Children’s National Patient Teaches Sabrina Carpenter How To Floss!

Make sure you grab your dancing shoes because it’s always a party when Sabrina Carpenter visits Seacrest Studios!

Sabrina made her ninth stop at a Seacrest Studio while visiting Children’s National in Washington, D.C. A loud roar of cheering patients and fans welcomed Sabrina to the studio. She was prepared to give tons of hugs, laughs, smiles and encouragement to our patients and families.

As a Ryan Seacrest Foundation Ambassador, Sabrina mentioned that she loves visiting Seacrest Studios because she loves meeting the patients and these visits always brighten her day.

Sabrina shared some fun “secrets” about herself including that she loves to write and draw, that she can’t cook, she would love to learn Japanese, she has never been a babysitter and that she loves to indulge her sweet tooth by tasting a slice of chocolate cake in every city she visits!

Our patients definitely weren’t nervous or star struck as they couldn’t wait for Sabrina to answer their questions! Many patients asked Sabrina how she got her start as an actress, what her favorite part of filming was and whether she was a fan of the original series “Boy Meets World” before she was cast in the Disney Channel show “Girl Meets World.”

 Sabrina expressed her love for musicals and that she hopes to one day be in one! While visiting the patients at Seacrest Studios at Children’s National, Sabrina played a fun game where we asked her to create her own musical by choosing roles including choreographer, director, and even actors and actresses!

While playing the musical game, we learned that Sabrina could do the “The Worm” and that she couldn’t “Floss.” However, Sabrina soon learned how to “Floss” as one awesome fan showed her step-by-step on how to do the dance perfectly. We’re not surprised that Sabrina was able to pick it up so quickly!

Sabrina then gave our patients such inspiring advice about going after their dreams and reminding them to continue to spread positivity everywhere they go.

Thank you so much for visiting us in Seacrest Studios at Children’s National! You were such an inspiration and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for you! We hope to see you soon!

Sabrina Carpenter Makes Her 9th Appearance in Seacrest Studios!

With bright eyes, an ear-to-ear smile and a tucked in Topanga shirt, Sabrina Carpenter entered Seacrest Studios at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital. Sabrina, an ambassador for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, is a seasoned pro in visits at Seacrest Studios, having visited eight of ten studios across the country.

Patients and families in the studio instantly felt at ease with the actress and musician, jumping right in to the interview with pressing questions.

“Who is your favorite superhero?” one fan intently asked.

After a brief moment we learned the young star is “enamored by all of them, but really likes Spiderman.”

On trend, another patient asked Sabrina her all-time favorite movie. Although it is difficult to name just one, Sabrina narrowed her favorite down to Across the Universe, a musical inspired by the Beatles.

In advice to fans, Sabrina noted you are never too young to follow your passions. At just six years old she began singing, and at age eleven she had her first acting gig on Law and Order SVU. She was hooked. With inspirations like Christina Aguilera in her life Sabrina shared the most important part of her career was her education. To any patients in the hospital with similar aspirations she said, “I was always reading and writing stories, songs and poems, and drawing pictures. Any kind of self-expression is how you separate yourself from everyone else.” Start there, and the rest will fall into place.

Her wise words did not stop there. When you’re on the road, dealing with social media, and far away from home life can get tough; and in the hospital patients and families may experience similar feelings. We asked Sabrina what she does on the cloudier days, and received some advice universal to any situation:

“Take a deep breath and think about the things you are grateful for. Even in moments when you think everything is going wrong, think about the little things. Be grateful for those around you, for waking up, and for the big and small things that put life into perspective.”

Sabrina, we are blessed to have you as an RSF ambassador. Thank you for hopping off a stage in downtown Nashville, and immediately visiting kids in the hospital. You have brightened the day of so many fans in Seacrest Studios, and we could not be more grateful for your giving heart!


Sabrina Carpenter Performs Her Newest Song “Why” at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital!

Recap written by Studio Intern: Isabelle Hanson

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center witnessed just why Sabrina Carpenter is the Ryan Seacrest Foundation’s celebrity ambassador during her visit to the studio. Sabrina’s personable and sweet personality shined through as patients interviewed her before she performed her newest and favorite song, “Why”.

