James TW Sings “Ex” In Seacrest Studios Philadelphia

Written by: Eric Newby

We learned a lot about James TW during his visit to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. He shared fun stories about himself; he prefers to sleep in a tour bus over a tent and on tour he often played ping pong with Shawn Mendes (and skipped the morning work out).

Patients video-called in from their rooms to ask questions, and we learned “Different” from his first EP was his favorite song to record because he performed all the instrumental and vocal parts himself. He started learning the drums, moved to guitar, piano and voice and may take up saxophone some day! To top his visit off, he played his original song called, “Ex” to top it all off! We loved having James with us. Thank you for the great visit!

Daniel Skye Makes His First Trip To Seacrest Studios Philadelphia!


Written by: Eric Newby

Daniel Skye visited Seacrest Studios in the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for the first time to hang out with patients.  During his interview, Daniel weaved through his story as a young 13 year old who was encouraged to sing after speaking at his own Bar mitzvah. Daniel talked about how, at 15, it was difficult to move across the country with no friends; an experience that a patient had in common. After recounting his love for his mother’s spaghetti and meatballs, Daniel became the first Seacrest Studios Philadelphia guest to try out Virtual Reality for the patients!

Thanks so much to Daniel for visiting our patients, and inspiring us all!

Brett Young Answers Patient Questions In Seacrest Studios Charlotte

Recap by Seacrest Studios Interns, Karleigh Holt and Isabella Calpakis

Seacrest Studios at Levine Children’s Hospital received a visit from country star, Brett Young! He is originally from Orange County, California, and was a college baseball player. However, after getting injured, he decided to take up songwriting. He now lives in Nashville, with his dog, Oscar. Patients and their family members gathered to meet Brett and hear him perform. He performed on air one of his most popular songs, “In Case You Didn’t Know,” and had patients in awe with his beautiful voice. We tested his hula hooping skills in the studio, and the 6’5” country star let his silly side come out. We asked him questions about himself- Brett told us about the blanket, “Mr. Blankie”, he had when he was younger that he couldn’t sleep without! (He actually still has that blanket!)

When asked about how to handle unexpected things that stand in the way of pursuing your dreams, he said, “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans. If something doesn’t work out, then there’s a reason for it.” Brett showed off his country music knowledge as he played the lyric game, requiring him to fill in the blanks. He knew every single question! He worked with another patient, making a great team. He has previously opened for Luke Bryan, and said that the two of them are friends. He ended his visit by signing autographs and taking pictures with patients and fans. Brett’s smile lit up the room, making his visit definitely one to remember. We can’t wait until he comes back to visit again!

Olivia Holt Sings ‘Phoenix’ At Seacrest Studios Atlanta

Seacrest Studios at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta was excited to have Olivia Holt visit and sing for patients! The Tennessee native, and former competitive gymnast answered LOTS of questions from excited fans. Things we learned:

– She loves Reese Witherspoon (we think Olivia could easily be cast as Reese’s daughter!)

– She wants to become a better dancer (and if asked, would absolutely entertain the idea of being on Dancing With The Stars)

– She loves going to movies in her spare time.

Speaking of movies, 2017 is gearing up to be a big one for Holt as she has two movies in post-production and one more on the way. And as if that isn’t enough, the multi-talented star is also busy making great music! Patients and families loved Olivia’s live performance of her hit single, “Phoenix” and her new release, “History.” THANK YOU Olivia for hanging with your biggest fans in Atlanta and making it a day we’ll never forget!

U.S. Women’s National Team Visits Patients at Seacrest Studios

Written By: Paula Cuadrado
Video By: Chance Harris

Members of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team stopped by Seacrest Studios to hang out and inspire some young patients at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas.

The team was in town for a match and made time in between training to give back and visit a packed studio of fans.

Natalie, 10, told the team soccer is her favorite sport. When she said she also liked to dance, the team asked if she could show them some moves. Natalie bounced out of her chair, the DJ cued up “Juju On That Beat,” and Natalie showed Team USA how it’s done!

It was an extra special day for Kailyn, who is six, to be able to leave her hospital room for a little while to meet the players and take some pictures with them.

