Fall Out Boy Sings Happy Birthday to Patients in Dallas!

Grammy-nominated, pop-punk band Fall Out Boy stopped by Seacrest Studios at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas. The band is out with a new album and back on tour after taking a break for a few years – exciting fans across the nation. While visiting the studio, Fall Out Boy answered questions from enthusiastic patients and even sang Happy Birthday to two girls.

Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Joe Trohman, and Andy Hurley began playing together more than a decade ago; however, they said their music careers began long before Fall Out Boy was formed. “A lot of our parents raised us around music, and we also played instruments growing up,” Trohman said. “Also, we grew up watching MTV when they played lots of music videos, and we were like ‘I want to do what they are doing.’”
Fall Out Boy rose to fame with songs like “Sugar, We’re Goin Down”, “Thnks fr th Mmrs”, and “Dance, Dance”.  When asked about his favorite song, Stump said “Dance, Dance” stands out from the rest. Not to mention – he wrote it while crammed in the back of a van. “I think Dance, Dance was probably the most exciting song to write for me because it just kind of happened,” Stump said.
After years of success, Fall Out Boy took a break and focused on individual projects. They released Save Rock and Roll this year and are back with a fresh perspective. Wentz now has a 5-year-old son and has ditched the eyeliner. Stump told the audience that he has a few hobbies besides music, including, learning new languages like Japanese.
The band wrapped up their visit by taking pictures with patients and signing autographs. Thanks, Fall Out Boy, for stopping by the hospital and making it a very special birthday for two of our guests.

Jack Griffo Visits Seacrest Studios in Orange County!

Jack Griffo made an appearance at Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) and was greetd by the many smilling and excited patients waiting for him.

The Disney Channel and Nickelodeon star sat down at the microphone, and shared some of his experiences as an actor as well as his love for playing the guitar and singing. His YouTube channel, home to 19,269 subscribers, displays his musical side, and he talked about being very thankful to his fans for their praise and support.

His fans have something to be excited about: a new Nickelodeon series staring Jack himself: “The Thundermans.” Portraying a teen villain, twinned with an aspiring superhero, Jack told us about his new adventure playing the “bad guy”.

Eager to meet and greet fans, Jack happily signed autographs and posed for photos. Visiting a few patients in their rooms, Jack made one birthday girl, Hannah, especially happy. Explaining that he too had a scare in the hospital, as a fourteen-year-old boy suffering from appendicitis, Griffo was able to connect with the patients. Their effect on him as a young actor was apparent: “I definitely want to come back and visit again…” 

Thank you Jack for making it a special day at CHOC.


Recap written by Mandi Ortiz

Karan Brar and Skai Jackson from Jessie Hang Out At Seacrest Studios!

Karan Brar and Skai Jackson from Disney Channel’s hit TV show Jessie visited Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital of Orange County. The studio was filled with patients and their families awaiting their arrival. With excitement in the air Karan and Skai kindly greeted the large group.

On Jessie, Karan plays Ravi Ross while Skai plays Zuri Ross, the adopted children of a famous couple. In the studio they spoke about their experience of fame as young actors and how they are “just normal kids from down the block” as Karan described. They don’t consider themselves “famous” and try to focus on the art of acting. They attend school on set with many of the kids in the show and they all hang out just like any other group of children would. They like to play pranks on each other like marshmallow shooting with Debby Ryan or hiding in small places to scare each other! They answered several patient’s questions about the music they listen to, celebrity crushes, and what sports they enjoy. You can listen to the full interview here: 

Karan and Skai also took the time to pose for pictures and sign autographs for all of the patients in the studio. One patient who had no desire to leave her room for weeks made it down to the studio just to see our special guests. Both Karan and Skai were touched by her effort and were so glad a simple visit to the studio could make such an impact.


Thank you to Karan and Skai for such a memorable visit to Seacrest Studios! We had a blast!

Recap By Jenna Tarin, Seacrest Studios Intern at CHOC Children’s

Midnight Red Creates Smiles At Seacrest Studios.

At the strike of . . . Midnight Red . . . Seacrest Studios Charlotte was filled with excitment!  The all male, five-member music group, Midnight Red, took Levine Children’s Hospital by storm when they made an appearance during their radio tour across the country.  Quickly charming the patients who gathered, and entertaining the crowd with their incredible harmony, the boys of Midnight Red talked about Ryan Seacrest coming to them in a dream, and what kind of things fans throw on stage during their concerts.  Squeals of delight went up when Eric, Thomas, Anthony, Colton, and Joey discovered the studio cameras and did a little of their own filming!  

Seacrest Studios resonated with the harmonies of these five young men as they sang several hits, including their new single, Take Me Home.  Performing with New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys in 2011 really put Midnight Red on the map, but appearing at Levine Children’s Hospital solidified their place in our hearts.  We confess, we’re all “Redheads” now!

Thanks, guys, for the autographs, pictures, laughter, songs, and hugs. 

Megan and Liz Play Dress Up At Seacrest Studios

Twin sisters and singers, Megan and Liz, brightened up a Friday afternoon when they made a stop at Seacrest Studios in Charlotte during a concert tour that wound through North Carolina.

Patients were thrilled to meet the duo and hear about their rise to fame through YouTube. Now, Megan and Liz are on the lookout for new talent on YouTube – that’s where they pulled their opening act from! “[Youtube] is where you find the new artists and songwriters nowadays.  It’s really fun.”

