Flo Rida “Shows Love” To Seacrest Studios

Flo Rida packed the house at Seacrest Studios when he stopped by for a visit at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Taking a break from rehearsals for his performance at the Jingle Ball, Flo Rida answered a wide variety of questions from excited patients, and ended his appearance by meeting with and signing autographs for all in attendance!

Sporting a Santa hat and his signature sunglasses, Flo Rida enlightened the audience about what got him into music.  His passion started at fourteen years old when he would listen to tapes in his aunt’s garage with his cousins and eventually started coming up with his own raps.  Flo Rida, whose hits include “Good Feeling” and “Wild Ones,” cited his cousins as the ones who encouraged him to continue pursuing music.

One of the audience’s most burning questions was how he came up with his famous moniker.  Flo Rida, whose real name is Tramar Dillard, explained that he and his friends were stumped as to what his performing name should be until he had the inspiration to pay homage to his home state – Florida.  The name also has significance because of his fast rapping style, which is referred to as “flow.”

His visit to CHOP is just one of the many charitable things he does.  He talked about his two charities, Florida Youth Football League and Big Dreams for Kids Foundation.  Both are dedicated to improving the lives of children, a cause which to close to his heart.  He emphasized how important it is to him to show his gratitude for all he has and to give back to others.  “Be humble, show love,” he stated, adding that he loves to receive smiles and give smiles to others.

Flo Rida’s music career is so busy that, when asked by a patient, he could not remember how many songs he has made.  A lot of these songs are collaborations, which he said that he enjoys doing because they allow him to make new friends, as well as grow as an artist. T-Pain has been his favorite collaborator, because of the huge success of their song “Low,” which was one of Flo’s early hits.

Everyone had a great time meeting Flo Rida and hearing his answers to the many questions he was asked. It was a great visit and we hope he stops by again the next time he is in Philadelphia!

Written by Seacrest Studios intern, Erin McInerney 

Debby Ryan Spreads Holiday Cheer at Seacrest Studios

Children’s Hospital of Orange County welcomed the star of Disney’s Hit Television Show Jessie, Debby Ryan, to Seacrest Studios.  Debby first sat down for an interview with a few of her biggest fans in studio answering questions such as “What inspires you the most?” and “Are you still friends with Zack and Cody from Suite Life?”

Debby expressed her gratitude for her fans, saying they were her biggest inspiration.  After being interviewed in studio, she posed for pictures and signed autographs before taking to the floors of the hospital to visit her fans that couldn’t make it down to the studio.  One fan, a 15 year old patient, even stopped Debby to snap a polaroid photo with her and talk to her about her upcoming 16th Birthday.

Listen to the her full interview at Seacrest Studios:

Thank you Debby for making it a special day for our patients.

Christina Perri Starts The Holiday Season Off Right At Seacrest Studios

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center excitedly welcomed Christina Perri  (“A Thousand Years” and “Jar of Hearts”) to Seacrest Studios.  Perri arrived in studio for an on-air interview and talked about how her fame and success didn’t come from a silver spoon, but with tireless work and long days.  She had to overcome her shyness as a child to eventually flourish under the bright lights.  Perri even waitressed in Los Angeles to earn enough money to support her entertainment pursuits.  Her big “break” is what Perri described as “something magical”, performing “Jar of Hearts” on the show “So You Think You Can Dance”.

After being interviewed in studio, Perri signed autographs and posed for pictures with our inpatients and families before embarking on a trip to visit children in our Psychiatric Unit.  “This means so much to me,” Perri said.  “Especially this particular place where we are.  I have found my music hits a soft spot with people with these particular issues.”  Perri signed autographs for patients and their friends until she ran out of photos.  And she kept on signing anything she could find!  The highlight of the visit came, on a whim, when our Music Therapist Brian Schreck played the chorus to “A Thousand Years” and Perri delivered a beautiful rendition in front of the patients.

Thanks Christinna for making it such a speical day!

CHOC Patients attend KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball!

There were smiles filling up the Staples Center, as Children Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) patients Robert and Lorena, along with their guests, got a VIP experience at the annual holiday showcase. Performing their biggest hits of the year, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Austin Mahone, New Politics, Travie McCoy, Enrique Iglesias, Jason Derulo, Robin Thicke, Miley Cyrus, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and Fifth Harmony WOW-ed the crowd, and even made time to meet some of their biggest fans before hitting the stage.

