Britney Spears Surprises Patients At Seacrest Studios!

Today, patients at Children’s Hospital of Orange County, received a very special treat when Grammy Award winning artist, Britney Spears, stopped by for a visit. Upon arrival, Spears happily sat down for an interview in Seacrest Studios, where her biggest fans from the hospital, Saylor, Christine, and Perla were able to ask her questions about her career, her favorite things, and her upcoming album. During the interview, Spears even gave the girls advice on her daily makeup routine.

Click below to listen to the full interview:

After the interview, Spears stayed in the studio to handout personalized copies of the Smurfs 2 soundtrack (featuring her song “Ooh La La”), to each patient. After her meet and greet, Spears asked to meet patients that were not able to come down to the broadcast, and continued her visit up on patient floors. The patients were ecstatic to meet and take pictures with the singer!
We are very thankful for Britney’s visit today…a visit the patients will never forget!

Written by Seacrest Studios CHOC intern, Taylor Tanton
Video Recap by:  Seacrest Studios CHOC intern, Yuri Scharan


Seacrest Studios Opens at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center: Photo Gallery

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation opened its sixth Seacrest Studios on Monday at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) with the help of Jason Derulo, Drew Lachey, and more.

Check out photos of all the action in our gallery … and for more information from the big day, head to CCHMC’s Facebook and Twitter pages!

Seacrest Studios Opens At Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

We are excited to announce that on Monday, November 18, 2013, we opened Seacrest Studios at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC).  This studio opening marked the sixth studio our foundation has built. We currently have Seacrest Studios at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Children’s Medical Center of Dallas, Children’s Hospital of Orange County (in Orange County, California) and Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina.

With the help of Jason Derulo, Drew Lachey and some pretty amazing patients named Carson, Liz and Brody, Ryan hosted the first live broadcast in studio. We even got to watch Liz sing the Mumford and Sons song “Timshel” as the very first performance at Seacrest Studios in Cincinnati!

You can follow all of the day’s events on on Twitter with #seacreststudios. 

CCHMC has also been posting on their Twitter and Facebook pages, so be sure to check out all of their great updates.

We are so excited to welcome CCHMC to our Seacrest Studios family and excited to be bringing our program to patients in Cincinnati!

Cam Newton Shares Secrets at Seacrest Studios!

Carolina Panthers fans came out in full force when Panthers Quarterback, Cam Newton, stopped by to spend time at Levine Children’s Hospital (LCH) and Seacrest Studios!

While appearing in the broadcast media center, Cam was able to address hot topics with some of the football-playing patients who had gathered to see him.  Newton scored big points and brought huge smiles to the faces of everyone with his wonderful sense of humor and outgoing personality.

When asked if he was a good cook, Cam told the crowd that he absolutely was, and that he makes a phenomenal bowl of . . . “Cinnamon Toast Crunch.”

Cam walked patients through a typical (and busy) day in his life.  He also jokingly told LCH patients that he is good at keeping secrets, and that his best kept secret right now is that he “saved 15% on his car insurance by switching to Geico” – a secret that brought lots of laughter.

Just the weekend before, The Carolina Panthers had defeated The Atlanta Falcons – a victory that held special meaning for Cam since Atlanta is his hometown.  He told fans that that win was extra sweet. 

Before he wrapped up his interview and took pictures with patients, Cam was very excited to share the “Encouraging Thought Of The Day:”

The patients at Levine Children’s Hospital are thrilled to have a star player like Cam Newton living in their hometown. We all look forward to the next time he stops in to Seacrest Studios! 

Fifth Harmony Inspires Patients at Seacrest Studios!

It was a delightful whirlwind of energy, enthusiasm, and giggles when Fifth Harmony visited the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The girl group, which was formed on the second season of The X-Factor, was asked questions in studio about The X-Factor judges, their favorite TV shows, and favorite Twilight character. We found out that the girls might not agree on everything, but their shared passion for singing and performing and utmost positive attitude in overcoming challenges has made them, as they sing in their song, “better together.”

