DJ Pauly D Stops By Seacrest Studios To Talk About Music, Pizza and Hair!

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia welcomed ‘Jersey Shore’ star DJ Pauly D on Friday, August 16th to Seacrest Studios. Patients and guests hung out with Pauly D, asking him fun questions about his exciting life on the road while getting a chance to snag some autographs and pictures (with him) too!

Pauly D, who is currently on a six week tour with Jesse McCartney and The Backstreet Boys, admits he loves traveling all over the country, mostly so he can try new foods!

“The best part about traveling the world is tasting the pizza in town,” Pauly said. His favorite place to grab a cheesy slice? “Chicago has great pizza!”

Although he confesses to not being the best chef around, Pauly’s refrigerator at home is still super organized.  “The labels are all turned forward perfectly, It’s like a commercial!”

Besides his love for food, patients were curious to know about Pauly D’s famous spiky hairstyle.

“It’s a process, it really is!,” Pauly said, explaining he uses his own special gel and blow drying technique that takes 25 minutes. He also told patients that one final coat of hairspray at the end will do the trick!

So how does DJ Pauly D keep his hair looking good all day long? For one thing, he keeps his headphones upside-down on his ears, showing some of our patient DJ’s how to hold them in place and use a shoulder to keep them on! He even kept his upside-down for his entire visit to the studio!

While he shared lots of his awesome DJ tips, Pauly D also told guests about how he started his successful career.

“My first DJ gig that I did, ever, was a sweet 16. I was nervous!” Pauly confessed. But after making a name for himself as the ‘Birthday DJ’ in his hometown in Rhode Island, word got out about his great style and catchy mixes!

Besides his passion for being a DJ, patients asked questions about his experience on the popular television show ‘Jersey Shore’.

“It was probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever done in my life,” Pauly said, telling the studio about his first experience on television. He also talked about the craziness of having cameras and microphones around him every day! “You don’t have time to do anything!”

He did, however, have time to ride lots of rides at the Jersey Shore boardwalks while filming the show. Pauly told patients about his love for thrill rides, including roller coasters and a spinning ball ride that shoots you high up in the air. “My hair doesn’t even move on that ride!” Pauly said.

Pauly finished up his awesome visit with a few fun questions. His celebrity crush?

“Nicki Minaj, she’s dope!” Pauly said. He also told patients that he would love to play a superhero like Superman or Iron Man in a movie.

“My outfit would have to be like Batman, something black and gold, and I want to be able to fly instead of taking planes!” Pauly said.

What’s next for Pauly D? A few awesome collaborations with popular artists. Pauly even told patients he would love to work with artists like Rihanna and Drake.

We wish DJ Pauly D good luck on his tour and look forward to hearing some of his new music this fall. Many thanks for stopping by Seacrest Studios at CHOP!

Thank you to Erica DePascale for this great recap!

American Idol’s Birthday Surprise At Seacrest Studios!

The atmosphere at Levine Children’s Hospital (LCH) was full of excitement as the 2013 American Idols (AI) walked into a packed crowd of patients and fans who had waited for their appearance at Seacrest Studios.  This year’s AI finalists were in the middle of their LIVE road tour when they stopped in North Carolina.  Candice Glover, the 2013 winner of the talent competition, joined the group in Charlotte to sing Happy Birthday to an LCH patient who had never missed an episode of the hit show, and who could not be in the studio.  

During their interview, the group talked about auditioning for American Idol, life on the road, believing in yourself and where they like to shop in Charlotte, before signing autographs and taking pictures with patients.

“If you are an artist, it is important to be different.  It’s important to be unique.  It’s important to have something that sets you apart from everybody else.  As an artist, it is always important to know what you want to be, who you want to be, and how you want to portray yourself.” – Curtis Finch, Jr.

An immeasurable amount of encouragement was left behind in Charlotte as the group departed.  LCH patients will be watching when the new season of American Idol returns in January. Thanks to everyone for the special visit! 

One Republic Hangs Out At Seacrest Studios In Charlotte!

One group, one hospital, one studio, One Republic!  A huge crowd formed at Levine Children’s Hospital (LCH) to see the American rock group, One Republic, make an appearance at Seacrest Studios in Charlotte.  Patients, fans, and staff cheered the popular, award-winning band on as its members made their way into the newly opened broadcast center in the Queen City.  It didn’t take long for this talented group of musicians to thrill current fans and win over new ones at LCH.  the band sat down at the mics to discuss their tour, packing rituals, motivation on tough days, infomercials, and advice on getting into the music business.  

