DigiTour Stars Play ‘Speak Up’ In Seacrest Studios Washington, D.C.

Our favorite stars from Instagram, Musically, Youtube and SnapChat hit the road for DigiTour Winter and made a stop in our nation’s capital! Blake Gray, Weston Koury, Baby Ariel, Mark Thomas, Sophia Kameron, Zach Clayton, and Nathan Triska visited Seacrest Studios at Children’s National and had patients and families smiling the entire time! We kicked off the visit with questions from patients. They all shared what life was like before they were social media stars and how some of their lives changed overnight. Combined they have more than a million followers on social media, but despite their popularity, they all agree that they are typical teenagers. “We like to go the mall, hang out with our friends, be regular teens”, said Baby Ariel.

Patients were eager to watch our new friends play a game of “Speak Up” where Mark and Zach tried to read hilarious and outrageous phrases with a dental spacer in their mouth. The game was such a hit that Mark even asked if he could take the spacer home to play with his friends! They topped off their visit with a friendly challenge of “Dress Up” where they competed to see who could put on a hospital gown, gloves, and mask the fastest. Patients enjoyed learning how much they had in common with the social media stars and we can guarantee that they gained more followers after the awesome visit! Thank you Blake, Weston, Baby Ariel, Mark, Sophia, Zach, and Nathan for taking time out of your tour to visit us at Children’s National!




Ocean Park Standoff Performs In Seacrest Studios Atlanta

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta was excited to welcome Ocean Park Standoff into Seacrest Studios for a special visit with patients.  Samantha Ronson, Ethan Thompson and Pete Nappi warmed the hearts of everyone with beautiful flowers and stickers for every  patient.

When one particular patient recognized Ethan from American Idol (but couldn’t believe it was really him!), he serenaded her on the spot with a song from the show, making her feel like the most special girl in the room. That performance, along with “Good News” and  their next release, filled our hearts with joy! A big thank you to the band for spending time with us in studio.


Nigel Barker Is Interviewed By Patients At Seacrest Studios In Washington, D.C.

Nigel Barker visited Seacrest Studios at Children’s National and patients interviewed him about his career as a photographer and his experience as a judge on the reality show, America’s Next Top Model.

He recalled some of his favorite memories from the show and even shared behind the scenes moments that weren’t on TV. “Do you want to know a secret?” he asked the patients. “When filming America’s Next Top Model, we couldn’t use the air conditioning, and the room would get too hot. Since we sat behind a table and you could only see our waist up, I would sometimes wear swim trunks in the deliberation room! It was kind of like a fashion mullet!” he joked. “Business on the top and party on the bottom!”

When asked what is the hardest thing to take pictures of, one patient quickly said “the inside of a T-Rex!” Nigel laughed and agreed, saying “Yes actually that would be quite difficult. I like the way you’re thinking”! Nigel just finished up the first season of his new show, Top Photographer, a show all about finding the best photographers in the country. “Who doesn’t have a camera these days? We have smartphones and snapchat, everyone is a photographer” he exclaimed.

Patients put his photography tips and tricks to the test and learned how to take the perfect selfie! After the interview, we challenged Nigel to our favorite game of “Close Up” where he viewed extremely zoomed in photos and tried to guess what the object was. Thank you Nigel for making us smile big at Children’s National…we hope to see you soon!





Sabrina Carpenter Performs ‘On Purpose’ For Patients At Seacrest Studios Dallas

Written by Paula Cuadrado, Media Programs Specialist at Seacrest Studios
Video by Chance Harris, Media Programs Manager at Seacrest Studios

I love being able to tell our sweet patients that, yes, one of their favorite super stars is coming to see them right here in the hospital! I knew Sabrina Carpenter was interested in visiting to our Seacrest Studios at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas and right before we nailed down the date and time, I was spending time visiting with one of my little friends who has frequent and lengthy hospital stays.

Ariana, who is seven, loves to interact with the Seacrest Studios. When she’s admitted here in the hospital, she usually can’t leave her room which means we bring the fun to her through our tv channel and by stopping by to see her. She loves to play Bingo and is always gracious for the prizes she wins like little ponies and stuffed animals.

The week before Sabrina came, she asked me if any celebrities were coming soon (her last hospital stay she got to talk to Keith Urban!) I asked her who she’d like to meet and told her, “I hear Sabrina Carpenter will be in town next week, should we invite her?” Her eyes widened and her head nodded up and down showing a big YES! I played it cool and told her I’d reach out and see if she could stop by, wink wink.