The team shared about training and dealing with injuries as well as how young they were when they started playing soccer and the honor of being part of Team USA.

Thank you Women’s National Team for visiting Seacrest Studios!


LoCash Sings ‘I Know Somebody’ At Seacrest Studios Colorado

Written recap by Cody Hudson
Photos by Chris Coleman
Video by Chris Coleman with additional footage from Amanda Thiel

Chris Lucas and Preston Brust from LoCash hung out with patients in Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital Colorado. The patients and kids were eager to find out all about LoCash and asked great questions. We learned that if Preston could have any animal he would get a bear and name it Bubba (and it would protect his house!)…and Chris explained that he didn’t like history when he was in school even though he loves it now. Between the two, Preston was more likely to eat food off the ground and play goofy games, while Chris has the bigger collection of Disney movies and is the video game expert of the two.

The guys of LoCash explained the origin of their name as it was adapted from a group that Preston and some high school buddies had called the “LoCash Money Boys,” a nickname they gave themselves when they were able to find fun stuff to do that didn’t cost much money. Chris explained that, “it’s really mentality for life, the best things in life are free, like hanging out with friends and family” and that’s why they call their group LoCash.

Both Preston and Chris played along in our studio’s favorite game, Backwards Forwards and did quite well. Preston even figured his name out before we played it backwards, and got every syllable right with the name of their latest single, “A Ring on Every Finger.” Preston and everyone in the studio were impressed with his backwards forwards abilities and Preston said with a smile, “Why am I so good at this? I found a subject I’m good at, I could do this all day guys, this is fun!” Then the duo sang their number one hit, “I Know Somebody” as the studio crowd clapped along.

Children’s Hospital Colorado also learned that LoCash loves coffee and movies and hopes to one day play at Red Rocks or Madison Square Garden. Before taking pictures and signing autographs, LoCash offered these words of encouragement, “Sometimes we are gonna have rough days and sometimes there are brighter days, look forward to the brighter days. Try to put a smile on someone else’s face. Stay strong, you got this.” Thanks to LoCash for putting smiles on our faces here in Colorado. Come back and talk backwards with us anytime!



Daniel Skye Meets Patients At Seacrest Studios Boston

Video by: Seacrest Studios Intern, Torie Wojick
Blog post by: Seacrest Studios Intern,  Sam Mangino

Seacrest Studios at Boston Children’s Hospital recently welcomed Daniel Skye for a visit! We learned that after performing at his Bar Mitzvah, his friends encouraged him to pursue his singing career. Now at 16, Daniel is currently on tour with Bebe Rexha which has allowed him to be able to play to larger audiences all across the country. He told us that since being on tour with Bebe, he’s become a better performer now that he’s played for different audiences than he’s used to.

During Daniel’s visit, patients got the chance to know him a little better. Fun facts about Daniel are that just the night before our interview, he tried pizza with toppings for the very first time! He hopes to one day have a Rolls Royce Phantom and be driving it around his favorite city, Los Angeles. As advice to aspiring musicians, Daniel told the audience to follow their dreams. He said that when you’re doing something you love, it won’t feel like work!

Thank you so much for visiting us, Daniel. We had a great time and wish you luck on the rest of your first big tour!

Debby Ryan and the cast of ‘Insatiable’ Visit Seacrest Studios Atlanta

Video by: Seacrest Studios Intern, Barbara Rego

Actress Debby Ryan turned her visit into a PARTY when she bopped into Seacrest Studios at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta bearing gifts of bubble wands and bunny ears recently. Patients were eagerly anticipating Debby’s visit, but when she showed up with Alyssa Milano, Kimmy Shields and Sarah Colonna – well, it was just too exciting for words!  Plus, Sarah even added to the cool factor by bringing her talented husband, Seattle Seahawks punter, Jon Ryan (along with his Super Bowl ring!)

The cast mates could barely squeeze in the reason they’re all in Atlanta together because they were too busy fielding questions from patients about their former TV series – clearly fan favorites!  Finally, they let us know they were here filming an exciting, new pilot for a potential new series on the CW called Insatiable. With the proven track record of this awesome bunch, it’s bound to be another HIT!

