Country Singer, Sarahbeth Taite Visits Seacrest Studios!

Sarahbeth Taite, country singer and friend of Seacrest Studios stopped by her third Seacrest Studio location – in Atlanta recently! The talented, young artist shared that when she was just 14 she begged her parents to take her to Nashville, which resulted in her first publishing deal! Then, at 17, after graduating early from high school, Sarahbeth made the bold move from Colorado to Tennessee.

When asked what’s been the hardest and scariest part of her journey thus far, she revealed it was toughest finding a new group of close friends. At least that phase certainly inspired some great songwriting…and we were lucky enough to hear her perform several songs. The patients loved getting to know Sarahbeth and we look forward to hosting her again!


Seacrest Studios Presents 5 Seconds of Summer at The Zone at Scottish Rite

By Gabbi Markle and Brittany Wade
Due to a massive water main breakage affecting a large portion of Atlanta, Seacrest Studios at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta had to make an eleventh hour diversion to the Scottish Rite campus to host the band 5 Seconds of Summer.
Instead of the traditional studio visit, the event turned into an intimate campfire-style Q&A with the patients. The Zone was filled with some of the band’s biggest fans who were so excited to ask the band some of their most burning questions. Drummer Ashton Irwin asked if there were any writers in the room and encouraged patients to always express themselves through the creative arts. He wanted them to know that anything can happen–just look at his band’s success!
After the patient-led interview, the band took photos with patients and parents alike, even pausing to sign shirts, socks, and anything else the kids wanted.
The patients at Scottish Rite loved getting to meet 5SOS, and we can’t wait until the next time they visit Atlanta!

Lana Del Rey Makes a Special Surprise Visit to Seacrest Studios!

By: Katie Klochany

Patients were all smiles when Grammy nominated artist and friend to Seacrest Studios, Lana Del Rey, made a surprise appearance at Monroe Carroll Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. Immediately after landing in Nashville, the talented musician stopped by the studio to answer questions, sign autographs, and play games with patients in the hospital.

Before heading to Bridgestone Arena for her “Lust for Life” tour, fans were let into the singer’s inner circle learning how she tackles nerves and prepares for a big show. With a musical family and an uncle in Nashville, Lana confessed she feels more anxious when playing a smaller venue such as The Ryman, over a larger show like Bridgestone Arena. She then gave patients the inside scoop on her pre-show ritual: Lemons, hot water, and 30 minutes watching another artist give a live pop performance to spark her own energy. The visit continued with questions from patients like, “What is your favorite emoji?” In a struggle to determine just one studio-goers learned she loves both the double pink hearts and the unicorn.

After all questions had been answered, the singer was swept into a game of “Lana Del YAY or Lana Del NAY”.  Featured in the video above, Lana was prompted with questions to which she had to quickly respond with a ping pong paddle: one side featuring a happy photo, yay, and the other more intense, nay.

In a room full of fishbowl questions tightly clenched between small fingers, Lana Del Rey set out to make a rainy Tuesday just a little bit brighter. With a lingering smile she noted, excursions such as visiting Seacrest Studios make touring through countless cities all the more meaningful. Thank you for visiting with so many incredible patients throughout your tour Lana, you’ve left fish pebble in our hands, and a stamp on our hearts!


Anthony Gonzalez from Oscar-Winning Animated Film, “COCO” Visits Seacrest Studios!

In celebration of the DVD release of the award-winning Pixar movie, COCO”,  Anthony Gonzalez, the talented 13-year old actor who provided the voice of Miguel, stopped in to visit with patients and families in Seacrest Studios at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Anthony is every bit as vibrant as the Oscar-winning film for Best Animated Feature, it’s no surprise he won the lead role!

He has been performing since age 4 and because he was blessed with a beautiful voice, he was happy to  perform several songs from the movie including the film’s  Oscar-nominated song “Remember Me.”  Patients gushed over him, the film and all the movie swag Anthony brought with him – mini blow-up guitars, stickers and big, colorful movie posters (which look great on white patient room walls by the way!)  Congratulations to “COCO” for winning Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards!


Diana DeGarmo & Ace Young, Play “Finish the Lyric” at Seacrest Studios

Video by intern: Savannah Stewart, from Lipscomb University

Recap by: Sierra Sparks, from Lipscomb University

The dynamic duo of husband and wife, Diana DeGarmo and Ace Young made a visit to Monroe Carroll Jr. Children’s Hospital to help spread some cheer! The American Idol stars joined forces and played an exciting game of “Finish the Lyric!” Patients clapped along and sang while the couple tag-teamed the game! Together they were the perfect blend of fun and spunkiness—just what our friends at Children’s Hospital needed!

Diana and Ace were a delight to have in the Studios and we hope to have them back soon!


YouTuber, Troye Sivan visits Children’s ATL!


What a Valentine’s Day treat having singer, songwriter, actor and YouTuber, Troye Sivan visit Seacrest Studios at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta! Exactly the dose of medicine patients needed on this “Happy Hearts Day!” We found out what he loves most about the United States (our high speed internet and next day shipping!) and what he misses most about his hometown, Perth, Australia (good coffee!).