An actress herself, Sabrina said she hopes to act with Emma Stone in the future, one of the many actors on her growing list. But, her true celebrity crush as a young girl was Zac Efron.

When Lauren asked the inspiration behind her song, “Thumbs”, she said we all go through times where we feel we are not living the life we want to, but we must start listening to our own voice.

We learned Sabrina would be living her best life if sweets were at the top of the food pyramid, after patient Jerra asked how she would redesign the pyramid. An overwhelming majority of the studio audience agreed to having a sweet tooth, too. She may eat kale salad for lunch, but goes for the chocolate cake right after.

“When one door closes, another door opens,” is Sabrina’s life motto. She said working hard while staying optimistic is important. “There are so many times where things will happen and we don’t know the reason why. And then a year later we’ll look back and we know the reason why. And it’s because it was making room for something else to happen that’s better for you and that was meant for you,” said Sabrina.

Thanks, Sabrina, for visiting Cincinnati Children’s Seacrest Studio and supporting the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. We appreciate you and look forward to seeing you again soon!



Sabrina Carpenter Performs For Patients At Seacrest Studios Atlanta

We welcomed actor, singer, and Seacrest Studios Ambassador,  Sabrina Carpenter to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta earlier this month! She performed two hit singles “Thumbs” and “Why” for the sweet patients who came down to visit her. As usual, she sounded incredible!

During the interview, Sabrina talked about the best parts of filming TV shows and movies, and how thankful she is that she also gets to record music. She can’t decide which is her favorite because she thinks both are equally fun and exciting!

When we asked her if she still hangs out with casts from previous projects, she said that she still visits with them and even has a group chat with the cast of Disney Channel’s “Adventures in Babysitting.” We told her that her co-star, Jet Jurgensmeyer, visited us just a couple of weeks before and shared that he has attended of few of her shows around the U.S. Sabrina said he’s like a little brother to her, and she loves how supportive he is! We should get Sofia Carson to visit next, and we can have an AIB reunion in Seacrest Studios!

We absolutely loved having Sabrina in the studio, and we can’t wait until she comes back to ATL again soon!

All Smiles With Jet Jurgensmeyer in Seacrest Studios Atlanta!

We were lucky enough to have Jet Jurgensmeyer (star of Disney Channel’s Adventures in Babysitting) join us in Seacrest Studios Atlanta! Having just visited the studio in Nashville, Jet was excited to meet and chat with patients in studio. He shared with us a couple of new projects he’s working on, and talked about how he splits his free time between Tennessee, California, and Michigan. He even told us how close he still is with his Adventures in Babysitting cast members, including RSF ambassador, Sabrina Carpenter!

Like his good friend Sabrina, Jet is a singer, too. He just really started playing guitar a few years ago, but he blew us all away by singing us a cover of his favorite Twenty-One Pilots song. Maybe one day soon, Jet will come back to visit us as a pop star, instead! After leaving the studio, he told us he would be attending a Braves game, so obviously we gave him a tomahawk to help cheer on ATL! We were so excited to have him stop by, and we’re counting the days until he comes back to see us.

Excited Patients Welcome Sabrina Carpenter Back To Colorado!

Written recap: Seacrest Studios Intern, Victoria Cheng
Interview/Prep: Cody Hudson
Photos: Micah Bridges
Video: Micah Bridges and Chris Coleman, with additional footage from Seacrest Studios Intern, Gavyn Bills

Seacrest Studios was packed for Sabrina Carpenter’s second visit to Children’s Hospital Colorado. Patients and families were extremely excited to ask questions about her music, career, and role as an ambassador for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

The interview was off to a great start with a question from Sam: “If you could mail yourself to any place in the world tonight, where would you want to be delivered?”

Sabrina’s response was instantaneous. “Paris, France. I would get a baguette. All I do is eat apparently, when I go to all these places, but they have the best bread in the world.”

Later, Zoey asked Sabrina what inspired her to become an ambassador for Seacrest Studios.

“Great question!” Sabrina said. “I had the privilege of getting to visit almost every single one of their Studios…and getting to be with you guys, and kids just like you guys, were the best parts of my travels. When [Ryan] asked me to be an ambassador it was the easiest ‘yes’ I could have ever made.”

We also learned that Sabrina draws inspiration for fashion from many sources, but especially great women in film. She also loves to look at fashion blogs but doesn’t have a particular fashion icon, saying that everyone’s style is always changing, and so is hers.

