Love and Theft Rewrites One Of Their Songs At Seacrest Studios!

RCA country duo, Love and Theft, completely stole the show at Seacrest Studios when the ACM-nominated artists stopped by to perform, and visit patients, at Levine Children’s Hospital. The Charlotte crowd welcomed Stephen Barker Liles and Eric Gunderson to the studio during a concert stop in the Queen City.

Both Liles and Gunderson are singer/songwriters, and guitar players, which thrilled patients who had gathered in the studio, and who peered over the balcony above, to hear them sing.

Before things got started, Stephen relocated the in-studio Selena Gomez life-sized cut-out so that she was a part of the interview too! With a performance of “Angel Eyes” from their current hit album, If You Ever Get Lonely, the duo mesmerized fans with their harmony and vocal talent. Patients got to ask questions about everything from how the two got started to where they are from – Eric is a Charlotte native! After a Q&A where they told patients that during a music video shoot they sing the same song at least 40 times, Eric and Stephen played Song Libs and the prize was a re-write of their hit, “Runnin’ Out of Air.” The new version is a tribute to a beloved pet, Gus-Gus, that both men have ties to. Be sure to watch the video for the whole story!

The fun and laughter lasted until Love and Theft said goodbye.

We’ll be watching in April when the Academy of Country Music Awards takes place in Las Vegas and we’re hoping that Gus-Gus is mentioned in any acceptance speeches or interviews on the red carpet.

Thanks, Stephen and Eric! You brightened our day!

Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco Visits Seacrest Studios!

It was an exciting afternoon at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia when Brendon Urie, lead singer of the band Panic! At the Disco, came in for a visit! Brendon hung out in the studio and talked about his musical journey, his experience on tour, and he even discussed some of his favorite things… like video games!

Before Brendon even began his interview he took time to talk with the patients in the studio, sign autographs and take pictures!  From the very first question all the way to the end of his interview Brendon was an open book and kept the patients completely entertained; he cracked jokes, told inspirational stories, and even chatted with a fan on the phone.

Patients were shocked to discover that he actually joined the band Panic! At the Disco at the age of seventeen as a guitar player and quickly became the lead singer after messing around at a rehearsal one day and impressing everyone there.  Brendon claimed “I didn’t even know I could sing until I joined the band,” but he was happy to take on that role because he said he loves being center of attention on stage!

Brendon gave credit to his father and his middle school music teacher for teaching him how to be a musician. Brendon’s father would play lullabies to him on the guitar when he was a child and Brendon developed a love for the instrument; eventually his father taught him how to play chords and Brendon picked it up quickly. When Brendon was in middle school he joined the marching band to learn how to play the trumpet. He joked “I played trumpet until I got braces, and then it hurt too bad,” so his teacher suggested he switch to drums and Brendon loved it!

For Brendon, music is something that he can always count on. He said “music has always gotten me through tribulations… it is a constant for me.”  Brendon shared a very intimate and inspirational moment with the listeners when he admitted to being a victim of bullying in his youth: “I was bullied a lot but I never let it get me too down, I never gave the bully power because I knew they weren’t right as long as I was doing something I love.”  He would focus on what he loves, music, and ignore the rest.  Brendon even mentioned listening to music as an escape.

When Brendon isn’t performing or listening to music he shared that he loves skateboarding, playing cards, and videogames.  When he was eleven he bought a skateboard for twenty dollars and taught himself how to do tricks. Brendon said “I am probably the least talented at sports out of all my friends” so skateboarding is his way to be active. When he gets down time on the tour bus Brendon and his fellow band members like to entertain themselves by playing cards or videogames.  Brendon defined himself as “an Xbox guy, but I like PS3.” He conversed with the audience by suggesting games and asking for any recommendations… it seemed like the game Black Ops was well liked!

Throughout his interview Brendon mentioned a few fun facts about himself: his favorite movie is Aladdin, he loves musical theatre, his favorite food is his wife’s homemade spinach and artichoke dip, and if he wasn’t a musician he would be a cosmetologist!

A HUGE thank you to Brendon Urie for coming in for a great visit!

Written by Seacrest Studios intern, Stephanie Fanelli

A ‘Full House’ Welcomes Dave Coulier To Seacrest Studios

Laughter poured out of Seacrest Studios over the weekend as “The Man With A Thousand Voices,” Dave Coulier, stopped by to visit patients at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, NC. On a short break from local media interviews, national television programs, comedy shows, and even a hit Super Bowl commercial, this actor and comedian brightened the day of the patients he sat down with at the microphone in Seacrest Studios.