When we had the date and time confirmed, she was the first one we told! She almost couldn’t believe it! Since she wasn’t able to leave her room and join the crowd in the Seacrest Studios, we set her up to do a live video stream from her room so Sabrina could see her and talk to her, too. Ariana stroked her toy pony’s hair and asked Sabrina what she likes to do when she’s bored.

Several other patients got to sit next to Sabrina in the Seacrest Studios and ask her all their questions about her music and her roles on Girl Meets World and Adventures in Babysitting. It was so cute to hear the kids ask about specific scenes they remembered and ask their new friend about what was going on behind the scenes.

Right before Sabrina arrived we played her music in Seacrest Studios, and Jackee June requested her song “On Purpose.” That’s the song she ended up playing for the kids – a live, rendition of the song Jackee June had just requested! What a memorable moment!

After the interview, Sabrina signed an autograph for every kid who came by, and extras for those who couldn’t. She hugged many of the kids and took plenty of selfies with her fans. When the crowd cleared, she got to talk with Ariana again through the video conference. Ariana loves the app and is an expert at making fun videos set to music. She asked if Sabrina could make a video with her and the two lip-synced and danced together to make an awesome clip!

When a celebrity such as Sabrina comes to visit Seacrest Studios, the impact goes far beyond the hour or so they are there. The anticipation leading up to the event is a positive distraction from the hospital world and the memories they make during the visit are the details they share with friends and family about their time away from home. And every now and then there’s the once-in-a-lifetime to replay over and over again!

Thank you Sabrina for loving on our friends here in Dallas! We’ll see you next time!


KISS 108’s Matty in the Morning visits Seacrest Studios Boston!

It was an exciting day for the patients at Boston Children’s Hospital when Boston’s Matty in the Morning from Kiss 108 visited Seacrest Studios.

The Vamps Make Their 2nd Visit to Seacrest Studios Philadelphia

Written by Seacrest Studios Intern, Margaret Long

The Vamps stepped back into Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for a second time! This time around, the members brought out some of their hidden personalities as they played around with the new voice-changers on the microphones. And the fun was not limited to the studio…the group was able to video-call patients from the comfort of their own rooms using the new iPads!

After talking about everything from their favorite cereals to artists and travels, the band snapped some photos and headed off to continue their tour.

Thank you for the laughs and smiles. We hope to see you again soon!

Madisyn Shipman Talks About “Game Shakers’ At Seacrest Studios!

Recap by Seacrest Studios Intern, Gwendolyn Gies
Video by Seacrest Studios Interns, Katie Anger and Nichole Mondshein

Madisyn Shipman from Nickelodeon’s Game Shakers visited Seacrest Studios at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, NC on Friday. A North Carolina native herself, Madisyn shared what she misses most about home when she has to film in California: the Southern food! “If it’s southern, it’s great,” she exclaimed. The patients in the studio were happy to hear that Madisyn’s favorite team is the Carolina Panthers. “I have to support the Panthers. I actually went to go see them against the Rams, and they won,” she said. “It was all over my Snapchat.”

When she isn’t eating Carolina BBQ or cheering on the Panthers, she is in California filming Game Shakers, a show about two Brooklyn seventh graders who start a multi-million dollar virtual gaming company. It’s a great show that focuses on girl power, specifically shining a light on female coders. Madisyn remarked that being on TV is “really surreal.” “It really hasn’t processed to me that I’m still on a Nickelodeon show,” she said. “Whenever you turn on the TV and see yourself, it’s just a weird feeling; but it’s pretty awesome because you’re inspiring so many young kids.”

Her favorite thing about being on Game Shakers is the cast and crew. “We have a special bond. We’re all best friends,” she explained. “The cast is amazing, and the crew, they’re just always looking out for us. If we ever need help with something, they’re always there for us.” Madisyn remembered the time the crew came to the rescue with some duct tape when she broke one of the computers during a run through after pushed it off a cart, sending it crashing to the floor. She told us that she is “the clumsiest person you will ever meet.” “I drop everything. I bet you, in at least every episode, I break at least one thing.”

Not to worry though because, as Madisyn explained, most of the technology you see on Game Shakers is actually green screen. When they film, the actors don’t know what they’re pointing to, or even what they’re playing. “We are just swiping, and tapping and doing whatever, and then they figure something out and put it in.” She personally doesn’t make the games that are featured in the show, but sometimes the Nickelodeon game makers and coders like the cast to play them and get a feel for it before they’re used on air.

As for Sky Whale, the featured game on Game Shakers that is available for download, Madisyn is, according to her, “the worst player,” boasting a score of a mere 300 points!

Thank you Madisyn for your special visit…we really enjoyed having you at Seacrest Studios!