The girls told fans gathered at Seacrest Studios in Levine Children’s Hospital (LCH) that they spend all of their time together and fight over clothes a lot.  In addition to their singing career, Megan and Liz have a beauty channel on YouTube and their fashion skills were put to the test in our studio during a “Hospital Fashion Face-Off!”  Each girl was paired with a patient and the two were given a minute…or two, to dress a hospital teaching doll as fashionably as possible using only clothing and supplies found in the hospital.  We loved seeing their creative and fashionable looks, including casts with cup holders and hospital war paint in the form of band aids!

After singing a few special request cover songs, and a few of their own original songs, including Release You, Megan and Liz signed autographs and took pictures with fans and patients at LCH.

Thanks, Megan and Liz, for spending time at Seacrest Studios in Charlotte, and for showing us how to be as fashionable in hospital gowns!

Oana Gregory Makes A Memorable Visit To Seacrest Studios

Oana Gregory, of Disney XD’s show Crash & Bernstein, stopped by Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital of Orange County to visit patients and families during her off time from filming.

On Crash & Bernstein, Oana plays Amanda, Wyatt’s wickedly smart and notoriously impatient sister. During her visit, Oana spoke about how she is the first person in her family to try acting, and how she got her start. 

Oana also answered questions from our patients. She was asked if she liked Mexican Food, Spiderman or Batman, and what was currently playing on her Ipod.  She also took time to visit patients at their bedside if they couldn’t come down to the studio.

Thank you to Oana for making her visit at Seacrest Studios memorable for our patients and families.

Olivia Holt Kicks It At Seacrest Studios!

Olivia Holt of the hit Disney XD show Kickin’ It came by Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital of Orange County to kick it with some of her most adoring fans.

While in studio, Olivia spoke about her love for gymnastics and how she aspired to be an Olympic gymnast prior to being an actress.  Our patients were also ready for her with questions of their own asking Olivia if she enjoyed being the only girl on the set of Kickin’ It.  Olivia said that although it can be tough at times she enjoys sharing the set with a group full of boys.

Before leaving, Olivia talked about how she was excited to get her driver’s license and even told us that she wanted a Jeep Grand Cherokee for her first car (something not as small as her mom’s car but not as big as her dad’s car.)

Olivia gave the extremely excited patients autographs and posed for photos before leaving.  Thank you to Olivia for spending such an amazing time with us in the studio!

The Cast Of The Lion King Visits Seacrest Studios!

It was an funfilled afternoon at Levine Children’s Hospital (LCH) when the cast of the musical, The Lion King, appeared at Seacrest Studios.  The excitement could hardly be contained when the musical guests sat down to talk with patients and friends who had gathered to see the stars!  Tonoccus McClain, an ensemble member and understudy for Banzai in the hit show, talked to patients about never giving up. He shared his personal story about waiting 10 years to finally get a part in The Lion King. Listeners were amazed!

Jordan Hall, who plays young Simba, delighted the crowd when he broke out into “Hakuna Matata” at the request of a patient. Everyone in the studio was swaying and smiling to the happy-go-lucky tune.

Beautiful Lion King gift bags were handed out by Nia Holloway (Nala), Tshidi Manye (Rafiki), and Nya Carter (young Nala), the characters in the traveling Disney musical. LCH and Seacrest Studios saw LOTS of smiles during this visit.  We could definitely “feel the love.”

As the New York Times said, “There is simply NOTHING else like it!”  We would like to thank the cast for spending their afternoon with us. Hakuna Matata!

Midnight Red Performs Take Me Home at Seacrest Studios

The boys of Midnight Red stopped by Seacrest Studios at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas while wrapping up the POP Explosion Tour. The All-American boy band is made up of five talented guys – Anthony Ladao, Thomas Augusto, Eric Secharia, Colton Rudloff, & Joey Diggs Jr.  The band opened up about life in the spotlight and performed several songs, including their new single “Take Me Home”.

In the midst of a boy band resurgence, Midnight Red has captured hearts across the nation. Some consider them “America’s answer to One Direction” – a compliment they are happy to accept. “To be spoken in the same breath as them is an honor, because they are very very successful and we look up to that success,” Rudloff said.  The group said they use their dance moves to set themselves apart from other boy bands.
Midnight Red formed after Ladao and Secharia met through their voice coach. They reached out to the other members and quickly earned a spot opening for the New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys tour in 2011.  Since then, they have attracted tons of fans who call themselves the “Red Heads”.  “We have lots of love for them,” Rudloff said.
The charming quintet finished their visit with a few acoustic songs and wished one of their own a Happy Birthday.  Thank you Midnight Red for stopping by the studio – and thank you Joey for spending your birthday with us!

(Video produced by Chance Harris)


Kacey Musgraves Sings At Seacrest Studios!

Country music singer, Kacey Musgraves, was hand-picked to open for Kenny Chesney’s “No Shoes Nation” tour this year.  Musgraves also became a hand-picked favorite of Levine Children’s Hospital (LCH) after having sung her way into the hearts of patients who met her on her stop with Chesney’s tour in the Queen City.

On the heels of her third album, Musgraves burst onto the country scene during the fifth season of Nashville Star in 2007.  She made her mark then and increased her fan base in 2013 at Seacrest Studios Charlotte.  Musgraves wowed her LCH audience with a beautiful rendition of “Silver Lining,” one of her hits from the Same Trailer Different Park album.

Inspired by Musgraves, who just turned 25, LCH patients left the studio with autographs, encouragement, and fond memories of her visit!

Many thanks to Kacey for spending time at Seacrest Studios!