Talking about his early career and sharing tips on how to learn to be a comedian, Coulier delighted the crowd that had gathered for his appearance with his funny jokes and his water sprinkler bit!

The highlight of the visit, and the show-stopping moment of the day, came when Dave read a story about himself in different voices he is famous for imitating. Kermit The Frog, Bullwinkle, Popeye, Scooby Doo, and Pee Wee Herman emerged to the cackles of patients, families, and staff.

It was a funny, and heart-warming, visit that culminated in the signing of autographs, picture-taking, and . . . secrets! Yes, Dave had several private moments with patients where he shared an encouraging word and a few secrets!

You can see ALL of the pictures from his visit on the Levine Children’s Hospital Facebook Page.

Seacrest Studios will never be the same after having spent time with this generous celebrity, best known for his role on the hit television series, Full House. Thank you, Dave for giving us a day of laughter!

The Fresh Beat Bands Makes A Special Stop At Seacrest Studios!

Cincinnati Children’s was so excited to welcome the Fresh Beat Band to Seacrest Studios! The Nickelodeon stars stopped by the studio before a performance in downtown Cincinnati. They met with patients, signed autographs and even played trivia on air.

If the smiles and laughter were any indication, the patients and families were so happy to have the Fresh Beat Band’s energy and compassion in the studio. Twist, Shout, Kiki and Marina talked about their love for performing and the joy they get from seeing kids dancing in the audience to their music.

Shout rode a bus 12 hours from New York City to Cincinnati to make it to the hospital in time to meet with patients. Children in the hospital flooded into the studio to meet the band and ask them questions about what it’s like to perform on stages around the country.

Thank you Marina, Shout, Twist and Kiki so much for visiting and making the day better for our patients and families!


Written by Seacrest Studios Intern, Courtney Danser


Kat Graham Spends Some Quality Time At Seacrest Studios

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta was so excited to meet Kat Graham, from The Vampire Diaries, when she stopped by Seacrest Studios for a visit. Originally planning on coming by for a quick visit, the actress, singer and dancer, ended up staying 2 hours!

During her interview in studio, Kat talked about the 100th episode of The Vampire Diaries. She explained that all of the cast was so excited to watch the episode (which aired the night of her visit to the hospital) and were all going over to Nina Dobrev’s house to watch. We learned that cast is so close that they hang out all the time (even when they are not on set.)

Kat currently lives in Atlanta while filming The Vampire Diaries and she said she loves all of the southern hospitatility. She also has a home in LA and travels back and forth all the time, so she can spend time with her fiancé, her family and her dog! Kat recently adopted a new puppy, affectionately known as “Fluff McGruff” since she’s a little fur ball.

She told us that she loves to sing, dance and act and has been acting since she was 6 – when she got her first commercial. She speaks four languages, which she says has really helped her connect with her fans all over the world.

After her interview, Kat took the time to meet all the patients and ended up making so many new friends. She also played a lively game of “Guess What?!” which brought out her true competitive spirit. We suggested that she should go on Hollywood Game Night, because she would do such a good job!

It was so much fun hanging out with Kat during her visit, and we really hope she comes back to spend time with all her new friends at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta soon!

Kira Kosarin Meets Excited Nickelodeon Fans At Seacrest Studios!

Over the holidays, patients and families were excited to meet Kira Kosarin, who plays Phoebe Thunderman on Nickelodeon’s hit television series The Thundermans, when she stopped by for a visit at Children’s Hospital of Orange County.  The show itself is based around a suburban family with superpowers, specifically 14 year old twins, who are played by Kira and Jack Griffo.

During her interview she explained that she found her inspiration for acting from watching shows on Nickelodeon with her idols Victoria Justice and Miranda Cosgrove.  She also told the patients that the entire cast is the “farthest from serious that anyone could be most of the time.”  She said they are constantly playing jokes on each other and teasing each other, mentioning that her co-stars Diego and Jack are the ones who start the majority of the antics.

Kira also did her best impression of her co-star Jack Griffo and pop artist Britney Spears for our patients in studio which got everyone laughing.

After her visit to the studio, Kira visited patient floors to hang out with some of her fans at their bedside.

Thank you Kira for an amazing visit and we hope to see you and the rest of the cast of The Thundermans back at Seacrest Studios soon!

