern, Jamie Flaugher

Seacrest Studios at Cincinnati Children’s had an amazing visit from lovelytheband! The trio instantly felt at home, inviting one patient, Eli, to get up close and personal with lead singer Mitchie’s guitar! Eli was able to strum the singer’s guitar, and Mitchie even gave him his guitar pick as a souvenir! After an awesome performance of the band’s song, “Broken,” they played “Love It or Hate It” in which they debated their preferences on: iPhones, cats, cold pizza, vinyl and so much more!

As they went through the game, the topic turned to the upcoming Halloween holiday. The patients got involved, going around and sharing their Halloween costume plans. During the meet and greet patients were able to share a little one on one time with the band while getting their pictures taken and autographs signed.  Lani was super excited when she learned the band loved sloths. During her turn with the band, she showed them pictures of when she met a real-life sloth! As one patient was leaving she said, “It was the highlight of my week!” Cincinnati Children’s was buzzing after the epic visit with lovelytheband!

At Children’s National, in Washington D.C., the band didn’t hesitate to jump right on air with our patient DJs. The group shared that they had been on tour since March of 2018 and they will continue their tour until the end of the year. The band mentioned that they love being on tour with one another for so long, however they each still needed some down time every once in a while. Guitarist, Jordan Greenwald aka “DJ Jazzy J,” said he hops in his bunk while on the tour bus and pulls his curtain back.

The guys shared that video games also help them pass time while on tour and even named a few of their favorites including Zelda, Spider-Man and FIFA. We also learned how the guys would spend a $1 million lottery ticket. Drummer Sam Price “DJ Curls” said that if he won the winning ticket, then he’d create a video game center and would invite all of the patient DJs to hang out! A tremendous roar of excited screams and chants encompassed the studio as all the patient DJs and staff members began singing Happy Birthday to DJ Jazzy J because his birthday was only two days before his band’s Seacrest Studios visit!

Due to their love of hot wings, the boys were challenged to a fun and silly game of “Hot” or “Not.” The trio unanimously agreed that they loved Converse and that the shoes can be very versatile depending on your mood and fashion sense. We then learned that the band also loved romantic comedies and Christmas music. The guys were in the hot seat during the last question of the game when they were asked whether they considered Seacrest Studios “Hot” or “Not.” The band ecstatically shrieked that Seacrest Studios was indeed on their “Hot” list. The amazing visit ended with the band performing an acoustic rendition of their hit single, “Broken,” which is currently taking over the charts nationwide.

Thank you guys for swinging by Seacrest Studios in both D.C. and Cincinnati! We can’t wait to cheer you on as you finish up your tour!


Walker Hayes Dances His Way Into Our Hearts at Seacrest Studios, Nashville!

The next stop on Walker Hayes tour has landed him right here in #SeacrestStudios! We’re coming to you live with songwriting tips, a LIVE performance, dance moves and more!

Posted by Ryan Seacrest Foundation on Thursday, September 27, 2018

Written Recap by Program Manager, Mamie Shepherd

We found Dancing With The Stars’ next big contestant right here in Seacrest Studios – country star, Walker Hayes!  The musician showed off his impressive dance moves, even his own version of the “Shiggy” during a recent visit to Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN.

Walker answered patient questions, including a question about how his song, “Craig” came about.  He told the audience in the studio that “Craig” was written about a man who was very kind to Walker and his family.  He encouraged all patients watching to be Craigs.

After vowing to write a song about Ryan Seacrest, Walker sang his hit song, “You Broke Up With Me.”    He even wowed the crowd with a snippet of Frozen’s “Let It Go”….in Spanish!

To top off the appearance, Walker acknowledged his good friend, Bobby Bones, who is currently a contestant on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars. We just couldn’t “Let It Go” without seeing some of the hitmaker’s own dance moves! The studio erupted in laughter and clapping when Walker backed away from the microphone and gave us his own rendition of the Floss, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, the Texas Two-Step, and even a Dab! The score – 10s all around the room!

Patients left encouraged after Walker spoke of the importance of knowing it is okay to feel sad on days that are hard, but to remember that tomorrow is always a new day.

We can’t wait for Walker to visit us again!  We promise to have more dance moves ready!


Patients Play “This or That” With British Band, Years and Years!

British synth-pop band, Years and Years, made a special visit to patients and families at Seacrest Studios in Washington DC. The talented trio lit up the studio with their electrifying personalities and warm spirits! There were tons of laughs and jokes going around from both the band and patients in the studio and up in their rooms.

The trio were asked hard hitting questions by our patient DJs. DJ BW called in and wanted to know- “Would you Rather never shower again for the rest of your life or never brush your teeth again for the rest of your life”. The bands reactions were mixed—with one member responding scientifically and thoughtfully saying “He would never brush his teeth again because you could always pop in a piece of bubblegum”. We were able to introduce the British band to some American staples such as Chick-fil-a, Wegmans grocery stores, Hulu, and Mambo Sauce.

One of the highlights of the visit was when the patients and band collectively made their best Chewbacca impression on-air! There wasn’t a dull moment in the studio as the patient DJs took over the mics. Before the visit ended, Years and Years played a speedy round of This or That. We soon learned who in the band is a cat or dog person, who prefers mayonnaise or BBQ sauce, and most importantly who favors pineapple pizza!