Robert and Lorena were first in line, posing for photos with the X-Factor stars: Fifth Harmony. Selena Gomez then extended open arms, calming the star-struck group with her sweet disposition and friendly conversation. Miley Cyrus shook hands with the patients, showing her silly side in photos, and reminding everyone to stay through the whole show to see her performance. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis made their way backstage, giving each fan the opportunity to pose for a photo in between the dynamic duo. CHOC patient, Robert, greeted Ariana Grande, complimenting her angelic outfit by saying, “you look like you should be at the top of a Christmas tree.”

The high-energy night was topped off with a visit from Ryan Seacrest himself, shaking hands with just a few of the people that his foundation has touched.

You can find all the great pictures and video from this truly special night on KIIS’s FM’s website!

Thank you to everyone at KIIS FM for making it such a memorable night!

Written by Seacrest Studios intern, Mandi Ortiz.
Pictures by KIIS FM

Dustin Lynch Makes A Special Visit To Seacrest Studios!

Country singer, Dustin Lynch, made a special post-Thanksgiving stop at Seacrest Studios in Charlotte during a concert tour break in the Queen City. Dustin spent time with patients at Levine Children’s Hospital (LCH) during the day before he stepped onstage for a late-night performance.

LCH patients were thrilled to get to meet the “Cowboys and Angels” singer who looked every bit the part of a country star – hat, boots, and smile!

Dustin answered questions from patients – why he likes country music and if he ever takes his hat off (he does – it’s too big on the bus).   He told the crowd at Seacrest Studios that he did not cook anything for Thanksgiving because his job was . . . to taste everything!

Dustin’s Charlotte stop was actually a break from his current tour with Keith Urban and Little Big Town. Lynch told LCH fans that he and his group are having “the time of our lives” on the Light The Fuse Tour.

Interestingly, Dustin pipes the tunes of country-music-lover, Justin Timberlake, through his headphones before a big performance to help get pumped up and says, “Shows are like ballgames.”

LCH enjoyed some funny moments when Dustin’s knowledge of holiday songs was put to the test at the microphone.  Then, to everyone’s delight, Lynch picked up his guitar and entertained patients by singing and playing songs that keep running through our heads.

Fans will be happy to know that Dustin started recording his second album on December 2nd! We look forward to hearing more from this artist, and we wait for his return to Seacrest Studios in Charlotte. Thanks, Dustin!

Capital Cities Makes a Stop at Seacrest Studios!

Patients at Levine Children’s Hospital (LCH) in Charlotte, NC were excited when the group, Capital Cities, who sing the chart-topping hit, “Safe And Sound” stopped by Seacrest Studios! The singers, Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian, charmed their way into the hearts of patients who were unable to leave the hospital for the group’s concert stop with Fitz & The Tantrums.  They told patients the remarkable story of how they met – believe it or not – on Craigslist!

Patients were entertained by the duo talking about wanting to start a Sky Mall blog and that “Unchained Melody” is their go-to karaoke song. 

They told the crowd in Seacrest Studios that the name “Capital Cities” came about in a random brainstorming session between the two.  They also told LCH patients that “Safe And Sound” was a song that had been in the works for a long time.  “The song that you may have heard – ‘Safe And Sound’ – that particular song actually took a long time for us to get right.  We wrote it very quickly, and we wrote it probably, I guess it was 2010, but then it took us, we literally reproduced the song probably 8 or 9 times before we stumbled upon what you now hear on the radio with the synthesizers and the trumpets, so, it can take a while to really hone in your sound.” 

We loved having Ryan and Sebu in Charlotte and we look forward to their next visit to Seacrest Studios!

Mark Sanchez “Touched – Down” at Seacrest Studios!

New York Jets quarterback, Mark Sanchez, “touched – down” at Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital of Orange County in support of our foundation and Heels2Heal OC. Mark’s positive attitude and humor quickly lit up the room. In fact, he began his visit by taking silly photos with the patients and cracking jokes.

Mark inspired and encouraged everyone by giving some great advice, “no matter what is in your heart, whatever your passion is, that’s what you want to strive for…work really hard in school first and then make sure that passion is who you want to be ultimately.”

Listen to his full interview here:

The New York Jets quarterback is currently recovering from his shoulder surgery. During this time he has been trying to spend as much time with his family and attending as many guest appearances as possible.

Sanchez says he misses playing for his team and expressed how weird it was to not be playing around his birthday (Sanchez turned 27 on November 11th!)

Sanchez took time after the interview and went to the Heels2Heal OC Teen Room across from Seacrest Studios for more pictures with patients and families. He interacted with the patients asking them questions like, “what’s your favorite subject? Don’t say recess.”