Troye was happy to be back in the ATL where he spent six weeks last year filming the upcoming movie, Boy Erased with Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman. As for when was the last time he was star struck, he will tell you it was when he received a phone call from a “mystery person”…who turned out to be ADELE!  Troye had the same effect on one unsuspecting fan when he made an impromptu patient room visit and then tweeted a picture of himself with his new friend and Valentine! Our hearts are FULL. Thank you Troye for spending your Valentine’s Day at Seacrest Studios Atlanta…clearly proving that your heart is as big as your fan base!


Teen duets with Alex Aiono in Seacrest Studios


Moments, memories and one-of-a-kind experiences – that’s what happens inside Seacrest Studios. And the recent visit with singer-songwriter and YouTube extraordinaire Alex Aiono embodied all the reasons why Seacrest Studios exists.

Kids who are hospitalized or come to the hospital for appointments or lengthy treatments no doubt miss out on life outside hospital walls while they’re here. And it’s our mission in Seacrest Studios to try to make up for that by offering them unique experiences to take away memories and moments they wouldn’t otherwise get to experience – like celebrity visits.

We’ve known Jireh for several years during his time at Children’s Health in Dallas. It’s been amazing getting to know him over the years of his treatment. His smile always beams no matter what he’s going through. We’ve seen his love for music grow from a hobby to an inspired pursuit writing his own music and finding his own sound. Jireh, now 18, performs in Seacrest Studios often doing covers and sharing originals. The week of his 18th birthday Alex Aiono, one of his favorite musicians, was coming through town on tour. Jireh asked us if we could invite Alex to the studio, and we’re so glad he did!

Alex was so excited to come to Seacrest Studios and meet Jireh and Meredith, 9, and several other kids who stopped by for selfies and autographs. The most special part of the visit was when Alex and his fan-turned-friend Jireh performed one of Alex’s songs together. Jireh had performed a cover of “Work the Middle” in studio before, but this time he got to do it as a duet with one of his favorite singers.

The duet was awesome and it felt like they had practiced before the way they harmonized and took turns with the verses. And while the crowd enjoyed the musical performance, those who know Jireh, like his chaplain and Child Life team who came to watch, and the nurses and fellow patients who watched from the unit on the Red Balloon Network, knew just how special of an experience this was for him.

Thank you, Alex Aiono, for bringing your joy and music to Seacrest Studios, and for making such a special experience for Jireh that we all got to share!


Comedian, Matt Iseman Visits Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta!

Seacrest Studios at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta was teeming with young ninja warriors wearing capes in anticipation of their visit with Matt Iseman, stand-up comedian and host of the popular reality competition series, American Ninja Warrior. The former doctor turned TV host entertained patients and families with many positive stories of contestants facing (and overcoming!) their fears, both on and off the obstacle course.

Matt also shared some of the challenges and obstacles he has faced personally through his own battle with cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. There isn’t a more positive or inspiring guy to be found. We hope he’ll be back to visit one day (perhaps if and when his dream of being cast in an action film comes true!) In the meantime, Matt is sending some of the popular Atlanta ninjas from his show our way and we can’t wait!


Lana Del Rey Brings all the Sparkle to Children’s National!


Our friend, Lana Del Rey, stayed an extra day after her concert in Washington D.C. to make a special visit to Seacrest Studios at Children’s National! From the moment she was spotted through the studio’s glass windows at Children’s National, patients and families could not contain their excitement! The studio was packed with her fans and some of patients wanted to sit by the mics so they could ask her some fantastic questions! Lana told us all about what she’d been doing during her spare time in D.C., saying that she made a visit to see the White House with some of her friends. To everyone’s surprise Lana admitted she still has stage fright and gets super nervous before each performance. Lucky for the audience, however, Lana treated everyone to a private, up close and personal performance. She sang a few songs for us, including her version of “Once Upon a Dream” from “Maleficent”. She said that if she could put her own spin on any other Disney song, it would have to be something from “The Little Mermaid”.

The room was filled with smiling faces as Lana warmed everyone’s spirit. Lana also filled us in on her pre-show routine, saying she loves to sing along to songs by artists like Whitney Houston and Ariana Grande to warm up her voice before her concerts. We also found out that she loves cats, and her favorite color is anything that glitters!

After giving the patients some great advice on following their passions, Lana took pictures and signed autographs for everyone. One of the highlights of her visit was when a mother asked Lana for a special favor. It was her daughter’s birthday and she was a huge fan! Unfortunately, she was not in the studio for the visit. To the birthday girl’s surprise, Lana personally called her and sang “Happy Birthday” to her over the phone. Tears streamed down the mother’s face as Lana serenaded her daughter on her special day. It was a magical moment! Lana repeated how happy she was to be able to visit Children’s National. “This is where my heart is,” said Lana. Before leaving, she assured everyone she would come back again soon. Seacrest Studios can’t wait for Lana’s next visit! Lana, thank you so much for taking the time to visit us and good luck on the rest of our tour!


Boy Band, In Real Life Visits Seacrest Studios!

New 5-piece boy band, In Real Life popped into Seacrest Studios to celebrate the holidays with patients at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta recently.  The group, winners of ABC’s summer competition series Boy Band, consists of Brady Tutton, Chance Perez, Drew Ramos, Sergio Calderon Jr., and Michael Conor.

The guys gave us some insight from the show and described how their first performance after the show was an eye-opening experience. All eyes were on them as they performed their debut single, “Eyes Closed” and a Christmas single of theirs as well. Our holiday wish is that In Real Life comes back to visit! Thank you for making our holidays as bright as your future!