After a few more questions, Sabrina played Backwards Forwards in the studio. During her last visit, she was able to replicate the phrase “Eyes Wide Open” almost perfectly, and this time she tackled “The De-tour.” While she thought the phrase would be easy to say backwards, the actual clip proved her wrong.

“First of all, that sounds nothing like ‘The De-tour’,” she said, getting a laugh from the crowd. In the end, she recorded something close to “The De-tour” and the patients clapped enthusiastically for her efforts.

We continued with a question from Tatum, who asked, “What helps you get through the hard stuff?”

Sabrina shared how music helps her through difficult times. Listening to artists that she loves, and songs that make her want to dance, turns a negative situation into a positive one. Patients nodded their agreement when she said that creating music can often be a sort of therapy for her.

Then, Gabby wanted to know what animal Sabrina would like to have as a pet. Much to Gabby’s delight, she and Sabrina discovered that they both would love to have a dolphin as a pet! As for the name, patients suggested Clementine, Flipper, and Sabina.

Before patients got to take photographs with Sabrina, she left them with some words of encouragement. “I always say that if you are shooting for something that’s even larger than life, then you always have something that you’re working towards. It’s always really good to have something that you’re working towards. And be in love with what you do.”

Finally, she thanked everyone for spending time with her and asking fun questions. Thank you, Sabrina for coming down to Children’s Hospital Colorado and hanging out with us here at the studio again!

RSF Ambassador, Sabrina Carpenter, Holds Fundraising Campaign For Foundation

Our Ambassador, Sabrina Carpenter, is holding an Omaze campaign benefitting RSF! If you enter, you have the chance to win a VIP backstage visit with Sabrina on her De-Tour. Not only will you get to hang out with Sabrina, you will get to hear some of her unreleased music! And since no hang out of Sabrina’s is complete without sweet treats…you and Sabrina will share some yummy dessert.

Sound amazing? (We think so!) Well, you can’t win if you don’t ENTER!  GOOD LUCK!


Sabrina Carpenter Performs ‘On Purpose’ For Patients At Seacrest Studios Dallas

Written by Paula Cuadrado, Media Programs Specialist at Seacrest Studios
Video by Chance Harris, Media Programs Manager at Seacrest Studios

I love being able to tell our sweet patients that, yes, one of their favorite super stars is coming to see them right here in the hospital! I knew Sabrina Carpenter was interested in visiting to our Seacrest Studios at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas and right before we nailed down the date and time, I was spending time visiting with one of my little friends who has frequent and lengthy hospital stays.

Ariana, who is seven, loves to interact with the Seacrest Studios. When she’s admitted here in the hospital, she usually can’t leave her room which means we bring the fun to her through our tv channel and by stopping by to see her. She loves to play Bingo and is always gracious for the prizes she wins like little ponies and stuffed animals.

The week before Sabrina came, she asked me if any celebrities were coming soon (her last hospital stay she got to talk to Keith Urban!) I asked her who she’d like to meet and told her, “I hear Sabrina Carpenter will be in town next week, should we invite her?” Her eyes widened and her head nodded up and down showing a big YES! I played it cool and told her I’d reach out and see if she could stop by, wink wink.

When we had the date and time confirmed, she was the first one we told! She almost couldn’t believe it! Since she wasn’t able to leave her room and join the crowd in the Seacrest Studios, we set her up to do a live video stream from her room so Sabrina could see her and talk to her, too. Ariana stroked her toy pony’s hair and asked Sabrina what she likes to do when she’s bored.

Several other patients got to sit next to Sabrina in the Seacrest Studios and ask her all their questions about her music and her roles on Girl Meets World and Adventures in Babysitting. It was so cute to hear the kids ask about specific scenes they remembered and ask their new friend about what was going on behind the scenes.

Right before Sabrina arrived we played her music in Seacrest Studios, and Jackee June requested her song “On Purpose.” That’s the song she ended up playing for the kids – a live, rendition of the song Jackee June had just requested! What a memorable moment!

After the interview, Sabrina signed an autograph for every kid who came by, and extras for those who couldn’t. She hugged many of the kids and took plenty of selfies with her fans. When the crowd cleared, she got to talk with Ariana again through the video conference. Ariana loves the app and is an expert at making fun videos set to music. She asked if Sabrina could make a video with her and the two lip-synced and danced together to make an awesome clip!