He later walked around the hospital, signed trading cards and took pictures with the patients who couldn’t make it down to Seacrest Studios and the teen room. Sanchez even played doctor by putting on a gown, stethoscope, gloves, and a mask. Everyone seemed to get a kick out of his playful personality.

Heels2Heal OC would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and Seacrest Studios for extending an invitation to Heels 2Heal OC special guest Mark Sanchez to visit the studio during his visit to CHOC Children’s.

The Heels 2Heal OC members are still riding the high of witnessing the joy in the children’s (and parents!) faces from Mark’s visit and the time he spent visiting with patients and families.

Thank you Mark for a fun afternoon!

Written by Seacrest Studios Intern Ashley Gasparian.

Roger Craig Smith Makes Patients Laugh At Seacrest Studios!

Roger Craig Smith, voice actor and stand-up comedian, made it a special day at Seacrest Studios when he visited Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC.) Voice of Ripslinger from Disney’s Planes, Batman in Arkham Origins, and Sonic the Warhol; to name a few, his talent for comedy did not limit the amount of laughter coming from both patients and Seacrest Studios staff.

Hopping from one patient room to another, Smith signed personal autograph copies of Disney’s Planes, while also showcasing hilarious impersonations of Ripslinger and Sonic the Hedgehog. From wearing a hospital gown and gloves for some patients, playing occasional games of air hockey, to leaving personal autographs for those absent from their rooms, he tried his best to make each patient feel special.

During his interview in Seacrest Studios, Smith demonstrated his humbleness, as he talked about his career.  Titled as “class clown” in 8th grade, followed by a profession in stand-up comedy after college, it only seemed right that he would end up as a voice actor. To this day, he still can’t believe he’s paid to come to work in jeans and a t-shirt just to make a variety of funny voices in front of a microphone.

Roger Craig Smith may be a big time voice actor with over 100 titles under his belt, but at the end of the day he does it for his passion of bringing out smiles and laughter—the ultimate healing. Many thanks to Roger, for making it such a fun day at CHOC!
Video Recap Created By Seacrest Studios Intern Nicole Chenoweth

Blog Written By Seacrest Studios intern, Astrid Martin.

Zendaya Shakes Things Up at Seacrest Studios

Zendaya, a Disney Channel and Dancing with the Stars favorite, recently stopped by Seacrest Studios to visit with patients at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte! In town to sing the National Anthem at a Carolina Panthers football game, Zendaya told a crowded studio that she was not nervous that she might forget the words to the National Anthem. She also told patients she got to hang out with Panthers’ quarterback, Cam Newton (who has visited Seacrest Studios too!)

After playing a round of Shake It Up trivia, patients were thrilled to talk to, and sit next to, the star of the hit Disney show!   Zendaya told fans that the end of Shake It Up was bittersweet.  “Everyone in the cast – I consider them like family.  We’re all really close and being on Shake It Up is kind of like school a little bit.  We go to school, we have our routine, we see the same people every day, and now I guess you could say I’m like the senior who graduated and now am moving on.  It’s bittersweet.”

“Zswaggers” were interested to hear about Zendaya’s stint on Dancing with the Stars (DWTS)! She told patients that the costumes on DWTS were custom made for every single performance.

Another interesting fact Zendaya shared with us is that it drives her, and her “Zswaggers,” “crazy” when people mispronounce her name (which apparently happens quite a bit!)  

One thing is for sure, we will “Replay” Zendaya’s visit over and over until she visits Seacrest Studios again! 

Britney Spears Surprises Patients At Seacrest Studios!

Today, patients at Children’s Hospital of Orange County, received a very special treat when Grammy Award winning artist, Britney Spears, stopped by for a visit. Upon arrival, Spears happily sat down for an interview in Seacrest Studios, where her biggest fans from the hospital, Saylor, Christine, and Perla were able to ask her questions about her career, her favorite things, and her upcoming album. During the interview, Spears even gave the girls advice on her daily makeup routine.

Click below to listen to the full interview:

After the interview, Spears stayed in the studio to handout personalized copies of the Smurfs 2 soundtrack (featuring her song “Ooh La La”), to each patient. After her meet and greet, Spears asked to meet patients that were not able to come down to the broadcast, and continued her visit up on patient floors. The patients were ecstatic to meet and take pictures with the singer!
We are very thankful for Britney’s visit today…a visit the patients will never forget!

Written by Seacrest Studios CHOC intern, Taylor Tanton
Video Recap by:  Seacrest Studios CHOC intern, Yuri Scharan