It’s clear just how well band members, Lauren (age 17), Camila (age 16), Dinah (age 16), Ally (age 20), and Normani (age 17) get along. Each took a turn describing one another, and we learned a bit about their unique personalities and how they fit into the group as individuals. Normani was said to be “glam” and a goofball, similar to Dinah who was described as being “fab…funny…and outgoing.” Ally consistently radiates positivity and is the “sunshine” of the group, and Camila, a “cupcake” always with a bow in her hair, likes to joke around and is dependable. Lastly, they can rely on Lauren for giving good advice, saying she is smart and intellectual.

When asked about how they got along upon joining Fifth Harmony and blending these distinct personalities, the girls noted how easy and smooth the transition was. They naturally gravitated toward each other and became friends before the formation of the group. Though the singers did mention how difficult it was initially defining their harmonies and sound. Another challenge they had to overcome was learning to stay confident (and remain positive) when hearing harsh criticism. The girls emphasized the importance of believing in yourself and never letting anyone tell you that you can’t accomplish your goals.

Four out of the five 5H-ers, said they’d rather be cast on the TV show Glee than The Office, and when asked “Team Edward or Team Jacob,” all except Normani said they were with Edward! The ladies also had a fairly universal love for Scary Spice from the Spice Girls! In their discussion about The X-Factor judges, they explained that despite Simon Cowell’s honesty, which can be brutal at times, he is actually quite a sweet guy and he’s always serving up scones.

Before their departure, the stars offered some inspiration and advice. They said to always stay true to yourself and that if you have a dream, to go for it. As Camila said, “You’re full of infinite possibilities. If someone doesn’t believe in you, it’s all the more reason to prove to yourself that you can make your dreams a reality.”

Thank you, Fifth Harmony. for sharing the love with us at CHOP and good luck with the rest of your headlining tour!
Written by CHOP crew member Erica Hochman

G. Hannelius and Regan Burns from A Dog With a Blog Hang Out At Seacrest Studios!

G. Hannelius and Regan Burns from Disney Channel’s hit TV sitcom Dog With a Blog stopped by Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital of Orange County to pay a special visit to our patients and families. Excited and eager patients and their families came into the studio to await their arrival, and when they arrived, their humorous personalities shined immediately.

On Dog With a Blog, G. Hannelius plays the role of Avery Jennings, the highly intelligent and hard-working step-sister of Tyler and Chloe (played by Blake Michael an Fracesca Capaldi), whose life goal is to become President of the United States. Regan Burns plays Bennett James, Avery’s stepfather and is the one who introduces Stan, the talking dog, into the blended family. In the studio they spoke about their experience working on set and shared some of their favorite moments behind the scenes. This included many scenes from the Halloween episode and the pilot episode where Avery steals a pig! Aside from the show, G. talked about when she started singing and even demonstrated her voice-over skills as Rosebud in the Air Buddies movies. Regan on the other hand explained the importance of the show while making everyone laugh with plenty of jokes throughout the interview. They continued to answer patients’ questions about anything and everything.

After the interview, G. and Regan took the time to sign autographs, pose for pictures, and talk to patients and their families. One patient had come thirty minutes early to make sure that she would meet our special guests, and she was so nervous and excited that she was literally speechless but smiling the entire time. Both G. and Regan were so happy that a simple visit to the studio could make such a difference in someone’s life and were definitely glad to be there.

Thank you to G. and Regan for joining us in the studio and being such awesome guests! We had a terrific time with all of the laughs!
Written by Seacrest Studios Intern Vivian Vu.

Selena Gomez Surprises Patients At Seacrest Studios!

RSF ambassador, Selena Gomez, surprised patients at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, NC when she made an unannounced stop, on a Sunday afternoon, at Seacrest Studios just before her concert at the Time Warner Cable Arena.

Patients crowded in to hear Selena talk about her Stars Dance tour.  Gomez told patients all about packing for a long tour, her travel schedule, and being on the road with her opening act – Emblem3!  Selena told fans that, where she’s from and who she surrounds herself with helps keep her feet on the ground.  She also mentioned that if she could have any talent in the world, it would be to be a good cook!