When a celebrity such as Sabrina comes to visit Seacrest Studios, the impact goes far beyond the hour or so they are there. The anticipation leading up to the event is a positive distraction from the hospital world and the memories they make during the visit are the details they share with friends and family about their time away from home. And every now and then there’s the once-in-a-lifetime to replay over and over again!

Thank you Sabrina for loving on our friends here in Dallas! We’ll see you next time!


Sabrina Carpenter Sings For Patients In Seacrest Studios Philadelphia

Written by: Seacrest Studios Volunteer, Kevin Shirley

Seacrest Studios at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) welcomed another exciting celebrity guest, Sabrina Carpenter! Sabrina sat down with the patients to discuss singing, acting, and her local connection.

While Sabrina has spent the last three years acting on a TV sitcom, she came back to her home state of Pennsylvania for her original passion, music. The Bucks County native expressed her excitement to play a hometown show in Bethlehem, PA. Sabrina also looked forward to a Hershey Park concert, and reminded everyone she would be sure to grab a few chocolate bars on the way out.

Sabrina also took some time to reflect on her experience acting in Girl Meets World. She talked about growing up with her character Maya; she is glad to be able to learn from Maya, while also using her own life experiences to help her play the character. Sabrina is proud to work on Girl Meets World. She sees the cast and crew like her own family, and she also credits the show for teaching kids great life lessons.

Before signing autographs, Sabrina sang “Eyes Wide Open” from her first music album of the same title. She is currently working on her second album, and we can’t wait to see what she has to offer in the near future. CHOP would like to thank Sabrina for visiting the studio and hopes she stops by agains soon!

Sabrina Carpenter Visits Seacrest Studios Colorado & Sings For Patients

Recap written by: Seacrest Studios Intern, Elana Charles
Video by: Chris Coleman
Photos by: Chris Coleman
Additional production by: Cody Hudson and Seacrest Studios Interns, Miranda McHodgkins and Elana Charles

Sabrina Carpenter paid a special visit to Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital Colorado. She sang her hit song, “We’ll Be the Stars,” and dished about what it’s like to be part of the 100th Disney Channel Original Movie, Adventures in Babysitting. Fun fact: we found out that Sabrina has never actually babysat in real life! Sabrina is best known for her role as Maya on the Disney Channel show, Girl Meets World, saying she feels a strong connection to this character having played her now for over three years.

Being so accomplished at such a young age, a lot of kids wanted to know how she became an actress. Sabrina had great advice for any aspiring actors or actresses saying that it is important to remember that “as an actor you get told no a lot before you get told yes,” so always make sure you work hard and are determined, and “know who you are and what you’re capable of no matter what anyone says.”

In addition to acting and singing, Sabrina has been dancing since the age of two, admitting that she gets it from her mom and older sister. Superfan, Leah, asked Sabrina who her dream duet partner would be. Having trouble picking just one, at first she said Ed Sheeran after hearing he stopped by Seacrest Studios Colorado last summer, but then Sabrina also said Adele, saying she was “one of my first inspirations in music.”

Before she sang her song, “We’ll Be the Stars,” Abby asked her what her favorite song was to jam out to, explaining that she loves “Classic” by MKTO. Sabrina agreed that “Classic” is a fun song and shared that she’s also been dancing to Calvin Harris and Rihanna’s song, “This Is What You Came For.”


Sabrina sang her hit song with her sister, Sarah, while sisters and mega fans, Maya and Leah, sang and danced along. Sabrina then played a favorite game of Seacrest Studios Colorado called Backwards Forwards, where she was challenged with saying the phrase “Eyes Wide Open” into the mic, trying to replicate the phrase backwards. Getting VERY close to saying the backwards phrase perfectly, Sabrina can now add this game to another one of her many talents.

Before taking pictures and signing autographs with everyone who came out to see her, Sabrina had one last piece of advice saying, “I know you all have dreams and aspirations and it means the world to me…that I can be a person in your life that hopefully can bring you some happiness…I love you guys all so much!”

We love you too, Sabrina! Thank you so much for stopping by and chatting with us, we had a blast!