Justin Moore Makes Patients Smile At Seacrest Studios Cincinnati

Recap written by Seacrest Studios intern, Jessi Zachman
Video by by Seacrest Studios intern, Meghan Tillery

Country music singer/songwriter Justin Moore kicked back his cowboy boots with patients and families at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. In the midst of his American Made Tour, Moore answered questions about how he made it from a small town in Arkansas to the country music scene.

With encouragement from his family, Justin moved to Nashville when he was 18. After a lot of hard work and bit of luck, Justin signed a record deal. Looking back, one of his favorite moments in his career was the first time he played the Grand Ole Opry. “It was a really cool moment to be able to stand on the same stage that all of my heroes in music had stood,” Justin shared.

We also learned about the inspiration behind his songs and his advice to anyone trying to follow their dreams. He believes that you can do whatever you put your mind to, and “if you’re going to dream, you might as well dream big”.

During the Q&A session, we learned about some of Justin’s favorite things to do! He enjoys watching Disney movies with his three daughters (Beauty and the Beast is his favorite) and eating at Waffle House after his concerts. His favorite sports teams to follow are the Arkansas Razorbacks and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

On the topic of movies, patient Eli shyly whispered his favorite movie into Justin’s ear— Cars with Lightning McQueen. Justin agreed that it was a great movie and told Eli that while McQueen was pretty cool, Tow-Mater was his favorite character.

Towards the end of his visit, Justin played a fun game of “Would You Rather”, where we learned that he would love to be able to fly. Next up was the “Moore or Less” game where he shared with us what he would like more or less of in his life. Dishes? Less! Songwriting? More!

We are so grateful Justin stopped by and hung out with us and we  hope we get to spend “moore” time with him some time soon.

Dancing With The Stars: Live! Visit Patients in Seacrest Studios Cincinnati

Recap by Seacrest Studios intern, Isabelle Hanson
Highlight video by Seacrest Studios intern, Hank Risemberg

Dancing with the Stars: Live! cast members took a break from their tour to hang out with the kids and families in Seacrest Studios at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. It didn’t take long for a few avid fans to get emotional after nine of the dancers stepped foot in the studio.

Trading in dancing shoes for a microphone and headphones, we went live on air with a question and answer session–chatting about everything from Disney princesses and superheroes to the dancers’ dream jobs. When asked her biggest inspiration, Sharna Burgess shared, “We have the opportunity to make people feel great or enjoy their day or change their mood or inspire them, and I think that is actually what inspires us the most.” We learned the dancers have other talents as well, as Keo Motsepe broke out into an endearing version of Lionel Richie’s song “Hello”.

Next up was an exciting game of charades. Channeling their inner-animals, Laurie Hernandez, Alan Bersten, Jenna Johnson, and Keo gave us their best versions of monkeys, birds, elephants, and more. The patients and dancers guessed the enacted animals at a rapid-fire pace. Val asked the kids in the studio where they are from and their favorite sports team. The studio was bursting with laughter when an adorable patient named Kailee said, “I’m from my house.”

The visit concluded with a meet and greet picture session. Dancers surprised kids with toys and stuffed animal gifts.

A big thank you to the Dancing with the Stars: Live! cast members for making each patient feel special and filling the studio with energy and laughter!

Tucker Beathard Sings To Patients In Seacrest Studios Charlotte

Video Recap by: Nichole Mondshein, Seacrest Studios Intern
Blog by: Karleigh Holt, Seacrest Studios Intern 

We kicked off the new year at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte with a visit from Tucker Beathard! We learned about the inspiration behind his music and his advice to listeners on following their dreams. He said that he has “always been a believer in following your heart” and “tuning out what others say”. He showed his competitive side as he played the “Tucker 12” where he told us about his 12 favorites in under a minute.

Tucker’s interests range from football to dolphins to Reese’s Puffs to Spiderman! His country music knowledge was tested as he worked with a patient to fill in the blanks for the lyrics of the popular country song and its name. (As expected, the two got most of them right!) We also learned about his experience being a big brother as well as his fashion sense, where he told us about his cross necklace — he can’t leave home without it! To finish off the visit, Tucker sang and played guitar, performing an acoustic version of his most popular song, “Rock On” (as listeners sang along.) Following his performance, Tucker also spent time visiting patients’ rooms, signing autographs, and handing out guitar picks. Patients gladly accepted Tucker’s kind gifts and smiled proudly for their pictures with him. He met Bryson, a loyal Seacrest Studios fan, who couldn’t stop grinning as Tucker talked to him. Bryson introduced all of his stuffed animals to Tucker and even showed him his brand new John Deere tractor. We are so grateful for the time that Tucker spent with us and hope he will return back to Seacrest Studios soon!