To the delight of our animal-loving patients, Selena revealed that she has 6 dogs waiting for her at home! Her dog’s names are Chip, Fina, Wallace, Willie, Baylor, and Chaz.

Selena’s down-to-earth personality and warm visit put patients at ease.  What a fantastic Sunday surprise for Levine Children’s Hospital! Thanks Selena for the great surprise!

R5 gets Louder at Seacrest Studios in Dallas

Four of the fab five from R5 visited Seacrest Studios at Children’s Medical Center while kicking off their tour in Dallas. The pop rock band is made up of four siblings – Rydel, Rocky, Riker, and Ross Lynch – and their best friend, Ellington Ratliff. They released their debut album, Louder, in September and opened up about working with family and life in the spotlight.

The band is comprised of unique personalities and talents, including Ross who stars in the hit Disney show Austin & Ally. Rydel is the sole girl in the band, and just when you think it would be tough touring with brothers, think again. “It makes it better,” she said.  Rocky said his family is extremely close.  “Some families don’t get along that well, but we are a family that is always doing things together since we were born. So, that is just how it has always been,” he said. The group did admit to some normal sibling disagreements – like where they should eat and what movies they should see.

Ratliff may not have been born into the Lynch family; however, he is far from an outcast.  R5 needed a drummer and added Ratliff as their final member. “It feels great,” he said. “I have known these guys for years and years, so I pretty much feel like family.”

As R5 begins their tour to promote Louder, a patient in the studio audience asked what the journey will be like. “Touring is my favorite thing in the whole world. I have the most fun ever on tour,” Riker said.  Ratliff agreed. “You pretty much get to hang out with your friends all over the world and play shows for people that are cool, and that’s pretty cool,” he said.

R5 wrapped up their visit by signing autographs, taking pictures, and hanging out with some of their biggest fans. Thanks for a Loud and memorable visit.

Michael Bublé spreads Sunshine at Seacrest Studios in Charlotte!

Michael Bublé brought “Sunshine” to Seacrest Studios in Charlotte last week! (“Sunshine” – a nickname given to Michael by his grandfather – is a moniker that fits Bublé perfectly because he filled our studio with just that!)

The jazz crooner met patients, talked about his world tour, helped us with storytime, and shared an” Encouraging Thought Of The Day”:

Michael’s boundless energy, talent, and humor infused the patients, families, and medical staff with hope. Bublé inspired and encouraged everyone by saying, “The fight is worth it!”

The studio audience got a rare glimpse into the team that supports Bublé, including Jose, Michael’s bodyguard. To the sheer delight of the crowd, Michael jumped up and Jose caught him in his arms! It was quite a moment!

During the Q&A, Michael gave everyone gathered at Seacrest Studios a glimpse into his busy schedule, telling patients that he ends his shows late at night and does not go to sleep until 5 or 6 in the morning!

Michael Bublé has made a “HOME” in our hearts here in Charlotte and we can’t wait until he comes back to Seacrest Studios at Levine Children’s Hospital to visit us again!

Thanks, Michael, for the super fun afternoon!

Seacrest Studios Welcomes America’s Got Talent Finalists!

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta was excited to welcome “America’s Got Talent” (AGT) finalists Jimmy Rose and Collins Key to Seacrest Studios.

Both Jimmy and Collins were very excited to be at Seacrest Studios and explained that they were both currently “living their dreams.” Neither of them had ever been to Atlanta before, so the patients were sure to show them some good southern hospitality!

Country singer, Jimmy Rose, made the day of one lucky fan. He was wearing a very cool, woven rope bracelet that he said was very special to him because he’d worn it throughout his entire journey on AGT. After meeting one of the amazing patients at the hospital, he decided that she might need it more, so he took it off and gave it to her.

Seventeen year old Collins Key delighted the crowd with magic tricks — even calling on some of the patients to be his able assistants.

When a patient asked if they’d gotten many marriage proposals since they’d been on AGT, both laughed and said “no comment!”

We were so excited have both of them in studio and thank them for their special visit!