Daya Creates A New Word With Patients At Children’s Hospital Colorado!

Written recap by: Cody Hudson
Photos by: Chris Coleman
Video by: Chris Coleman with footage from Seacrest Studios Interns, Micah Bridges and Bayli Gibson

Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital Colorado was so excited to welcome Grammy Award winning artist, Daya! The studio was packed and everyone had great questions for Daya. When asked about her experience on School of Rock, Daya told us that “it was so fun but kind of hard at first. It was so cool to see the behind the scenes of show because I’ve never done that before.”

Korirae asked Daya what inspired her to write songs that empower girls. Daya encouraged the studio with this response, “I grew up with 4 sisters and parents that were super supportive of whatever we wanted to do in life. My parents told us that girls can do anything that guys can and guys can do anything that girls can, so I want to keep spreading that message with my songs.” Daya kept spreading her positive attitude and energy when she was asked if she created a new word what would it be and what would it mean. “Daya-dreamer, it means someone who fights for what they believe in and doesn’t hold back.”

Maya congratulated Daya on her nominations again this year for the Radio Disney Music Awards and asked what the coolest thing was about performing at the RDMA’s last year. Daya said, “My favorite part of last year was performing with Kelsea Ballerini. We clicked so well, we really meshed and it was so fun. Kelsea has such great energy.” Daya also reported that her favorite song to perform on tour is “Sit Still, Look Pretty.” And, she loves it when the fans sing the lyrics back to her, because it is a really meaningful song to her.

Patients and families always have goofy questions and like to have fun with all the celebrity visitors and Daya’s visit was no exception. Jahren wanted to know what Daya would fill a swimming pool with if she didn’t use water. Without hesitation, Daya said, “Mashed potatoes. I live and breathe mashed potatoes.” Daya even told us that she likes them topped with anything even gummy bears, Reese’s, or chocolate chips – but we think she was kidding about those toppings.

Daya willingly played Backwards Forwards, a fun game that is a studio regular here in Colorado and was the first studio guest to sing her Backwards Forwards attempt. She sang, “Sit Still, Look Pretty”, and on the backwards version she hit all the right notes, but ending up saying, “Sit Still, Look Stizzy.” Lyric asked Daya if she has a pet parrot what she would teach it to say, and with a smile and a laugh she said, “Sit Still, Look Stizzy.”

Before signing tons of autographs and taking bunches of pictures with patients and families. Daya gave these words of encouragement, “Stay beautiful and keep dreaming. Be confident in your dreams and never for once think that you are not good enough.” Thanks for the encouragement Daya, here in Seacrest Studios, we will strive to always be Daya-dreamers!

DigiTour Stars Play ‘Speak Up’ In Seacrest Studios Washington, D.C.

Our favorite stars from Instagram, Musically, Youtube and SnapChat hit the road for DigiTour Winter and made a stop in our nation’s capital! Blake Gray, Weston Koury, Baby Ariel, Mark Thomas, Sophia Kameron, Zach Clayton, and Nathan Triska visited Seacrest Studios at Children’s National and had patients and families smiling the entire time! We kicked off the visit with questions from patients. They all shared what life was like before they were social media stars and how some of their lives changed overnight. Combined they have more than a million followers on social media, but despite their popularity, they all agree that they are typical teenagers. “We like to go the mall, hang out with our friends, be regular teens”, said Baby Ariel.

Patients were eager to watch our new friends play a game of “Speak Up” where Mark and Zach tried to read hilarious and outrageous phrases with a dental spacer in their mouth. The game was such a hit that Mark even asked if he could take the spacer home to play with his friends! They topped off their visit with a friendly challenge of “Dress Up” where they competed to see who could put on a hospital gown, gloves, and mask the fastest. Patients enjoyed learning how much they had in common with the social media stars and we can guarantee that they gained more followers after the awesome visit! Thank you Blake, Weston, Baby Ariel, Mark, Sophia, Zach, and Nathan for taking time out of your tour to visit us at Children’s National!