Patients enjoyed a meet-and-greet with band members in the studio, and up on the hospital floors, before the group played to a packed house at the Uptown Amphitheatre at the NC Music Factory.  T-shirts, posters, and pictures were signed, and photos were snapped as a reminder of a memorable day with musical giants at Levine Children’s Hospital.

Many thanks to One Republic for making it a very special day in studio.

Cimorelli Returns To Seacrest Studios In Dallas!

The Cimorelli sisters visited Seacrest Studios at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas for the second time to hang out with patients and show off some of their new tunes.  The group performed their hit single “Made in America” and opened up about the album they are currently working on. Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren, and Dani attracted a massive fan base by posting A Capella covers on YouTube; however, the sisters promise their new album will be full of originals – and they are excited!

“Putting our original music out there has been so amazing, and we have such an amazing fan response for those songs that are originals. So, I think that is going to be our focus,” Katherine said.

Christina said fans can look forward to songs that reveal personal details about the girls’ lives. “We have so many songs they haven’t heard yet about relationships and our life and stuff, so it is really exciting to start releasing a few,” she said.

Along with their unique fashion and musical styles, the sisters are equipped with their own personalities. They described each other during their visit, and here’s the scoop on each one (from oldest to youngest):  

Christina: “She has a tough shell. She is very bossy. She likes to be in charge and be the leader… She also has a fun, spunky, silly side. She likes to have fun together and get everyone together in the mini van and go to the store together,” Katherine said.

Katherine: “Katherine is really bubbly & motherly. She likes to bake cookies… She loves people and likes to write poetry,” Lisa said.

Lisa:  “Lisa is really chill but also really hyper at the same time… She is really into music and stuff. She is always listening to music. She likes to plug the headphones in halfway so she can hear the background vocals,” Amy said.

Amy: “Amy doesn’t want to rock the boat. She will do anything for you, pretty much. She likes to keep everyone happy and take care of people, and then she is just fun,” Lauren said.

Lauren: “Lauren is very introverted, sarcastic. She gives me these motivational speeches every week,” Dani said.

Dani: “Dani is really energetic and does not stop moving, EVER. She’s spunky, bubbly, really outgoing. Dani just loves talking to people all the time,” Christina said.

Thanks for visiting the studio for the second time – we can’t wait for the new album!

Ariana Grande Is Interviewed By Patients At Seacrest Studios!

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) was thrilled to welcome Ariana Grande to Seacrest Studios.  Patients loved having the opportunity to sit down with Ariana and learn a little more about her. When asked how she liked the weather in Atlanta, she told everyone she was “happy with the humidity” because she was born in the south and was used to it!

When the patients asked her about her acting and singing she explained that she considers herself a “singer that acts” rather than an “actor that sings.” We found out that her older brother Frankie is an actor and she caught the “musical theatre” bug very early! She loves the adrenaline she gets from live performances and concerts on stage.

In her downtime, Ariana likes to workout, hang out with her dog, get mani-pedis and watch scary movies (the scarier the better!)

Ariana wrapped up her visit by taking pictures and hanging out with the patients.

Many thanks to Ariana for making it such a special afternoon at CHOA!

Cody Simpson Makes His Second Visit To Seacrest Studios In Atlanta!

Cody Simpson stopped by Seacrest Studios at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA,) and the hospital and patients were very excited to welcome him back. This visit was Cody’s second visit to Seacrest Studios at CHOA, but he has also visited the studios at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Children’s Medical Center Dallas.

While in studio, Cody sang an acoustic version of “Pretty Brown Eyes” and was interviewed by patients. From his visit we learned more about his love of surfing (it is one of his favorite things!) and that his favorite color is blue.

Cody also talked to the patients about touring, saying that he loves to visit new places. This makes sense, because we learned he is a self-proclaimed “spontaneous person” and really enjoys trying new things! He also told us that while on tour he is really messy, but when he gets back home he keeps everything very neat.

A patient in studio asked him what super power he would want if he could have one, and he said that he would either want to be invisible or fly (he couldn’t choose just one!)

It was so much fun having Cody back in the studio with us, and we would like to thank him for being such a wonderful supporter of our foundation and Seacrest Studios! We hope to see him again really soon!