Dave Koz Creates Beautiful Music At Seacrest Studios!

During the holidays, Dave Koz, the extremely talented, grammy nominated jazz saxophonist, visited Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) and Seacrest Studios as a Starlight Global Ambassador.  Dave was in Atlanta for his annual Dave Koz & Friends Christmas Tour and CHOA was one of 20 hospitals along Dav’s tour route receiving 3 Starlight tablets and a donation of toys that were on the hospital’s holiday Wish List!

Dave has been touring the country since 1990 and tours with about 23 people as part of his show. He said that his favorite time to be on the road is at Christmas, because people are “very much in the holiday spirit, they are filled with love in their hearts and minds.” He takes 3 saxophones with him on the road (his Alto sax, tenor and soprano –which is the baby).  When asked if he names his saxophones, he recalled the days of watching one of his favorite old TV shows, “My Three Sons” – so they are named, Chip, Ernie & Rob, after the show!

Dave first picked up the saxophone at age 13 (after starting on the piano first).  His mom was a music nut and really encouraged him to embrace it himself. When he found the sax, it felt like a natural fit.

He delighted the patients by taking song requests…and played “Frosty The Snowman” for patient, Ryan and “Rudoph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” for patient, Ayana.

We are so happy he was able to spend the holidays with us and hope he comes back and shares his beautiful music with us again!

Chris Wallace Answers Patient Questions At Seacrest Studios!

Chris Wallace stopped by Seacrest Studios at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) while in town to perform the National Anthem at the Georgia Tech basketball game. He explained that it was easy to choose what to wear for his performance because his alma mater, Purdue, has the same school colors at Georgia Tech!

While studying at Purdue, Chris wrote his first song, “Remember When (Push Rewind)” in his college dorm room.  He played the song for his cousin, who told him he hated it, but Chris loved it so much he posted it online.  Good thing he did, because within two weeks major music labels were interested in signing him! Soon enough his music was on the radio, and he remembers hearing his song for the first time on air while in Orlando.

The patients asked some other really great questions:


Q: Name a place you’d like to visit that you’ve never been?

A: Japan


Q: Who is one of your favorite artists?

A: Taylor Swift


Q: Who would you like to record a song with?

A: Pink


Q: Since you were in a band and you also have a solo career, which is better?

A: Being in a band is fun because you’re hanging out with your friends, but when you’re solo, you are the sole decision maker, so less politics!”


Q: Where do you see yourself in five years?

A: Traveling the world, writing more songs for myself and other people and hopefully coming back to CHOA for another visit!
We definitely hope another visit to CHOA is in Chris’ future and we thank him for spending time with us.

Patient Raps For Travie McCoy & Flo Rida in Seacrest Studios!

Before the New Year, Travie McCoy and Flo Rida stopped by Seacrest Studios at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.  Greeted by many (MANY!) excited fans the two artists took time to take pictures with the patients and get interviewed in studio.

To their surprise (and delight), Travie and Flo Rida even got a special performance from one of the patients…

Many thanks to the guys for their special visit…it is one the patients will always remember!

Belk Bowl Teams Score a Touchdown at Seacrest Studios

The patients at Levine Children’s Hospital (LCH) had a lot to cheer about when the Cincinnati Bearcats and the North Carolina Tar Heels went head-to-head in the Belk Bowl in Charlotte, NC.  Football players from both teams made an appearance at Seacrest Studios before their face off on the gridiron.  You would not have guessed any rivalry though from these bigger-than-life teams when they focused on patients.  Their goal was to bring joy to the children who could not be home for the holidays and they clearly scored in that endeavor.

The Tar Heels (Atlantic Coast Conference), led by their coach, Larry Fedora, and the Bearcats (American Athletic Conference), led by their coach, Tommy Tuberville, brought music, laughter, and stories to Seacrest Studios. Both teams SANG and shared New Year’s resolutions with patients at LCH.  Players also talked about their own injuries and how they work to overcome them and get back in the game.

The studio erupted in laughter as these star athletes, and their coaches, talked about everything from free time to chocolate milk!  Their competitiveness isn’t just confined to a football field either!  We saw some pretty fierce competition when the players faced off with their own team members for a game of Guess What!

Seacrest Studios was an exciting place to be right after the holidays and we thank the Belk Bowl teams for taking time away from practice to show us what true sportsmanship is like.  Their goal was to spread holiday cheer and they scored big points with their fans at Seacrest Studios and Levine Children’s Hospital.