The visit was topped off with the band writing personalized messages and autographs to our friends in their rooms who were unable to join us in the studio. Thank you so much to our new friends, Years and Years for making our day brighter at Children’s National in Washington DC!


WWE Superstars Are Welcomed to Seacrest Studios with Yes! Yes! Yes! Chant

WWE @ Children's Colorado

"What's your favorite word that starts with W? …Worms." The perfect answer from Daniel Bryan at Children’s Hospital Colorado! Thanks to our friends at WWE for stopping by #SeacrestStudios

Posted by Ryan Seacrest Foundation on Wednesday, October 3, 2018

WWE Superstars Daniel Bryan, Charlotte Flair, and R-Truth visited the Seacrest Studio at Children’s Hospital Colorado. Daniel Bryan was especially pleased that the kids welcomed the three Superstars into the studio with his trademark “Yes! Yes! Yes!” chant.

Patients and visitors asked tons of great questions, prompting R-Truth to divulge his love for butter pecan ice cream. Charlotte Flair bested her fellow Superstars at the brain-twisting audio game Backwards Forwards (she NAILED the word “entertainment” backwards!)

To top it off, Daniel Bryan’s favorite thing that starts with “W” is…you guessed it…WORMS! Kids received autographed WWE title belts and a chance to pose with the Superstars, capping off an unforgettable day. Thank you to our new friends R-Truth, Daniel Bryan, and Charlotte Flair!


Noah Cyrus Makes a Tour Stop in Her Hometown!

Live with Noah Cyrus in Seacrest Studios

Posted by Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt on Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Written Recap by Program Manager, Mamie Shepherd

Pop star, Noah Cyrus, visited Seacrest Studios at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt during a tour stop in her hometown of Nashville, TN!

Currently on the Good Cry tour, Noah brought opening act, Maty Noyes (they met on Instagram!) with her to Seacrest Studios. The girls told patients about being on the road together and how they have become fast friends!  They talked about everything from fashion trends to social media to their favorite food – which we learned is chicken nuggets!

Noah and Maty helped lead a sing-along of the ABC’s – see the video above – in the studio before taking pictures and signing autographs with patients and their families.

We loved having these two friends visit us in Seacrest Studios, and we look forward to the next time they come to Music City!


Disney’s Aladdin Brings Magic to Seacrest Studios at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

It was as if a genie granted our wish when cast members from Disney’s Aladdin – the hit Broadway musical, stopped into Seacrest Studios at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta recently!  The musical scored great reviews from Atlanta critics but the visit to the studio scored even better reviews from patients!  After previewing the movie Aladdin earlier in the week, patients and families were excited to meet Clinton Greenspan (Aladdin), Lissa deGuzman (Jasmine), Zach Bencal (Babkak) and Michelle West (Ensemble) and chat about everything from speedy costume changes to special effects!

Interestingly, all four hail from different cities, and many took different paths (singing vs. dancing vs. acting vs. sports) to get where they are today – terrific performers enjoying their dream job!  It’s a good thing this talented foursome loves what they do because Aladdin, the musical will be on tour until 2020! There was no shortage of questions, just limited time as the cast had to head straight to rehearsal before the show that night. We are so grateful for the opportunity to meet the wonderful stars of Aladdin. Thank you for taking the time to visit and continued good luck with the tour!


Brandon Lay Takes a Trip Around the Sun to Seacrest Studios!

Recap by Program Manager, Mamie Shepherd

Before taking the stage with Kenny Chesney at Nashville’s massive Nissan Stadium for the Trip Around the Sun Tour, country star, Brandon Lay, made a special visit to Seacrest Studios at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt!

Brandon told the audience gathered in the studio all about life on the road (he loves being on tour) and life on a tour bus!  His bus carries 9-12 people at any given time and the group loves to watch Friends and The Office together while traveling. Sometimes, the musicians just like to pull out their guitars and jam in between cities.  When talking about preparing to go on tour, Brandon walked us through his packing list for the road.  He said, “I always make sure I have some swimming trunks.”  One of his last days off from the tour led to floating down the river with his band!

When he gets back to Nashville, the first thing Brandon likes to do is jump on his motorcycle.  He also likes to spend time with his Pomeranian, Rusty T (find his pup on Instagram @rustytfromtn)!

Brandon talked about how he has stayed positive while navigating his way through the music industry – a lesson our patients applied to learning how to stay positive while in the hospital.   “It’s hard if you stand and try to watch a tree grow.  Just keep trying.  You might look back and 6 weeks has gone by and the difference is just astronomical.  That has always inspired me.  You’re not going to see an instant change, but if you just keep showing up and just keep trying – and even if you fail, just keep getting out of bed and trying – you’ll look back maybe it’s 2 weeks or 2 months, but you’re going to notice a change and people will see it around you.  When you look back and see the difference, that’s what will motivate you to keep on and even kick it up a notch.  That has been my philosophy.  Keep grinding and just show up.”

To the delight of the audience in Seacrest Studios, Brandon sang his hit song, “Speakers, Bleachers and Preachers.”

Check out the funny video below of Brandon and his guitar player, JP, playing a paper plate drawing game!

Huge thanks to Brandon Lay for making a tour stop at Seacrest Studios Nashville!  We hope to see you again soon!