Seacrest Studios Welcomes Global RallyCross Drivers Tanner Foust and Steve Arpin!

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta was excited to welcome Global RallyCross drivers, Tanner Foust and Steve Arpin, and Miss Alabama, Katherine Webb, to Seacrest Studios!

Emblem3 Performs “Chloe” At Seacrest Studios!

Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, NC, became Fan Club Central when Emblem3, the pop rock group from Washington, wowed patients who had gathered at Seacrest Studios for the trio’s appearance.  The air was electric with excitement as this talented group reached out to greet, and sing to, patients.

Brothers, Keaton and Wesley Stromberg, and their childhood friend, Drew Chadwick, are storming the pop rock/reggae music scene with their hit Chloe (You’re the One That I Want) from their debut album Nothing to Lose.  Levine Children’s Hospital was lucky enough to hear their acoustic rendition of the hit single!

The recording artists entertained a jam-packed studio with stories about their interests, road tour (Goin’ Back 2 Cali), and X Factor USA experience.  The boys accepted an invitation to appear on the hit show and then impressed judge, Simon Cowell, so much that he signed them to his record label. 

Emblem3’s success has been nothing short of meteoric.  The group snagged a sweet gig performing as one of the opening acts for Selena Gomez on her Stars Dance Tour later this month.

Emblem3 charmed the patients at Levine Children’s Hospital and left many in Charlotte looking forward to a return visit to Seacrest Studios. A big thank you to them for stopping by!

Johnny Rzeznik spreads more cheer at Seacrest Studios!

Continuing his sweeping tour across the country with Matchbox Twenty, John Rzeznik, of the Goo Goo Dolls, made sure to stop by Seacrest Studios at Levine Children’s Hospital (LCH) in Charlotte to hang out with the patients there.  Quickly making new fans among the patients at LCH, this award-winning artist talked about the Goo Goo Dolls’ tour, what to do on tough days, and how to get a rock star look. He even showed patients a picture of his “big kitty” named Bob. Patients were mesmerized by Rzeznik’s acoustic performance of Rebel Beat and stood in line to get an autograph and picture with him. 

This is not the first time John Rzeznik has made to Seacrest Studios.  The Ryan Seacrest Foundation and Levine Children’s Hospital truly appreciate his special visits!

Kelly Clarkson and Maroon 5 Sing Happy Birthday at Seacrest Studios!

Kelly Clarkson and Maroon 5 band members, Adam Levine and James Valentine, had the crowd smiling when they visited Seacrest Studios at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) on Wednesday August 7th.

The musicians answered questions from the crowd, sang happy birthday to a lucky audience member and took photos with excited patients.

We learned a lot of interesting things about the artists during their visit:

Kelly Clarkson, a talented singer and songwriter, loves yoga, almond milk and making up lyrics that rhyme. The down to earth Texas native says her favorite thing about being famous is being able to get a reservation at a restaurant.

Patients were eager to know more about Kelly’s music and inquired about her favorite song.  Without hesitation, Kelly said she was most proud of her ballad “Because of You” which she fought to get on to her second album Breakaway.

Kelly and Maroon 5’s Adam Levine met over a decade ago and are currently on tour together.

So, what career would Adam choose if he weren’t the singer of Maroon 5?

Basketball player. Which comes as no surprise since the artist sported a sports cap for his visit and came out in support of Los Angeles teams.

When asked how Adam got started on vocals the response was unexpected. Adam admitted that the only reason he was the band’s singer was because he had the best voice of all the band members. When he was questioned about the perks of being famous he explained it is just an extra bonus when you are doing something you love, “we just wanted to be recognized for what we do; for our pursuit to sing and perform”.

Band members Adam and James showed the crowd the ‘Hoorah’ chant they do before starting each and every performance and told stories from their ongoing tour.

James kept the audience entertained with a story about how he recently fell off the stage during a concert and landed on his feet and reminded the audience to “never stop playing!”

So, what would be the perfect day for these artists?  “Smiling as much as possible” Adam and Kelly agreed saying “laughing so hard you get a work out”.

Thank you to Kelly, Adam, and James for making it a perfect day for so many patients at CHOP.  Best of luck to Kelly and Maroon 5 on their tour together!

Thank you to Mary-Kate Morrow for this recap!